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VideoCAM EYE from Genius (web and monitoring)
Webcams market seems to be endless and very interesting part at gadget market. If yesterday it was an item for narrow quantity of people – today nearly each PC user is buying it as a most necessary devise.
One more interesting gadget from company called Genius, increased models row of models that you may find in any gadget shop. Now you can express yourself through this gadget, to improve connection and be closer to your friends while video-audio conferencing, and to add life and video to your web escapades. Such a small, easy and stylish way to improve your communication has a name Genius VideoCAM EYE Web camera, which is compatible with MSN & Yahoo messengers, as well with ICQ, AIMR and Skype.
It allows capturing still high quality images and video clips due to the fact that 100K pixels sensor (resolutions 352 x 288 pixels). “Easy touch style” button is allowing you to make the most unexpected captured images. Specially designed shape, allow making 360 degrees adjusting thanks to rotating base, and to have any desired angle of view. With help of in and out zoom, you can capture what you need to capture, with higher possible clarity and sharpness. Is also important to mention that you can use your cool web cam as secure camera – in order to monitor situation around, when you are far, but still worry about your home or office.
Summarising VideoCAM Eye is compact sized (width 5.5cm, depth 5.3cm, height 2.8cm) gadget, providing with Still JPEG format images (640x480), usb compatible, with AVI video format, CMOS lens. It is good choice, for good quality video output.
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DeLUX DLV-B32 WebCam Review
Communication through internet supposing us to implicate not only text messaging but also video and audio content. That demand can be satisfied only with web camera use. Each day at gadget market appear tens of models, but today I would like to stop my attention on the model with interesting design and with promising modern performance of lately issued by DeLUX, model DLV-B32 named additionally as "Little Elf". Brand DeLux belongs to China Company with old traditions of producing of accessories and periphery equipment. Presently DeLux produce such items as power supply sources, key boards, web cameras. Mostly this Manufacturer is known as diffusion of products for special zones of entry-level and mainstream.
A complete set DLV-B32 includes an USB 2.0 cable (1.5 meters), mini CD with all necessary drivers, manual. Important to note such features of that gadget as: Photo resolution 1280 x 960 px, video resolution 640 x 480 px @ 30 fps, true color 24 bits 420(YUV), interface USB2.0 (compatible also with USB 1.1 ), angle of visibility ≥ 52 degrees. As well as attractive design and possibility to use special 17 effects and 10 decors, and optic sensor of high quality. The yellow button down the eye – allows making snap shots. Lens is classic type, and focus can be changed fast and easy. Due to camera, shape always is possible to make new experiments with its positions. Software requirements: Is WIN98SE,WIN ME,WIN NT,WIN2000,WIN XP.
The body of camera is placed on special support which allowing 360 degrees rotating. It would be much better if that support were produced from material with resin content, what would make it more stable towards sleeping on smooth surfaces. Thought this gadget DLV-B32 has second name Little Elf, I would rather had named it as a little green one eyed devil, which having original and attractive, with note of humor design. This gadget will be a good companion in any office, as well at home. Due to its shape, design, and color can act as possible good present for wife, kid, and colleague.

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Eyeballed shaped STX webcam from Logitech
In time, while another producers make their webcam to look mostly as intergalactic equipment, Logitech's QuickCam Communicate STX's is a ball shaped gadget with blue light, which always keep you aware if your cam is on.
This Logitech gadget is elementary easy to set up. It is coming with USB cable and specially designed clip which allows easily and in flexible way to fix it to any kind of monitor (CPT, LCD, and notebook), immediately after connecting cable to USB port you can start.
Logitech STX capturing video at up to 640 x 480, and at high 30 fps (frames per second). All saved video is in AVI format which is standard for webcam. QuickCam Communicate STX webcam compatible with most used programs as Yahoo and MSN messengers, Skype and AIM. It is also works in Windows messenger if user has Windows XP. Showing perfect result as concerns speed and quality.
Special feature which is integrated in is reducing file size, making it acceptable for further emailing. Receiver of your files does not need to install any additional software to view received files.
