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Samsung Instinct

Samsung Instinct vs. iPhone 3G: which one will be better?
First of all let's do the comparison of the exterior of Samsung Instinct and iPhone. Instinct is made mainly of plastic which is not that neat today; iPhone has pats made of metal and harden glass to prevent it from scratching.
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Samsung Instinct vs Apple iPhone comparison
It is called Instinct, and is currently sold under Sprint carrier brand. It uses the same philosophy according to user interface as iPhone - finger navigation and complete rejection of stylus.
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Samsung Instinct - exclusively from Sprint
The other advantage of the Samsung Instinct is that they have made it very user friendly and comfortable to use and very fast speed. Everything in this phone is ruled by speed and comfort ability.
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Cell Ranger Stix - stable and strong signal for Samsung Instinct
Our mobile phones has become very important, I would say most important gadget when we work in office or travel.
I think we experienced situation when in different area the cellular signal can be strong or very weak. Many times I noticed that call drops as usual during important conversation. When my colleague bought Cell Ranger, I borrowed it and made a small trip in the most “dead zones”, my little experiment proved that this gadget really boosts signal and I can rely on it. My colleague uses it with another phone model – simple headset, and I found pairing with my Samsung instinct is simply excellent. It is really amazing how the same gadget work perfect with older and newest phone generation.

During first three months of use I did not drop even a single call. Stix gadget is innovatory system which ensure stable, reliable performance. Cell Ranger not only makes signal stronger, but also positively influence call clarity, increasing the signal from 2 to 3 bars. On the go it provide with 17 hours strong signal when is fully charged.

Remarkable features:
• Increase signal for any cellular phone or 3G cards (extra 2-3 bars)
• Experience double download speed (for 3G data cards)
• Improved call clarity, reduced quantity of dropped calls
• Easy to use and install (comes with 15ft antenna wire) and to use plug-and-play
• Smartly controlled by microprocessor amplifier
• Comfortable wireless connection to laptop card, cell phone, PDA
• Portable size and weight
• Compatible with all cell phones and laptops with following parameters: 800Mhz and 1900MHZ
• Do not interfere with Bluetooth gadgets
Pros: Excellent signal integrity, strength, even in cases when it is used with multiple devices, durability, quality, portability.
Cons: none
I use it in my car, on boat, when hiking and camping. Everything what I need – is to remember not to forget to remove it when I am parked. Great freedom to use your phone in the most notorious places.
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Samsung reveals Pixon - new phone for photography addicts
Samsung made a bunch of interesting announcements this year, including Samsung Instinct, Omnia and others. This time they announced new cell phone model, Samsung Pixon, which is aimed at camera functionality, and is made in the same form factor as Instinct or Omnia.
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Samsung M800 Instinct case
ou can get a lot of different Samsung Instinct cases that will protect it. You can get just a simple case or the one with car charger included.
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Small and comfortable Samsung Instinct M800 hands free headset
Freedom, hands-free comfort, great quality and mobility – it is all about new Samsung Instinct M800 Stereo hands free headset. Now you can enjoy favorite music from your cell phone, and also of course to talk on the phone without necessity to hold the phone in your hand. On the go, in the car on office, this gadget will be useful for everybody, because this gadget is very compact, with light weight, amazing. Silicone ear buds will not take the priceless space in your pockets and will provide user with maximum comfort, now is so easy to manage your M800 gadget due to integrated into collar clip answer/end button.

Due to M800 user always can experience high quality full sound with any device via standard 3.5 mm jack. Long, 52 inch cord allows to position portable gadgets wherever user consider comfortable.

Specification & Features:

• Build-in answer/end button for easy access from collar clip
• Soft silicone ear buds for extremely good fit and comfort
• Keeps user safe and free during conversation
• High quality stereo for best sound on cell phone or listening to the music from Apple iPod or other music gadgets
• 3.55mm Stereo plug
• Control your microphone with on/off option for free talk
• Compatible to use with other devices

M800 gadget is small but very indispensable in many situations for all users.
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Enjoy music and communication with Hands-free Stereo Adapter for Samsung In
Very often the purchasing of the fine gadget may lead to necessity to buy something else to experience full gamma of modern technology possibilities. Now when in my pocket or in my hand I feel the pleasant weight of my Samsung Instinct, I decided to find a good hands-free solution to widen my possibilities. I haven’t intension to make a great investment in it, I was looking for solution which can allow me to pair my favorite headset with my Samsung Instinct. To find a cool answer to my demand was possible with Dual Hands-free Stereo Adapter.

