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We often use dummies to practice boxing, usually just a training bag with sand hanging on a rope. But it is not always convenient and safe. They are good for training your punches, but you would need an instructor that will aid you to train effectively and not just continuously punch in one place. If you think that you do not need an instructor, or just do not want to pay for his services - then a boxing dummy can be a useful purchase.

The most popular items if this category for boxers of a beginner or intermediate level are Century Bob Body Opponent Training Bag and Slam Man Training System. SlamMan was a sales' leader for a very long time on people loved him for his training programs, a pair of boxing gloves, training video and feeding program for athletes. But unfortunately SlamMan has been discontinued and now it is not available for sale. As you know, the holy place is never empty, so SlamMan is replaced by exactly the same boxing robot but with a different name – Pure Boxing The Man Punching Bag.

It looks like the SlamMan' twin. It's characteristics are identical to the old SlamMan. And since there is no other Punching Bag with sensors in the market, we will call a new analogue - "SlamMan".

We have compared the Century Bob and the SlamMan System in our Product Review based on amazon customers reviews. First, let’s know what technical characteristics have been announced by the manufactures of both items:

Century Body Opponent Bag (BOB)

  • Adjustable height
  • One Year Warranty
  • Low profile base fills with sand or water; unit weighs approximately 270 pounds when filled
  • Seven height adjustments
  • Made in the USA

 boxing machine century bob

P.S. This model doesn’t turn around its base.


SlamMan Boxing Dummy

  • Life-size aerobic boxing machine that combines best qualities of speed bag and heavy bag
  • 8 illuminated LED targets tell you where to punch; 3 skill levels with 5 programs each
  • Base and torso are made of reinforced, blow-molded polyethylene for maximum durability
  • Molded foam striking surface offers 100 percent memory retention; 3 adjustable heights
  • Includes pair of 12-ounce boxing gloves, instructional video, and low-fat meal plan


dummy for boxing slamman

Let’s consider the details:

Origin of training box


Century Bob Body: The manufacturer points out that the item has been produced in America.

Slam Man: We could hardly find out that these simulators were manufactured in Taiwan. 


The boxing robot material and its filling


Century Bob Body: The base of a bob boxing dummy is made up of plastic, while the head and the torso form a sturdy rubber construction: «Rubber is soft enough for gloveless punishment but it would probably be better on the wrists to get some extra padding». Customers have also noted that the material is rather resistant to blows. Some people use also nunchuks without injuring. Of course, you are not supposed to pierce the simulator by any sharp objects.

You may fill it with sand or water, the wet sand is better as the base becomes more stable. By the way, if you injure Bob Body Opponent accidentally and cause leak, you will be able to prevent the flood in home.  

Slam Man: This robot can also be filled with sand and water. Customers have told about the quality of Slam man punchbag with regret. The black parts of the robot are made up of rigid plastic what impacts the hits negatively:  “The hard plastic is NOT ACCEPTABLE for a martial arts/fitness/ training equipment”. The blue parts are also not very pliable as compared with Bob, and a foam face part may be injured for a quite short period of robot using.


What does the set include?


Century Bob Body: Bob is supplied with the instructions for use only.

Slam Man: The manufacturer does not say anything about it.


Height adjustment of dummy for boxing


Century Bob Body: 6 levels of height from 60 to 78 inches are available.
century bob box

Slam Man: Only 3 regimes of height adjustment – 64, 68, and 72 inches- are available.


Training programs


Century Bob Body: no

Slam Man: The chief advantage of this boxing target dummy consists in the fact that, unlike Century Bob bag, it is not simply a dummy, but a real dummy train boxing which includes 15 training programs. Special mounted LED-lights light up in turn and allow you to train target hits, attention and concentration. At first, you will be offered to choose a training level: beginner, intermediate or professional.  Basing on this, you may also use 5 mounted workout programs. There is also a regime of workout randomized choosing.


Convenient use


Both items: Customers have told about the increased level of noise when using such simulators.  Despite their large weight, the punchbags slide during a workout and vibrate when moving aside and returning back (Slam man doesn’t come back at hit) – generally, users believe that it is better to train in a large vacant room (you are lucky if you live in your own house) or when the neighbors are friendly and don’t react to the noise.


Dummies costs


Century Bob Body: Now you can buy Bob at for ~$269.99. Also, a renewed model is available – Century Bob XL with Base Unit for ~$349.99. This one includes 2 sets of bolts instead of a one set in the previous model. According to the words of customers, it is made still better and is capable of turning around its base.  

Slam Man: It costs ~$315.99 on

slam man boxing robot

So, we have regarded the main technical features of the units, now it's time to know what amazon customers think about these boxing dummies:


Century Body Opponent Bag (BOB)



  • The optimal size of this punchbag:

“The upper section is the human form (without arms) and is fairly realistic in size and mass of an adult male”

  • An excellent means to reduce tension.

As one of the customers has said: “Have anger issues? Get BOB. Have anxiety? Get BOB. Feeling destructive? Get BOB...”. He has also noted that the device has helped him to fall asleep and feel better as well as restrain himself.

  • Bob can be useful not only for boxers: many people who are looking for a kickboxing bag or a simulator to train karate hits, often prefer this very product.

bob box training bag


1. Customers have told that Bob requires to be dealt with as carefully as possible. Round nuts attaching the base to the body can become loose if using improperly.

2. Yes, workouts with Bob turn into more noisy activity.

Tips about using of Century Bob Train Bag:

1. “For you to fill the simulator with sand easier, the funnel made up of thick paper should be used. By the way, you will need about 200 lb of sand”.

2. “I would not recommend to use Century bob in training facilities with lots of visitors as it will quickly become unfit. Though, it suits for personal use ideally”.

3. “For Bob to slide less on the floor, you may use a rough small carpet.”

4. “You may work with Bob Body Opponent even using nunchuks  or a wooden sword, in which case you only need not to apply too much forceю Otherwise you risk to injure this dummy. And don’t use sharp objects, have pity for Bob!”

By the way, speaking about boxing gloves, some customers recommend to use them not to injure hands, it is true especially for beginners, while other customers are against this precaution. That is what they say: “Remember that if you are attacked on the streets, you will not have gloves to protect your hands”. You can also read all customers reviews about the Century Bob Box.


SlamMan Aerobic Boxing Training System



  • To work out with such robot is a great pleasure:

“You get a great workout that is also fun and very challenging”.

“I would recommend it to anyone looking for a way to get stress out. and its fun and healthy” .

  • The dummy stands a hit well and doesn’t pay back – it is an advantage for some people, while for those who are looking for a sparring partner – it is not.

slam man robot



1. As you have already known, it really makes noise. As a result, many people are quickly bored with it. 

2. The size and location of led-lights are not good enough – customers have noted that they would buy it again only in case of  the re-design of the product:

“The three lights on the face seem almost ridiculous in terms of hitting with your left and right because your glove is so big it covers his whole face, therefore hitting all three at once”.

3. Also, some customers have found out the led-lights to be useless since they don’t measure the hit strength.


1. “I also put and old sparing helmet on it's head and I have viciously attacked this slamman for the last year with explosive workouts”.

2. “Slam man was made from rigid plastic, you’d better use boxing gloves”Read all helpful customers reviews on

It is you who choose the best product! We hope that our Products Review will be useful for you. Good luck and sports victories!