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Redesigning of the Eiffel Tower

Apr 21, 2008
Just some time ago there were rumors about Eiffel Tower extension. However as La Societe d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (SETE) declared there would be no extension, but redesign. Such a proposal made by Serero Architects lies in the redesigning of the top of the tower. Actually no one knows what will be the reaction of the French if this proposal gets approved by SETE. The problem is that after some time French people are going to celebrate the 120th birthday of Gustave Eiffel's original inspiration. So, maybe it is not the time to make changes?

Yet aiming to "create a temporary horizontal extension of the third floor of the tower in order to increase the quality of the access of the public as well as experiencing the fantastic 360 degrees sight of Paris", the designers of the project want to extend the to floor plate of the tower by grafting a high performance carbon Kevlar structure on it. The structure will be temporarily bolted to the slab without requiring any modifications of the existing structure.

There is no doubt that given project has some advantages. Thus according to the statistical data approximately 95% from about 6,5 million people who visit the Eiffel tower in a year want to visit the top floor. At present it's almost impossible to ensure such a high acceptance rate. Moreover it will make the Eiffel Tower to look better. Yet as it usually happens there is quite a significant number of opponents who are against any changes to historical sites.

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» posted by: sflattem / Apr 27, 2008 04:42 AM
Le Tour Eiffel is no stranger to controversy, since many hated it originally... the controversy is won't be hat for the, about that ugly pyramid in front of the Louvre...
» posted by: Gad2 / Apr 22, 2008 05:11 PM
Let historical artefacts remain the way they have been all along. The char amd mystique behind these historical infrastructures have always been their ancientness and the resulting renovating them, you are erasing the "historical" I say No to the proposed changes
» posted by: Red / Apr 21, 2008 04:03 PM
Considering the damn thing was originally build to be temporary, I say modifying it DOES fit the original spirit of it.

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