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A sad iRony of Nokia's incomes

May 04, 2012

Back in the beginning of 2000-s Nokia’s smartphones were the ones who controlled the smartphone market. Nowadays Nokia has lost its popularity and the leadership at the market. Although the sales of their regular mobile phones are decent, I think that with the growing popularity of smartphones, the S40 range will slowly lose its sales as well. With the cooperation with Microsoft, Nokia attempts to enter the smartphone market with Lumia Windows Phone range which is promising enough to regain Nokia’s pride. But … Sadly it didn’t bring the awaited result, for now.

The most interesting thing is that Nokia earned more from Apple’s iPhone than from their own Lumia phones by licensing patents related to iPhone to Apple which include the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. iRonic, isn’t it? The company recently announced that its mobile phone division made a loss.

iPhone made Nokia almost $ 600 million richer, what you can’t say about Lumia. Nokia has risen from the dead not quite long ago, so we can’t judge them now. Let’s see what they will come up with next.
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