Since this small gadget appeared in my live I enjoy hands-free communication receiving incoming calls, and also listening to my favorite music simultaneously. It is very easy function to answer a call by one simple touch, and to talk hands-free, due to build-in microphone. This universal 3.5mm 4C jack adapter will connect your headphones or earphones with you Samsung Instinct very easily, lapel clip allows to place microphone on your clothing.

In the shop probably you will be proposed to choose from 2 different designs. First is traditional design when you cannot retract the wires, and modern, innovative retractable design, when all wires are placed by swiveling on hidden coil. There is small difference in money between them, thus I decided to buy retractable gadget. Both designs deliver the same high quality and portability, just you have to choose if it is ok to deal with wires, or it is better when they are coiled. Being a sort of perfectionist I decided that my Samsung Instinct deserve an innovative additional gadget.

Stereo Adapter main features:
• Comes with integrated microphone, one-touch answer button and volume control
• When you have incoming call music mode is paused to manage the call, and after it is activating in automatic mode to music again
• Highest headphone plug quality allows to considerably reduce signal loss and ensure the best performance
• Innovative retractable design, microphone clip, compact, durable, light weight design
• In retractable version of adapter it extends to 38 inches, in not retractable to 41 inches

This Dual stereo adaptor does good work, exactly what is promised in product listing. Sound quality is very good, signal is very stable and strong. I do not use integrated speaker very often, firs of all because as my headset has it and it is much good, thought which is coming with adapter is more than sufficient for work I need. Convenience and quality makes this gadget to be a worthy investment.
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Drive with comfort. Mounting Kit for Samsung Instinct phone
I am as Samsung Instinct owner very proud to have such phone. In fact, my phone is everything I need, though passed some time, I still cannot say that I see any good alternative for it. There one small but very good accessory which helps me to manage my already perfect phone better.

Whenever whatever, I always have my digital camera, camcorder, Web browser, Mobile television and GPS navigation with me, due to my phone. As I have active life style, is very important for me to have always available. When I saw advertising for Mobile Mounting Kit, I did not hesitated for a second, I already knew it will be perfect gadget. Many times I thought that it would be nice to have a special holder for my phone, which would allow to hold it in certain place. Mobile kit comes with universal cradle, mounting pedestal with suction cup and swivel for wide screen. I can easily say that it is a professional kit, which makes use of mobile in car more pleasant and practice.

Mounting Kit features:

* Kit which provide user with all necessary details to make you able to mount the mobile
* Cradle with side arms will keep the phone at its place, side arms are adjustable and could be extended in width from 1.6 inches to 4.25 inches
* Cradle comes with button, which allows to release fast the phone and to swivel back the screen in necessary angle
* Cradle sides are padded with special dense foam, that ensures strong and secure mobile phone hold
* Suction base for wide screed will provide necessary hold
* Comes with set of vent mount clips
* Solid construction, simple and easy in use

Summary: with this small gadget I always know where is my phone, it is always in field of vision safe and ready to serve. Really good holder, which is capable to ease my life during driving.
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Samsung Instinct M800 Digital Photo Frame – smart photo storage
I dare to say that photos are the best memory keepers ever invented. But even this traditional area was touched by modern technology. It is one amazing alternative to our usual albums.

It is logically and expected that Samsung – famous manufacturer of different displays, TVs, and monitors also created his version of this new digital gadget. Samsung has few new interesting gadgets, but I want to start with Samsung Instinct M800 SPH-M800 frame.

I am really in love with it, it is possibility to store thousand of photos in one place, to watch them in bright colors, sharpness, pictures high quality is amazing experience. First what I want to mention is perfect colors which are so vivid and alive, bringing us back in the days and events when pictures were shoot.

Samsung Instinct digital frame comes with 7.0 inch wide display. To view the pictures and videos is very easy and comfortable, all what user has to do – is to insert memory card or to connect your photo cam and to bring joy to your eyes. To transfer picture is very easy – using primitive drag & drop operation.