The QuickCam Communicate STX as well can capture1.3-megapixel still image, which are saving in the most popular JPEG or BMP format, viewable at any pc. Included special brand Logitech software will allow you to making just few clicks with your mouse to save and send captured images to any destination.
One more useful feature for people who has personal business website. Using this gadget all captured images are updating images in seconds, this way keeping your web site permanently refreshed.

Summary: QuickCam Communicate STX webcam is user friendly gadget, easy manageable, perfect video transmission and captured images quality. Build in microphone for full quality online conferences, also allowing you to send captured video completed by audio by e-mail. It has not zoom, and not designed to pan and tilt. But when finding right position of your webcam you and your friends taking all privileges enjoying clear streamed video with voice.
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Crazy gamers' Computer desk
You can install web camera, keyboard, mouse, steering wheel etc. on to this wonderful table.
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SPV C600 vs Nokia N70, Windows Mobile vs Symbian, Small Developer Teams vs Corporate
And it is unpleasant when the quality of the images is weaker than on a cheap web cam. Telephony:In any case basic function of the phone is to receive calls.
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ASUS M70 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 1GB video memory
ll high-end class ASUS notebooks have a web cam so M70SA is not the exception to the rule with its 1,3 mega pixels.With the autonomy of the monster is dealing a battery of 8 cells on 5200 mAh
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Dual-SIM Evolio phone - you should have it!
ual-SIM Evolio phone has a battery of 1050mAh, webcam function and reasonable dimensions 109,8x49,5x15,3 mm and a weight of 95 g. Sound quality is the essential quality for this phone.
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Three-dimensional view with Minoru 3D Webcam
And that is why we regularly see some new web camera gadgets appearing. Minoru 3D Webcam is the latest one among them.
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Professional Blue Eyeball Webcam
Below described event, definitely we may name as a small revolution in webcam world.
Recently Blue Microphone introduced two newest products Mikey (recording gadget for iPod, perfect for voice notes, live music, lessons, interviews recordings) and Eyeball 2MP webcam. In this review we will stop at second gadget. Except cool, stylish and compact design this gadget posses all necessary qualities for instant messaging, video conferencing, social networking, chatting with friends, connecting with family and more. First gadget for such activity which combine super HD-quality video, (thanks for high quality of Sure Focus premium lens) and professional quality audio. Eyeball 2 megapixel cam has retractable lens, requires no software installation for both - Windows and Mac. Using the same integrating stand (complete set also include special monitor adapter and case) is making simple adjusting of gadget vertically on any laptop or desktop monitor. Each second spent with Blue Eyeball gadget is giving you HD video with autofocus and professional studio sound quality.
The most important features of this gadget include: Blue's super condenser capsule for high quality sound, 2 MP camera with high quality microphone,
Auto focus, plug and play (no any software needed), retractable premium lens all together with Super HD video, integrated stand and case. You can turn your cam in off privacy position, it is helping prevent any possible accidental broadcasting.

Whether you are video conferencing, social networking, or instant messaging, the Eyeball is your perfect solution for audio and video.
Capturing HD video and audio simultaneously! Only for \$99.99
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Asus Eee Top - All-in-one PC with touchscreen
megapixel webcam and internal MMC/SDHC card reader. While Eee PC was mainly sold with Linux inside, this one will be sold with Windows XP only (this is a subject to change, so we may see a Linux version later).
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Stylish iSlim 2000AF from Genius for best quality chat
New stylish and sleek gadget from famous for its quality and performance Genius Company announced – it is 2.0 mega pixel webcam, Genius iSlim 2000AF. Producer promises that all owner of this gadget will experience best quality chat they ever had.
Genius comes with special cover design. Special cover allows you with one movement to slide the covet and continue your online chat, it is a really useful solution for personal privacy sake, no need to make any additional manipulations with your webcam when video call is finished, just to slide the cover. Compatible with all most known messengers as Skype, MSN and Yahoo messengers. Special feature named as motorized auto focusing lens allows user to be free in movements, and in the same time be in best possible focus which is also coming with natural, sharp and bright image.
