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Stylish and comfortable Jabra BT2070 Bluetooth Headset
When I learned about new GN Netcom Jabra BT2070 Bluetooth headset, I decided that it might be exactly what I need.
My desire to have more freedom during communication and simple but stylish design helped me finally to buy my first Bluetooth headset. First what I liked is design, stylish and minimalist, construction is robust and I like how it feet in the ear. Previously I heard about Jabra quality and here it is – in my hands. Box included BT 2070 headset, 2 earhooks (small and universal medium-large sized), mini USB wall charger and user manual.

New Jabra gadget is matt black finished convex headset, with big round button which is located in the middle of the headset is quite unusual detail, also due to bright yellow border, which is also functional feature – it flashes when I have incoming call. Volume buttons are very simple and located on the edge of indicator light
Ear cushion is very comfortable and soft, it sits perfectly in my ear.

Gadget features:
• Bluetooth 2.0 EDR & eSCO product
• Auto paring, do not demand set-up
• You can control your gadget managing simple function buttons answer/end and redial
• 5.5 h talk time, 200 hours in stand-by position
• Light weight – 10 grams
• Dimensions: L 1.93 x W 0.67 x H 0.5in
• You can wear it with or without ear hook
Pros: simple and functional design, simple 3 button interface is easy and understandable for any user, comfort wear, small gadget with impressive talk time.

Cons: Sometimes sound quality is not so good and I can hear hiss. When I asked my friends, they told that it is not usual for Jabra gadgets. I wonder if only my Jabra BT2070 works sometimes as hiss generator.
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Greatest combo - Jabra BT8030 Bluetooth stereo headset
At the present time we can see Bluetooth everywhere, we can’t live anymore without seeing people walking around and chatting. Combined gadgets always were very popular among users, what for to carry few devices, if greatest minds already invented necessary for us solution. Combination of Bluetooth Stereo Headphones and Headset day by day becoming more and more popular.

Today I want to share my experience with very unique gadget Jabra BT 8030. Yes, not in vain I call it as unique, it is multifunction gadget that are Bluetooth Headset, headphone and Bluetooth Stereo Speakers.

The BT8030 can be connected to mobile phone, personal computer or to media player. I really enjoy its versatility, it is great to listen perfect quality, full sound. As I am a sort of great music amateur this gadget is exactly I need for good music.

This gadget is a big one, only this way I can characterize it. Over the ear design I consider to be the best for rich sound. Soft padded cushions perfectly feet with my ears they close the ears tight, but it is still comfortable, whole structure is very comfortable and suits me 100%.

Jabra BT8030 has a lot of buttons for all cases at left side you can find (power, pairing, volume adjusting, call/answer/end buttons as well). Headband is adjustable and can fit any user. At right side are located remote audio and video controls, as well as stop, play, skip buttons. It is also cool that this gadget is not only portable Bluetooth headphone about also portable speaker.

I found the pairing to be very easy, connection is always perfect. I used this gadget in all possible combination for example as hands free and stereo headphone / speaker – and I can say always I was satisfied with it fully. Sound quality for any use is perfect.

Some data for Jabra Bluetooth 2.0 headset
• Size (7.4x2.6x7.1 WDH) Weight – 10.9 oz
• Recommended to use with portable audio systems, cell phones, Pc multimedia
• Integrated amplifier, volume controls, speaker mode
• Connectivity technology – wireless (transmission range 33 ft)
• Wide list of profiles (hands free, A2DP, headset profile, audio&video profile, remote control
• Stereo sound
• Integrated microphone
• Easily transforms from one gadget type to another
• 32 hours of your favorite music
• Dual Bluetooth connectivity
• Speakerphone capability
• Great compatibility

Conclusions: Jabra BT8030 for me is irreplaceable gadget. I can recommend it to user, who want at once many gadgets, but cannot afford. To have at once three gadgets with good bass, versatile, good sound quality, is really cool experience.
Some users may find my Jabra bit bulky, but it is matter of perception indeed.
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Jabra SP500 Bluetooth Speakerphone
Jabra SP500 Bluetooth Speakerphone, the most durable and portable device for everyone. You can enjoy hands-free, cordless speakerphone conversation.