Samsung Instinct M800 digital frame description:

• LCD panel size – 7 inch
• Supported memory cards – SD MMC MS
• Auto display function upon inserting card
• Possibility to view and place horizontal and vertical views
• Clear and bright picture, frame can be mounted on the wall
• Made from acrylic material
• MODE key allows to view the photos in auto mode, full and small screen
• 1 USB port
• Simultaneously play music and read pictures

Conclusion: This little gadget is a super convenient piece of high technology. It is an alternative to replace home PC, traditional albums with photos, and even to use it as an interior design element. It allows display the best photos on a wall or on a table top, horizontally and vertically. It is also a perfect gift for any occasion, for family and single person.
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Durable and compact miniSync for Samsung Instinct S30
The unique gadget which I want to describe today is specially designed miniSync, that is compatible with Samsung Instinct S30.
It is a combination of 2 miniSync’s in one cable – both for charging and synchronizing with your PC (after installation of ActiveSync) and second to allow the user charging with all chargers.

This little charger is a perfect alternative to a usual charging cradle – in fact it is the smallest cradle analogue I ever seen. It allows to avoid carrying of bulky charge gadgets. With this small gadget your always can be sure that your Samsung Instinct is beyond the risk to be out of charge. Little size and functionality are the main keys, perfect for travel and for each day on go life style. Innovative recoil and retraction design is on the edge of comfort, allowing owner to be highly organized, it extends to 35 inches, and after retraction will not cause mess in your bag or pocket.

After 2 months of use I can say based on my own experience that, this small charger was created to offer the maximum convenience. Now when I am on go, in long or shot trips, I do not have to take with me bulky, many pieced travel kits, this small device allows me always to charge my Samsung InstinctS30.

Important to mention one more factor that this thin cable in fact is not so weak, it is reinforced cable that is breakage resistant, and easily will stand heavy usage.

Key features:
• Durability, light weight and compactness
• Ultra think, but very strong reinforced cable
• Retractable feature allow to extend the cable to 36 inches
• Small size (Approx. 5.5" H x 1.25" W x .5" D, Weight: 0.9 oz)
• Charge your Samsung Instinct S30, but also such gadgets as PDA, Smartphone, GPS, digital camera, or mp3 player,

Conclusion: I use this device and I am fully satisfied by quality and durability, small, pocket size is an big positive factor. Many times I borrowed my charger to my friends, some of them already bought it. Two features of charging and synchronizing in one small gadget – is simply amazing for me and my Samsung Instinct. Highly recommended to everybody, price is also very attractive, \$18.00 only!
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ClearTouch Crystal screen protector for Samsung Instinct
All users will agree with idea that our favorite gadgets need also care and protection. Especially if we speak about such perfect one as Samsung instinct phone.It is very annoying for me to see new phones with scratches or somehow else damaged during exploitation. The screen of modern mobile phone can be also protected. My mobile phone is a part of me indeed, part of my image and simply I like to keep all my gadgets in perfect conditions. Thus when I bought my Samsung Instinct at once I decided to protect it from occasional damage. I found a good solution very quick. First of all what I need – the same clarity, the same brightness and sharpness of screen images.

ClearTouch Crystal protects the screen, do not influence the great clarity. Colors are the same bright and full, I am using my phone without noticing that transparent (over 99% transparence) screen protector. My phone looks as new, tough I use it intensively already for 6 months. Each package comes with ClearTouch Applicator card and special designed microfiber cloth for the most careful and soft care of phone surface.

Features of this amazing glass-like protective screen:

• Ultra high transparence do not affect colors clarity
• Specially sized for Samsung Instinct
• Highest possible transparency 99%
• No air bubbles when applied on screen
• Perfect of repeated use, washable
• ClearTouch Applicator card and special cleaning cloth are included
• Perfect protection against scratches
• Long lasting durable protection

Small but very useful item, that helps to keep your gadgets as new. Amaze your friends with always like-new looking phone.
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Elegant Black Leather case for Samsung Instinct M800
Exactly as any diamond – your Samsung Instinct need a worthy framing. Market is proposing a variety of cases with different design, made from different material for all occasion, ages, and taste.

It is not only beautiful but also a protective option, which will allows to have your Samsung Instinct too look as in day when you have bought it. I know how much small scratch or dent can spoil outlook of our gadgets and accordingly to spoil our mood.

In my case it was easy to choose elegant, business pure style case. OEM Samsung leather case for SI M800 keeps the phone body completely covered – thus protects the body and display with an excellent flip cover.

