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A tiny projector for cell phones

Jan 26, 2008
Although we've heard a lot about the development of compact projectors that enable transmitting images or videos to any surface, there is still nothing of that kind. Yet, even now many companies say that they are about to produce these devices. One of such reports has been recently made by 3M Corporation. According to the given information this company designed a tiny projector, which can be integrated into the cell phones and transmit an image of VGA-quality.

This gadget represents a very small projector that has about 1,3cm in width. But developers are sure that the diminutiveness of this device will not have an impact on its quality. Thus, given concept will be able to ensure VGA-quality of the image that can be considered as quite a high achievement in this domain. Moreover it is said that the diagonal of the image transmitted by this projector will reach 40 inches or even more. As Mike Kali, executive vice-president of 3M Corporation, declared their "project has finally reached compactness, efficiency, reliability and image quality that make it possible to speak about the appearance of a new competitive product".

So, at least now there is no possibility to reveal positive and negative features of this gadget and the only thing we can do is to hope that all the characteristics that were mentioned above are true. Of course, it would be great if some cell phone producers started to produce their devices integrated with such a useful concept, but it's not the fact yet.
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» posted by: rommel / Feb 02, 2009 08:03 AM
this not a comment ruther a suggestion. can u make a projector as small as u presented to just clip it on the open laptop at the back of the LCD screen for viewing or to be used during lecture in a clasroom, thank you.
» posted by: niraj / Mar 30, 2008 09:09 AM
this is cool stuff maan cool for future

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