Sale Price : \$39.48
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Jabra C500 - for best quality hands-free communication
Earlier or later everybody, who spend a lot of time with mobile phones comes to decision to buy headset. C500 headset is a real smart solution for people, who prefer wired way to communicate.

Stylish, slim, behind the ear Jabra C500 headset with integrated microphone boom was highly appreciated by me after few first wear hours. Listening quality is very high, due to high-sensitivity speaker, which transmits sound into ear. Microphone boom pick up the sounds in a best possible way. Conversation becomes very pleasant experience, hands free, clear and comfortable even on walk.

I should mention that is very comfortable gadget, which feet my ear and is very secure.
When i receive the call it is very easy to operate it, using answer / end button which is located on microphone boom. Mute switch is also very comfortable option, for cases when I am on conference and cannot speak. Indeed the comfort, style and light weight of new Jabra C500 offers, is something what I would rather expect from more expensive gadgets.

Shortly about features:
• Slim, stylish, discreet, ready to work for you whenever user needs
• Flexible design, ultra light weight, easy to adjust for comfortable wear
• Professional chromed design looks perfect in office and on street
• Noise-cancelling microphone with boom – for best voice pick-up for best clarity
• User friendly, simple buttons to operate are: answer/end, mute switch
• MiniGel earpieces deliver the sound directly in ear with perfect clarity. Earpieces are easy washable and soft
• Universal 2.5mm plug suitable for most phones

Conclusions: Jabra C500 – is first of all good price, good look, perfect quality, easy operable and comfortable gadget.
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New promising cord Bluetooth Jabra BIZ 2400 headset
GN Netcom is famous world leader as concern innovations and new solutions for popular gadgets.
Lately they announced that new Jabra BIZ 2400 noise-canceling headset, which also comes with number of special features will be launched in the middle of 2009.

Only one month remained to wait, until new and old Jabra gadgets amateurs will enjoy it. This gadget, already seem to be an ideal tool for professional use and for users who would like to have best quality devices. First of all I have to mention that main headset feature – is capability to deliver superior audio. Also is very important for any headset to be comfortable for daily wear and of course to be a design masterpiece.

New Jabra BIZ 2400 will meet any user requirement, it is available in both – duo and mono speaker configuration. This first corded USB headset with integrated Bluetooth allows to switch PC soft phone and cell calls, for both options it will deliver high Hi-Fi stereo sound, productivity and efficiency . The BIZ 2400 gadget comes with rugged boom which is 360 degrees rotatable.
New Jabra gadget is a product which is combination of the best what can user demand from headset and experience, quality and performance which GN can provide.
Audio features:
• Noise canceling features provide with clear and isolated sound quality
• To achieve best voice transmission and to reduce distortion in this gadget microphone are used gold plated contacts
• Neodymium Speakers specially designed in a way to be compatible for use either for audio or with phone. Deliver great sound and best frequency response
• Jabra USB version comes with technology which serve to protect from hear harmful acoustic sounds
• Designed to be comfortable for office and every day intensive wear
• Noise canceling headset with rotatable noise canceling boom. Steel finish ensure durability and simply pleasant finish and style
• Three comfortable wearing styles: neckband, headband and earhook. Soft padded, extremely comfortable cushions,
• User will like new Jabra programmable soft Buttons. (answer/end, and wheel, and two additional buttons for best functionality)
• Special reinforced cord is very resistant against damage and breakage.

New Jabra BIZ 2400 sounds really promising and even I dare to say ideal!
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To improve you communication - use Jabra GN8000 amplifier
Meet one more universal gadget , one more useful product from GN Netcom – multi-purpose headset amplifier.
New Jabra GN8050 will be very useful for many reasons. This small amazing gadget can easily connect headsets to any telephone type or telephone system.

First of all, it is increasing the quality of calls due to noise cancelling features. User at once can feel the call quality difference, firm volume level which is automatically compressed to deliver to user friendly sound volume, will definitely improve sound quality for voice applications via PC.

New GNP gadget offers additional hearing protection, it comes with special switch between computer and phone, which allows to switch in super speedy mode between IP voice programs and calls. Discussed Jabra gadget is compatible with all Jabra, ACS, UNEX headsets, and also can used with any phone with modular connector.

