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NVIDIA 40nm GPUs are on thier way

Jul 08, 2009
It looks like finally ATI Radeon HD 4770 is going to find its match. As expected, it is NVIDIA who is going to roll out graphics cards with a benefit of 40nm fabrication process. You might have heard their plans about 40nm GPUs long before, but there was a very good reason that was holding them back. Now it is obsolete and NVIDIA is almost certainly planning some next gen graphics cards for September.

NVIDIA's long time partner TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) was facing a problem of low yields on 40nm processes. Naturally it became a stumbling stone for NVIDIA also. Now TSMC reports yield point improvements, so there is a little doubt that end users will not benefit from new GeForce GT210 (GT218) and GeForce G220 (GT216) before middle autumn.

The benefits of the 40nm fabrication process are mostly concealed in GPU's dimensions they are smaller. In perspective it means more powerful graphics units for both notebooks and desktops.
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