Web cam has also integrated microphone and its multifunctional special clip works perfectly with notebooks, LCD panels, or simply standing at your desk. One more additional feature is allowing you to share your video files in YouTube channel.
Included software is Cam Suite, Genius Application-Webmate and Crazy Talk Avator Creator.
Gadget description:
• Image sensor type – 2.0 Megapixel CMOS
• Integrated microphone
• High video resolution: VGA / up to 30fps
• 1.3 mega pixel / up to 8fps
• 2 mega pixel / up to 6fps
• Special universal clip for any monitor type
• USB 2.0 super speedy transmission
• View angle is (Up: 45 degrees / Down: 90 degrees)
• Motorized Auto-Focus lens with high precision
• Innovative designed protection cover
• High quality video also possibility to share your video in YouTube

Everything which makes your conferencing and chat is wisely placed in one gadget.
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Keep in touch with Webcam Instant
When you do not have possibility to see your friends and family, partners and business colleagues, but desire to keep in touch is still strong, web camera can be a good helper in it. It is relatively cheap way to stay connected in spite of thousands of miles between people.
The gadget, which is under our attention, will make it happen. Creative Webcam Instant is a camera with character and bright personality. It is a gadget with three legs, specially designed in order to be placed on laptops, notebooks and thin displays, but as well can be placed at flat surfices. It is a user-friendly gadget, which is easy to set up, by plugging USB 1.1 cable to your pc, and you are ready to show your happily shining face to your friends and family. It is compatible with most popular messaging programs as Yahoo messenger, Msn and Windows live messenger, and other similar tools.
Creative Webcam Instant capture live video (resolution 352x255, 30 frames per second), also it stores captured video in AVI format. Focus ring is very easy to adjust manually, pity but here are not such features as zoom or pan, but if you are in front of your pc, and when you catch right position, it will be enough to provide your opponent with your image.
During your chatting you can capture imagines (with resolution 320x420), which later you can use as your devil small pictures, post at your web site or sent them by e-mail. Camera stores images in BMP and JPEG format - which are very common for all of users.
Creative Webcam Instant includes three software additional programs which enables user to remotely monitor and make time span video, to edit your photos and after to print them, to crate your own design digital cards using captured images.
It is inexpensive gadget, very simple in exploitation, with three included programs, works good with all wide known messengers. In order not only to be seen, but also heard you will need additionally to buy a microphone.
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Top 10 Asus Eee PC killers
In a second generation of its Classmate PC Intel announced new features such as webcam, ability to increase RAM up to 512 MB and 9" LCD. To reduce its cost it will ship with Mandriva Linux, free and open source operating system.
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Three in one Spy Digital Camera
Moreover, this is not the end it can be also used as a Web camera for your computer so you do not have to buy one for yourself. I take this gadget with me all the time because it is very convenient to have a camera when you see something funny happening.
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Dell Inspiron 1525
without any operating system. Why do I like it?- Colors for all tastes- HDMI for the LCD TV from the living room- Fast processor, sufficient memory, voluminous HDD- Design- The prize is OK- Integrated webcam saves you from threadsWhy do I not like it? - Those 2,7 kg are rather heavy for me- Does not have a mechanism for closing the screen- Shiny carcass is a real magnet for the fingerprints- Integrated video plaque- Integrated speakers are not too powerfulProcessor: CORE 2 DUO T7250Processor frequency: 2000 MHzFSB: 800 MHz LCD diagonal: 15.
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Webcam and TV Tuner hybrid from Plustek
Plustek Company recently announced one more interesting and very useful
It is TVCam VD100 it is a combination between TV-tuner and VGA standard web camera. As for design, it is a streamlined modern, smooth and high quality. Each day notebooks and PDAs becoming more and more popular among increasing army of users. Now they can get double advantage having this gadget, it is first of all tuner with integrated DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting Standard) and watch DVB-T transmission from any point of world in any time. In addition, it has coaxial antenna input, but for a while, it works only with analogue signal. If you decided urgently to start a conference, no need in great hurry to take out and to switch different cables, you can do it by one simple easy switching from TV-tuner to web camera.