Key Features:
• GN8000 improves safety and headset output
• Different integrated features to optimize PC or phone system
• Improved sound parameters: compression and voice switching
• High compatibility with different phone types
• Use comfort – light weight, headset and handset switch, silent mute switch, volume controls, on-line indicator, low battery indicator, quick cut protection
• Battery safe feature

GN8000 – is very easy to setup and use, low price is also very attractive – only for 75\$ you can have that useful multy purpose gadget.
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New Jabra family member - Jabra M5390 Multiuse is Bluetooth headset
New Jabra M5390 Multiuse is Bluetooth headset for simultaneous connection to desktop, mobile phones or to mobile and PC program phones (via enclosed adapter). Jabra M5390 gadget combines excellent sound and big action radius specific for business gadgets. Application of next generation Bluetooth technology provides broadband sounding when used with adapter A335w or program phone.

It was really amazing when first time I picked the call being far from the office (in fact I could not suppose that it will work so far!) The increased radius of action of a wireless communication allows to accept calls on distance to 70 metres from a workplace.

About design I want to mention that wholly design and the way of fastening are perfectly optimized for office workers who spending the most part of time in working premises. Specially, for sound optimum cleanliness in noisy environment Jabra has the noise eliminating microphone which is located close to users mouth. When I leave my work place my Jabra M5390 smoothly connects me to my mobile phone.

The Jabra M5390 without difficulties can be connected to mobile and programmed phone on your PC. This Jabra Multiuse gadget is compatible to the majority of desktop telephones sets, and the dongle is compatible – with a wide spectrum of program phones for the personal computer, including Cisco IP Softphones, Skype, etc.

Main features:
• High - definition sound, deliver true wideband audio
• Noise canceling features for clear voice transmission
• Applied Digital signal processing technology effectively cancels ambient noises and controls the volume automatically for best digital sound
• Latest PeakStop technology protects user from acoustic shock
• Up to 60 stand-by hours and 6 talk time hours
• Comfort wearing, choose the most appropriate wearing style earhook or headband.
• Additional features: volume control, answer/end/reject/waiting, hold call functions, last dialed number redial, voice dialing
• High compatibility with wide phone range

What I really like in this Jabra is universality – I use one headset for desk, PC and mobile phones. I enjoy perfect sound even in very noisy work situations.
What you will find in box: Jabra M5390 Headset, Jabra M5390 Base, Power Supply, Jabra A335w Adapter, , Desk phone-to-base Connection Cord, Headband, Travel Charger, User Manuals – a lot of useful and amazing things, I should mention! I really would recommend it.
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Jabra's stereo Bluetooth headset and speakerphone
Jabra’s stereo Bluetooth headset and speakerphone was introduced today at CTIA 2009. The Jabra HALO stereo headset uses stereo Bluetooth or A2DP to stream music wirelessly. It can be done from a stereo Bluetooth-compatible handset or MP3 player. The speakerphone is designed to be used in the car for hands-free calls. The Jabra HALO stereo headset will be available for 130 USD. And Jabra speakerphone will be available for 60 USD in April.
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Jabra's stereo Bluetooth headset and speakerphone
The Jabra HALO stereo headset uses stereo Bluetooth or A2DP to stream music wirelessly. It can be done from a stereo Bluetooth-compatible handset or MP3 player.
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Perfect portable Bluetooth car kit – Jabra SP5050
Three years passed since I purchased for my car my first Jabra hands free kit. It still work perfect, but in my new car it looks bit retro. So I decided that I would buy new gadget for my new car. I haven’t any doubts which company product I want to buy, since my last Jabra was a fabulous buy. I followed my presentiments and I want to share my experience with new SP5050 portable Bluetooth car gadget.

Comparing with previous Jabra new SP5050 looks very stylish and sleek, it is very light, and is very easy to set up and to operate it. It matched with my both phones. As for sound point of view, this gadget has good reception, and even at speed roads I can chat very easily. When I asked opinion or the people I speak about quality, nobody disagreed that it is loud and clear. I think that it might be not so good as wired in system, but flexibility and mobility (I can transfer it to another car or to take it at home or in office) is very good point). It is a perfect companion when we need our hands free during communication.

