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Cell Phone? Projector? How about 2 in one device?

Modern cell phones have gone very far and you can listen to music, play games and watch videos on them. Cell phone's hardware can support very many formats; however the biggest problem of a phone is the small screen. If you want to show some video clip to your friends it would be very inconvenient for all of them to watch it together. Besides, watching a movie on a small screen is not that pleasant.

Fortunately, Texas Instruments has created a gadget cell phone to help us with that. They have created a projector small enough to fit into a cell phone and powerful enough to let you view movies and any image not only on you screen; you can project them on the walls and other surfaces.

This gadget has been shown on the CTIA Wireless 2007 show. The mini DLP projector is built into a phone and it is called Pico. Some of its characteristics: it can display in DVD quality. Well, depending on the source of the video.

It consists of DLP, 3 lasers and a power supply. And here comes the biggest problem I think. It takes a lot of energy to power up the projector. Well, they are the tech producers they will make something to deal with this problem.

The race for the bigger screens will soon be over with the new projector phone gadgets. The phones will remain small and will not need to have big displays. Besides, even the smart phones with the biggest screens are not enough for watching movies.

The next question is how to get the audio signal to the audience, it will not be enough to just use the phone's speakers.

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