Because big quantity of USB ports - is mostly a privilege of expensive equipment, the users of less expensive devices feel their lack badly. Necessary to connect mouse, printer, and other necessary devices. That is why for users, who regularly use tuner and camera it will be very time saving gadget. Moreover, they, without doubts will estimate true worth of it. Never was it so easy – as now, when VD 100 you can connect to the same port. Thought TVCam VD100 is a combination of two different devices, which generally are very different, but connected in single gadget making life of user easier. Manufacturer managed wisely to connect them both and in the same time making this gadget compact and light (only 86 grams), portable and necessary.
When it is works in TV Tuner mode, VD 1000 allows to record TV programs for following use. TV tuner comes with antenna, which is easily to detach when user is not using tuner.
Manufacturer of TVCam VD100 not only made it compact but also designed special clip, which is making gadget easily attachable to LCD monitor, turning it in to easy and perfect companion during any schedules or trips.
Integrated microphone is giving opportunity to use fully advantages of VoIP calls and to command your pc by voice, after you will adjust the necessary function in Windows Vista.
This gadget was invented and further manufactured, in order to totally fulfil desire for mobility. You will never miss any conference with your friends and relatives as well will never miss your favorite TV program.
A very unusual, but very mobile way to stay connected with world!
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Elegant Logitech Orbit Webcam
If you feel sick and bored of old web cam design, then retro and in the same time ? modern unique elegant Logitech QuickCam Orbit design will bring new breath in to your messaging online sessions. It looks very special, such a since-fiction detail on our desk top. Nine-inch thin extensional rod separates camera head from base. It has a very practical side - you can raise webcam lens at level of users face it is giving best eye contact. Special lens can in automatic way follow your face. But it is not only a cool designed camera, is also posses all necessary features to satisfy your audio-video communication needs. It is top gadget with three video resolutions (160x120, 320x240, and 640x480), with integrated unidirectional microphone. Used innovational face-tracking technology, this Orbit gadget automatically turns any side up and down, following any movement of your face. QuickCam Orbit supports USB 1.1 and USB 2.2 connections. Maximum resolution for image capture is 1280x960 pixels (about 1.3 megapixels), video capture 640x480 (taking in to account fact that mostly messengers support 320x240) it is more than enough, frame rate 30 fps. Works does a good job in both, in poor and normal light conditions.
Very unusual feature of this gadget is controlled by PC tilting and panning of the webcam. It can pan 128 degrees and tilt 54 degrees (almost 180-degree horizontal, and 90-degree vertical view).
Plus you can activate and deactivate face tracking feature (which is a matter of taste) whenever you want. As for mechanical noise from it is not annoying, something middle level. Always after computer restarted, camera returns to standard position (in front and center), pity that is not able to remember last used position.
There is not any buttons on the webcam body. All necessary adjusting is made through included software. It operate with video and audio settings for microphone, for image snapping, allows to adjust brightness, color saturation, contrast, white balance, low light filter, gamma slider, shutter speed, exposure and another necessary parameters, after all these manipulations you can save all changes.
Conclusions: This Logitech QuickCam Orbit comes with futuristic, unusual design, offering good image quality. Works very well with all main messengers. Provides all webcam necessary functions (video-audio calls, shoot high quality photos and video and easily to e-mail them) and 3X digital zoom feature. It is a really stylish product for getting closer.