One more important thing I want to mention that, latest laws in many countries not allow people to use mobile phones while driving. I think Jabra SP5050 is solution for such situation, Bluetooth allows to keep our hands driving and in the same time to make and receive calls. Safety and easy communication are main Jabra SP5050 points.

My new Jabra gadget do not demands installation, I simply clipped it to the sun visor and due to autopairing feature I was able to use it in minutes after it was bought. It is also very easy to charge using usual car charger. When unit is fully charged – car charger light turns green.
“Auto off” function automatically turn off the speakerphone, this way preserves battery life.
Buttons are very simple and wholly it is user friendly device, my wife and son used it and I haven’t heard a single question about how to operate it.

Some main functions:
Call answer, end call, reject call, voice dial, last number redial, mute, autopairing, night driving mode, auto off, talk time is 12 hours.

Jabra SP5050 Bluetooth speakerphone comes with charger, clip for visor, user manual and quick start guide.

Summary: Jabra SP5050 Bluetooth 2.0 headset offers really good sound and perfect work. Instant pairing with iPhone. Speaker is loud and clean. Noise cancellation function really works (even on motorway, with window down).
Well made gadget, light weight and good design.
I can recommend this portable gadget as a fine device, which looks good and easy in use. Price is also very attractive you can buy it with 25 pounds.
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Drive smart with Jabra SP700 Bluetooth speakerphone
Jabra – is one of the leading brands in hands-free wireless gadgets for multimedia and communication. Combination of the innovation technology and modern design assure us with high quality products. No matter where you use your Jabra gadget, whether in the office, home, in your car – it is always an excellent helper. Jabra always can provide with the best possible communication solution.

Listening to my favorite music, taking with friends, during office work Jabra hands-free gadget is always in demand. When lately I confronted with necessity to buy a speakerphone for my car - at once first brand name which came into my head was Jabra. My new solution this time was JabraSP700. Though I had some doubts if it will be fully useful gadget, lately I realized that it was worthy decision.

First of all I paid attention to design and I definitely in love with it, stylish, slim, pure, versatile, the buttons are hidden on the gadgets sides, and it is in perfect harmony with my car visor and whole design. It can be used separately or for call transmission in the car. No installation is demanded. This compact gadget also works good when I want to listen to the music stored in my phone through car speakers. It allows me to have more safety during driving, my eyes are always on the road, while speaking with my friends. As for quality of sound – I do not have any objections it sounds clear as when I used usual phone.

When during conversation I told to my friends that I am using hands-free device they say – they do not feel any quality difference, that quality is very good. I think it works so good due mentioned in specification SP700 noise reduction and echo cancellation technology. Thus my conversation is easy and clear for both participants. All the calls are announced by pleasant voice, I do not have to search for my phone during driving. Really, never to take a call was so easy as now with SP700. I found that gadget to be more comfortable to use comparing with traditional headsets. To pair it with mobile phone is matter of seconds, easy and fast. It is cool solution of those who is often on the wheel.

Main useful features of SP700 Bluetooth speakerphone:
• Used with car stereo
• FM feature allows allow to make and receive calls easy and safe
• Allows to play music stored on mobile phone on car speakers
• Sound is excellent - loud and clear
• Voice report warns me about call (ID of the caller is spoken)- thus I am always attentive while driving
• It announce also if gadget is in ON or OFF status, enabled FM, or paired
• Long battery life – fast charge – long use, can be charged through standard USB in car or from any PC or through car cigarette lighters.

*It is very pity that SP700 does not work with 2 phone household, can be paired with single phone.
* The smooth and glossy surface is very sensitive for smallest scratch, thus I am very accurate with it.

I would highly recommend Jabra SP700 ot anyone who search for reliable car speakerphone.
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Affordable Bluetooth headset Jabra BT3010
You do not know how to amaze your girlfriend, or may be to make something pleasant for your sister or a friend? I have a solution which is affordable and useful.

In fact Nearly one year passed since I use my Bluetooth headset. It is really comfortable gadget, and I decided not to invent bicycle second time, while exist such easy way to make people happy. It was very important for me those days to have possibility to change my headset look. Only for affordable £15 I got my Jabra and also 33 different covers are included. Now is so easy to change cover according with mood and style. But it is not everything, for people who concerned with unique style exist possibility to design and print their proper cover at producer web site.

