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Colored showers with LED Shower Head

Dec 23, 2009
Get a funky gadget to have disco shower mood! Streams of water, colored in different colors that is a cool therapy! Funky LED Colour Changing Shower Head turns this usual procedure in a magic operation. No need to have your usual shower equipment to be changed, everything that is necessary - is to replace your actual shower head with new Led one and to use it with pleasure! But this is not everything; imagine that light is changing its color according with water temperature!

This gadget is able to detect water temperature and to illuminate water accordingly! No batteries are required, because Led is self powered. Its work is based on force, created in internal turbine from the running through water. Installation does not require any special experience; simply screw the new LED shower head instead of old.

With water temperature rise the color also changes automatically. When temperature vary between 33°c - 41c blue light is on, when 42°c - 45°c is turn of red light, when temperature is below 32°c - have your fresh green shower! Also it can help user to understand is the temperature good for him or not - only having a single glance on the color of shower.

This LED shower head will bring new note into usual procedure and will complement any bathroom. This fabulous gadget can turn to be an unusual, affordable and great gift to anyone.

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