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Processors Intel Haswell-EP will support DDR4 and characterized TDP to 160W

Jun 14, 2012
Our source published some details about server processors Intel Haswell-EP, which is expected in 2014.

It is alleged that the company intends to depart from the usual gradations of TDP, including the value of 65 W, 95 W, and 130W. Intel will raise the thresholds of TDP in 2013 with the release of processors Ivy Bridge-EP, and in the second half of 2014, with the introduction of the Haswell-EP, which will have up to 16 cores, typical ​​TDP values will be revised upwards once again. It is interesting that competitor for Haswell-EP processor is not AMD, which will be released after yet unannounced processor, code-named Abu Dhabi, but it will be a brainchild of NVIDIA, which unites GPU NVIDIA Maxwell and CPU Project Denver.

Thus, the processors Intel Haswell-EP will be characterized by TDP 120, 135, 145 and 160 W, depending on the number of unlocked cores and clock speed.

To ensure that the necessary number of processor power, the power scheme will include four or five tires. The prototype, which our colleagues were lucky to see, is designed for a current of 100 A at typical load and current up to 120 A in the Turbo mode. Haswell processors will consume a current of 190 A.

A platform for servers and workstations, sample 2013/14 period has the code name Grantley. One of its features will be support for DDR3 and DDR4.
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