About original BT 3010 look I can say that it is look as standard headset (50 by 22 by 24mm, weight - 11 grams) with simple black casing. Due to transparent front cover it is easy to take it off and to replace with other necessary faceplate. Three buttons, which are located at the top of cover, serve to manage your headset. Middle button is multifunction button with LED indicator light, and on right and left side are buttons for volume adjustment.

BT 3010 main features:
*Talk time: 8 hours/ 300 hours in standby position
*Answer/end calls: operated by simple headset button push
*Comfort wear due to in ear design (universal for both ears)
*Set-up is easy to manage due to auto-paring
*Fully charge – approx 2 hours (rechargeable Lithium battery)
*Bluetooth 2.0 specification
*Operating distance – 10m

Pros: BT3010 gadget showed good sound quality.
Affordable price and changeable design.

Cons: Sometimes I experienced slight static and hiss. Definitely works better in silent ambience as office, car.. Controls of Jabra Bt3010 may seem bit tiny.

Summary: Funky gadget with normal sound at very affordable price.
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Never charge your Jabra BT2040 Headset
Few weeks ago, when I decided that it is time to have useful and convenient Bluetooth headset I was fully discouraged by huge market offer. But I had a luck that day, because salesman kindly proposed to think about Jabra gadget. As I was limited in time I made a quick decision and in 15 minutes my first Jabra was in my pocket.

First of all I have to mention that it is very convenient and compact headset, after 2 hours I noticed that I do not feel it and its not disturb me at all. I used it whole day, in a car and in office. I like that my hands are free for driving, papers, typing, etc. This gadget allows me to spend time and to be more efficient. Bluetooth technology is exactly what I was looking for, offers me talk up to 660 minutes. This gadget is designed with mind, automatically switching to “sleep mode” allows to save power and also paring with my phone automatically. BT2040 works on only one AAAA battery, which provides me with hours of talk time and months in standby position. It is a great feature that I do not need to charge it. It is very easy to operate, I enjoy comfort functionality and quality simultaneously. Jabra headset is not overloaded with buttons, one multifunction button allows to control the device.

Call handling features are: alerts for incoming calls, voice dialing, redial, answer and end call, call hold and call waiting – everything what any user might demand.
The Jabra BT2040 gadget weight is only 16 grams, it is both comfortable for over-the ear or in-ear wear. Can be worn on both ears. Operating range – up to 33 feet.

Main features I would point are:
• Auto-paring
• Long talktime – up to 8 hours
• No need to charge (works on included AAAA battery)
• Compliant with most Bluetooth gadgets
• Very good audio quality
• Jabra discreet lights
• Affordable price

I got a real freedom while driving and in the office, now is difficult to imagine how I was living without my Jabra headset.
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Jabra’s BT160 Bluetooth Headset appeal:“Style it.Wear it.Love it"
People are always looking for something special, unusual, fantastic by its nature. They try to follow the last fashion tendencies by searching for something new, interesting and attractive. Thus, the most extraordinary and unsurpassed gadgets appear in the technical world of novelties. Jabra doesn’t concede to any other firm that is occupied in new and surprising gadget’s invention.

Jabra BT160 headset has changed the usual understanding of boring headset and has brought its own new style. Now you could choose between thirty-three different coverings of Jabra’s headset and allow you to be a miscellaneous every day. These outer layers are included in the headset’s package.

It is very easy to use because of its compatibility with different mobile phones and smartphones that have Bluetooth technology enabled. The headset’s hook conveniently clings to your ear and perfectly carries all the time. Using Bluetooth 1.2 technology, the gadget permits you 8 hours of talk time, 110 hours of standby time and only 2 hours for recharging. Jabra’s Bluetooth allows you talking on 10 meters or 30 feet operating range. Super sound quality won’t force you to be nervous about the sounds you not caught or hear. The only button of answering/ending the calls, dialing/redialing makes not troubles in knowledge of using instructions. It weights only 16 of scanty grams.