This nice accessory is made from best quality genuine leather; it has also very important and necessary detail – stylus holder. (Stylus is not coming with case; you can buy a suitable one from wide variety presented at market).

Samsung Leather case was specially made for Samsung Instinct SPH-M800 cell phone. That is why it fits it as a glove. It has also non swivel clip.

Durable leather covers the outside cover fully, that provide solid protection. Case has special orifices to access all volume keys and input ports.

Samsung Leather Black case for Samsung Instinct CFS1800 enhance the look due to exclusive elegant design, protects from wear and tear, it is a really nice accent made with taste. This protective case also can be a good present to your friend who is lucky owner of Samsung Instinct. I am sure it can be a pleasant and practical gift.
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Secure your Samsung Instinct with Aquapac handheld case
I think there is no need to describe to all Samsung Instinct owners why I love it. This time I want to share my experience, which I believe will be useful for many users. Now when my dream to have this gadget in my pocked come true, due to my active life style I believe I found a great solution for all users. Not always we spend our time in comfortable safe offices, in car or at home, life is a challenge to try and to enjoy many things.

It is somehow disturbing feeling to keep in mind that water, sun rays, dust or similar factors can damage my gadget. Until I found genial Aquapac case, i could not fully relax, and I want to explain why. I enjoy many activities, water and beach, cycling, picnic, partying, tourism.. which obvious can be a factor risk for my Samsung Instinct.

With The Aquapac case I feel protected against rain, water, salt water, sun light (UV resistance), it is always dry and clean in the most extreme conditions. As for design – I can say that it is simple, stylish and even sportive. Made from very practical waterproof material, lockup system is very reliable and even patented as I understood from instruction, I have to admit it really works! This sheath is coming with carry lace, and I used to use it even when my amazing Samsung Instinct is inside the case, via special orifice. It was quite comfortable to receive and manage phone calls, though microphone is not so loud as when it is out of case.

Some features:
* Stylus holder
*Secure safe and dry storage in any weather conditions
* Waterproof to a depth of 15 feet
* 100% waterpfoof, sand and dust proof

The Aquapac case is an universal gadget not only for Samsun Instinct, but can be a solution whenever you might need protection for MP3 player, other Smartphones, etc. With Aquapac I have fun and enjoy life’s pleasures on ground and water, during sports and holidays.
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Top 10 iPhone "killers"
.. hile iPhone cannot be easuly beaten, this device from HTC make competition much more interesting.1. Samsung InstinctIf there were prizes for quantity of iPhone rivals from one company, Samsung may be the winner, shar ..
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Cool and reliable power source for Samsung Instinct - Battery Adapter PRO
There is no any doubts, that all users experienced ironic situation when we have phone, but we cannot call and accept calls. Yes, I am sure reader understood what I mean, I am speaking about such sad event as discharged phone. But I am in hurry to inform everybody that already exist an useful alternative. Simple but great Battery Adapter Pro will allow to charge your gadget with simple standard AA batteries.

In emergency cases, when I am in long trip or when I am simply speaking a lot and can forget to charge my Samsung Instinct, I can count on my Battery Adapter. When I have this amazing charger somewhere in my bag, I am calm and never worry about discharged devices. I always can rely on up to 5 full charges, whenever I need. Besides it, there is also integrated very bright triple LED flash light, a really cool option, to have additional light source. Simply press LED button and enjoy the light.. You may need it, when you do not expect it! Though this gadget designed for active people, we can see that it is useful for everybody. I can charge not only my Samsung Instinct but also it works with miniSync’s, thus it is really a mega complete portable charging solution.

Adapter features:
• Uses 4 batteries (rechargeable AA or alkaline) to power your gadget
• Whenever is necessary use 5 full recharge cycles
• Smart extendable USB connector
• Integrated light source – triple LED flashlight
• High quality finishing, smooth and touch in use
• Compatible with miniSyncs and DirectSyncs
• Extendable cord design

Summary: With that gadget I never caught discharged. It is a wonderful feeling when we can relay on our gadgets. I would advice it to all users, price is affordable – \$22.50 and use is great.
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RC Tanks
This is our nature and you just can't beat this animal instinct (though some guys just go too far).Here is something for the boys of every age and of every profession.
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Zuse Toaster
eus Toaster was made basing on the most important human instincts – the one of getting fed and need to feel taken care of.For our modern world, where words begin meaning nothing, this innovated gadget will keep non-verbal emotions alive.
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