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New Hewlett-Packard 2MP webcam
Technology is not standing still. Each day is bringing something new in design, speed, and quality parameters. The same we can say about webcam resolution. Each producer of these gadgets is trying to be on top, and that fact inevitably bringing us highest possible webcam performance. In fact, Microsoft was first who launched their NX-6000. This time HP turns to be on stage with 2-Megapixel HP Webcam. It is very compact gadget, which can be connected to your laptop, or PC using certified USB 2.0 interface. It is on of the first improved gadgets, appeared on the market with unique features. It is looks like HP systematically is improving webcam quality to digital camera high standard. Using wide-angle lens (65 degrees horizontally and 76 diagonally). It is allow capturing 30 frames per second fate with 800 x 600 resolution, really bright, fluid VGA resolution video, as well ass possibility to make still snapshots. HP 2 MP Webcam has integrated stereo microphone for audio recordings. This way you have full quality live chat with video and sound. Microphone features noise-reducing technology for maximum possible sound quality.
One more feature which is making this HP 2 MP gadget unique, is special versatile clip (flexible and removable for easy mounting to any LCD monitors, but also allows to be used as a desktop usual standing web camera). Perfectly works in low light conditions, thanks to white Led technology, which is compensating light lack.
Other important features: automatic face tracking, manual focus ring, snapshot button, front Led lights on/of switcher.

HP 2 MP Webcam compatible with Skype, Yahoo, AIM, Windows Live Messenger.
Standard package includes Software CD-ROM with Driver, Arc Soft Video Impression and HP Photosmart Essential Software, setup guide.
So here we are with summary: Perfect, high performance quality, allowing you take part in web conference, take still images and record video with audio, thanks to integrated microphone. A simply excellent choice for your needs.
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Remain in picture with this new gadget
Webcams are extremely necessary gadget nearly for each active internet user. It is making communication among the people more desired. However, before this new V-gear Talkcam Tracer Webcam gadget appeared it was always a problem for user to stay in form of their laptops and PC. But each day things are changing, and now you can use this amazing product which is tracing your movements.
What do you think about the cam that is tracking you all over the room, Sounds fantastic, intrigue and wow? Here is new intelligent V-Gear Talkcam Tracer Webcam! This special gadget is made specially for people who is likely to accept the video-challenge, who always wants to be at top of new technology models, but also may be just like the idea. This gadget, when modestly hooked at your PC, is always keeping you in picture. Yes it is a simple but very important feature. Auto focus sensor and zooming features fixing any your movement. Now you will not face the problem, when during Skype conference you have to stay glued with your chair! This 1.3-megapixel V-Gear "Talcam Tracer Webcam" gadget, with 7x zoom lens is capable to capture and rolling video at 30 frames per second, as well as to snap 1.3 megapixel stills.
Some other details, which make possible hight performance are: 0.25″ SONY CCD Sensor, lens angle 52, focus ange - from 4.3mm and up, up, up, auto exposure and white balance, color depth - 24-bit (16.7 million colors), maximal resolution: 1280x 960. And moreover, it can be used (after activating some special V-gear Bee software) as survelliance camera.
You can have all these features all together with USB 150cm cable just for for 39.95 pounds.

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UFO USB web camera
That is something natural, when we are hearing about something named as UFO - in our imagination at once we see - flying saucers with aliens - at least. And really that unusual little gadget is looking not typically comparing with web cams we seeing each day. That gadget was produced by Cinavasion - whose image of odd gadgets manufacturer - is proved one more time.
You can easily shift this bight-red web cam as you wish - until you are sure that you found suitable angle for capture and shooting. One more pleasant feature of UFO gadget - is build-in microphone and fan. Whenever you want - you can keep yourself cool, during night or day net surfing. Can you agree - that this future is totally untraditional look about "how web cam may look". Totally agree! In a case if you need some extra light - it is easy to correct, using built-in Led lights.
Some other features this gadget posses is: Perfect quality of video and audio functions will allow you enjoy Skype and MSN escapades, metal armed bendable base allowing to put your gadget in any position (very flexible gadget indeed), one touch button allowing to make still photos very easy. Frame rate 35 - is very advanced feature, lets say it is higher rate comparing with medium web cam.
As for technical data which is important to mention: Web cam sensor resolution is 640x480 VGA, 1.3 megapixels, video -16-bit color, lens image focus 5sm (infinity), compatible with Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Macintosh OS.

Motto for that gadget may sound like "High quality & budget price".
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