Having and wearing Jabra BT160 Bluetooth headset, you enjoy style of the gadget and great technical characteristics of the invention that cardinally changes you representation about usual devices. You’ll be impressed very much about this gadget and it will cost you 59.99 USD.
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Jabra BT530 – latest noise cancelling Bluetooth headset
One more time Jabra did everything to hit the market. New Jabra Noise cancelling Headset is a new gadget which due to last generation technology is able to cancel background noises without influencing quality of voice transmission.

These not only words, I really was surprised about the sound difference, it is amazing how this small gadget cuts off the noise. It is possible due to Noise Blackout system with double microphone which can distinguish users voice from background noise. The special processor processes a sound signal, eliminating extraneous noise, and transmits only a pure users voice sound that creates sensation of conversation "face to face". This technology eliminates characteristic metal rustle which often appears when we use noise cancelling devices. Specially designed smart volume control headset automatically adjust the level of sound to optimal level. Shock protection is also serve user to guard ears from loud voices or sudden raised noises.

New Jabra gadget is not only hi-tech device, it is in the same time very comfortable to wear. It allows combine high audio quality and all day wear comfort. The battery of new Jabra530 allows user to talk 5.5 hours, in standby it will work for 250 hours. Flashing light allows user to know the charge level.

As an additional bonus, your Jabra gadget comes with extra gel pieces with different sized and with very useful option to charge via your PC or from AC adapter.

Main features:
• Noise cancelling headset with dual microphones
• DSP for crystal sound quality
• Comfortable for all day use
• High Performance with Bluetooth 2.0 EDR & eSCO
• Two different wearing styles – flexible ear hook and third generation ear gel
• Battery indicator
• Radius of transmission - 10 meters

Summary: Jabra BT530 is comfortable, interesting and useful device. If you need good headset, this gadget is worthy thing.
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New Jabra Bluetooth BT4010 headset with LCD screen
It is hard to surprise experienced user with something new about popular gadgets. GN company is famous for quality and performance, but also for innovations and for constant improvement made on its already perfect gadgets.

New announced GN gadget is one more Jabra family device – Jabra BT 4010 Bluetooth headset. This new gadget is really a professional tool from all points of view. One more prove that small gadget can be provided with a lot of useful features and to deliver announced high quality.

With new miniature Jabra user has a lot of advantages. Fantastic thing that it has built-in e-SCO technology for crystal sound of transferred sound from headset to phone. Auto paring and easy and fast connectivity allows user to be always in contact and to chat anytime.
New Jabra BT4010 comes with high resolution LCD screen, which is located in the center of device. This screen allows user at once to understand if soon he will have to charge battery or to know call and connection status. Time to guess passed, now with new BT4010 everything is clear and visible.

Only digital technology and special features is far not enough to won the market, users comfort is also very important factor. You can wear your new Jabra gadget with ear hook and without it. It is really user friendly gadget, which provide perfect quality hands-free communication. Ideal for people who is permanently on go, easily and fast, without menu scrolling they can use it effectively in any place.

Key features of the Jabra BT4010
• innovative LCD display
• applied e-SCO technology for best voice transfer
• Auto – pairing
• 6 hours talk time and 150 hours in standby status
• Comes with 2 earhook sizes for best comfort
• Small size (49x17x28 mm LWD) and light weight (only 10 grams)
• Micro USB Charger connectivity
• Bluetooth Specification version 2.0 and EDR

Comfortable, smart, allows to be always connected and never to loose a single call.
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Add wireless experience with Jabra A120 Bluetooth Adaptor
Wireless technology stepped in our life not for so long ago. People liked it from first sight and when they have to choose between wired and wireless, very often they choose wireless freedom.

Jabra A120 Bluetooth adapter is a small gadget, which allows to user to have more fun without buying more gadgets. Unfortunately for a while not all users may allow themselves to have newest branded gadgets and latest innovative devices. Jabra has a solution for such users.

I have few examples how I used Jabra adapter with another available gadgets and I really was able to achieve best quality and to improve some things. If you do not have Bluetooth player it is not a problem to change that fact for better, all you need is using Jabra A120 Adapter to plug it into 3.5mm audio jack and to enjoy stereo quality audio for ten hours! You can also connect it with your MP3 player and this gadget will transmit the music to your wireless Bluetooth headset when you are around it (30 feet distance).

