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From Russia with love: exclusive Incrudo Phantom smartphone

Oct 08, 2008
Geography of countries that want to take their part of the exclusive smartphones' market is getting wider and wider every single day. The newcomer is Russia. Just a few day days ago a stunning gadget was unveiled. Russian smartphone is called "Phantom" and it actually pretends to become a Rolls-Royse of mobile phone's world. Developers are a small group of gadget enthusiasts under name "Incrudo", and Phantom smartphone is not their first experience of creating exclusive gadgets.

Incrudo have already presented many interesting devices like customized USB flash drives, Bluetooth gadgets, cases for smartphones incrusted with Swarovski diamonds for Nokia, Samsung, Vertu, Gresso, Mobiado, and lots of other stylish and exclusive accessories. Phantom smartphone must be their greatest premiere of them all. It is now not only a case or specially designed body – it's a fully operating communicator with all the most wanted features preset and it really is an immense leap forward for Incrudo. Known technical features are: 230 grams of weight, GSM network, 240 X 320 display resolution, 8 GB memory card, 3.2 Mp camera and Bluetooth. Not shocking features of course, but hi-end technical packing wasn't a primary target.

In Incrudo they build very beautiful gadgets out of expensive materials usually. This is the Phantom's strong side. Its body is a most important part. All-in-one Rigid Construction (ARC) of the hi-tech titanium monoblock is just 3 mm thick but is solid as a stone. Titanium composite is taken right from Formula 1 world. Face panel made of ceramic plates and display is polished sapphire glass, makes it hard to scratch the screen even if you do really try. The best part is blue sapphire in the "Ok" button right in the middle.

There were made only 10 Incrudo Phantom smartphones so, they all might have already found their masters. Though the price isn't sky-high – 830 USD or 610 Euros. Probably they are going to make some more of them?

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» posted by: jones / Oct 23, 2008 11:50 PM
fat and ugly. looks like a plombir bar

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