In case if you do not have for a while any cool smart phone with wireless technology support, Jabra always at your service, you need 5 seconds to pair and to connect it and you will be able to enjoy your favorite wireless music.

The Jabra A120 adaptor comes with battery which has 250 hours standby time and uses Bluetooth 1.2 technology for data transmission. This small but so necessary and useful gadget will be useful for all users who would like to listen to the music wirelessly.

The Jabra adaptor gives new life to our MP3, iPod, phones…etc gadgets. With small money (\$29-50) now we can buy that small Jabra gadget which can change our music style for better.
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Jabra launches JX20 Pura Bluetooth headset
After appearance of Jabra JX10 Bluetooth headset that surprised us very much by its sizes, we thought it will be the best Bluetooth headset for a long time. But after the lapse of some period of time we welcome with applause new technical innovation created by the company. Jabra JX20 Pura is very nice and stylish headset itself, but it doesn’t make such shocking boom as its predecessor. Attractive and stylish, it enters new power switch and comfort while wearing it.

The Jabra JX20 looks luxurious for the first sight and it is not deceptive representation. Covered by titanium and looking thus glossy, it is steady for different unlikely cases as blows or falling from height for example. Jabra’s Bluetooth headset differs by its tiny sizes – with only 1.6 inches width and 0.8 X 0.8 measures of depth and height it weight consists 0.5 oz (nearly 14 gr). This lightweight allows you without any effort wear it on your ear even without an ear hook (it is available too). Two volume buttons take their place on the top of the gadget while the main call button hides on the right side of the device. This brings a little discomfort as we used to leave the main call control button in the centre of our attention and usage while working or speaking. By the way, all the buttons are too skinny.

The customer will be marveled by the technique of turning the device on. It assumes an innovative power switch which I’ve mentioned about earlier. You must scroll the earpiece clockwise 90 degrees and it will begin to carry out its main functions – answering, ending and rejecting the calls, call waiting and hold, redialing and dialing support options. To turn it off you should do the return operation. When the light on the back of the headset will glow purple, it means the device works.

The Jabra JX20 Pura perfectly combined with any Bluetooth enabled device. The bad sight of the gadget I should mention is its sound quality that leaves much to be desired. The dominating sounds are noises, echo and extraneous sounds while usage. The static sound is too loud and the callers could hardly hear the other calling persons. Jabra’s headset comes with USB charging cable, desktop charging cradle and AC adapter. By the way, it is enough expensive and will cost you from 92.00 to 105.81 USD.
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The stereo Bluetooth sets from Jabra and Sagem
Today we have two stereo sets from different manufacturers: Jabra and Sagem. Jabra 620s is intended to work with multimedia systems that are Bluetooth enabled and has some multimedia control buttons.
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Jabra’s BT620s wire-free Bluetooth headset
The majority of modern phones occupy the leading places on the shelves thanking to their ability with Bluetooth technology support. While people enjoy music files through their phones, Jabra’s developers introduce to our attention their new BT620s earphones that win attention of the buyer slowly but truly converting this habitual listening into real enjoyment.

First of all they attract everybody’s attention by its own wire-free look. The individual original behind-the-head design has a real possibility to participate in struggle of gaining a worthy place between modern technical devices and novelties. Abundance of buttons doesn’t mean that they are superfluous at all. Easy achieved installation process is the other great capability that the present headset has. The options included in are the next:
- pause and reproduction of the music list;
- volume control feature;
- forward and back skipping of the tracks;
- the easiest rewinding of the music files.

All the options support the Headset’s handsfree profile that allow it to be named real wireless kit for the majority of the most often used mobile phones and smartphones. Digital Signal Processor (DSP) integrated inside the device make the headset great in noise canceling capability, controlling high and low frequency “jumps”.

The essential drawbacks, I could notice this headset has, aren’t appreciable at once: its weight that doesn’t correspond to the gadget’s design. Its weight is full 100 grams. Headset is also a little bit uncomfortable when you are wearing it through a long period of time. At last, it works not so productively in difficult conditions – only 5 meters range allows you to use them well and 8 meters when we talk about more favorable conditions.

Jabra BT620s will cost you 130 USD.
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