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New Sony VAIO Z and Y Series notebooks
Mar 05, 2010
Sony has definitely enlighten the day with the announcement of new VAIO Z and Y Series notebooks. Cramping latest computer technologies into a very compact and neat body is what VAIO was originally at from the day one. So they stuck to it. The top spec VAIO Z117 has an Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost feature, plenty of system memory and Quad SSD. However even this – the most hardcore model – seems to lack some of the features we are looking forward in all of the latest VAIO-level notebooks: USB 3.0 and discrete DirectX 11 graphics. Let’s see then what Sony has prepared. Sony VAIO Z and Y Series specs after the jump.
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iPhone 4G dreamed in the wild
Mar 05, 2010
Since the public has come down after speculating on the iPad followed by its announcement, it is time we think remember the next gen iPhone 4G and show you some of the latest mock-ups on it. Not just that they appear in an unprogressive fashion, but that this particular one found accidentally on the Web runs pretty close to what everyone is expecting. It gives suggestions on a front camera, microSD expansion slot which will never be there but no matter, bright and happy color schemes. iPhone 4G already has a rather straight forward “must have” hardware and feature list. But from the design point of view, how could it evolve? Even free-minded sketches show no paths of alternative. Whether it is good or bad for the iPhone is quite a question for the ages, so have your say on future of iPhone's design in comments.
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Should gadgets and fashion come together?
Mar 04, 2010
Tech industry has forever been questioned if progress is actually leading us somewhere and if it is not better to just slack off, probably even get back to simple country life. That is an ethical issue that we often choose to not address to. Instead we take our sweet time following latest technology news and events. For now though let us switch the emphasis on what floats our boat, on us, or better yet, on the part of humanity that makes the best use of health and beauty products – women.
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INC - noise reduction solutions and applications
Mar 02, 2010
Business advice is a trend that we would like to pick up where we left it. Industrial Nose Control - noise control solution provider, distributor of noise control tools and material, technical adviser and, as the result of all-round customer satisfaction - Lockheed-Martin Corporation Small Business of The Year Award holder. Pretty impressive. So, if you are building or restoring a factory of any sort, office building, etc. you should look at what INC has to offer. And that is a lot: ready-made noise canceling solutions and applications, custom engineered solutions or acoustic panels sold in separate.
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CeBIT 2010: Asus Eee PC 1015P, 1016P & 1018P first in public
Feb 27, 2010
More details on what CeBIT 2010 will be entertaining tech industry with. New ASUS Eee PC netbooks will be shown there. Three 10.1 inch models: 1015P, 1016P and 1018P follow their ancestors’ trend of becoming more and more grown up and mature with every iteration. They even have aluminum body, as seen on the picture of the entry level 1015P. Which is largely derived from 1005PE, but visibly is thinner, has a bigger touchpad and is a bit prettier. The other two models are more business-headed. The 1018P is even USB 3.0 enabled as we have it. Obviously, there is so much more to it from the inside because it has by far the shortest battery life – 10 hours. 1015P and 1016P will top 14 hours. Still, we like the way Eee PCs evolve. More on that when CeBIT opens it doors to the media.
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CeBIT 2010: first AMD hexacore Thuban appearance
Feb 26, 2010
One of AMD’s latest efforts in processor development – the hexacore “Thuban” – is reportedly preparing for its release date on the April, 26th. That is two months from the moment of writing. However, Thuban’s first public appearance will happen much sooner and that will be right up next week, you guessed it, at CeBIT 2010. All three: Phenom II X6 1035T, Phenom II X6 1055T and Phenom II X6 1075T that represent AMD Thuban range will be showcased with specs and (hopefully) benchmarks.
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New MSI Wind Top All-in-One PCs debut at CeBIT 2010
Feb 24, 2010
Preparations for CeBIT 2010 are going strong in MSI’s lobby. Just today they have posted a press release disclosing their new All-in-One lineup. MSI Wind Top and Wind Box ranges will be powered by Intel Core i7 processors which in top feature pack lead to effortless 1080p 3D capabilities, or, given a Core i3, will cut your electricity consumption in half and then in half once again what has left of it.
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Pencil Printer gets updated, gets better (w/video)
Feb 23, 2010
Do you remember the idea of using pencils and crayons in printers rather ink cartridges, the Pencil Printer? Well, same people driven by the same idea have been working on the concept since we last saw it in early February. And they came up with this. Since it is a designer’s know-how, it looks very neat and stylish, much better than almost any printer given at random. But more importantly, not by much though I reckon, Pencil Printer saves on ink and paper. Because text and/or drawings are put on paper using only slate pencil, you can wipe them out with a normal eraser approach. This, designers say, will save paper and hopefully as the result less trees will be cut down.
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iPad pre-orders start on February 25th
Feb 20, 2010
For those of you who are certain and serious about getting an iPad, prepare yourself to sign the pre-order next Thursday. That's right, February 25th is the day when trustful rumor claims Apple will start accepting pre-orders on their long awaited tablet. This however pertains to Wi-Fi versions only. 3G version will be available later, probably also before expected 60 days after the Apple event where iPad was announced. Anyway, to pre-order an iPad, you not only have to choose a Wi-Fi versions, but also be an U. S. citizen.
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St. Valentine's Day gadget gift guide
Feb 14, 2010
Saint Valentines Day is here. This has always been a time for some of the most romantic moments of the winter at least, if, of course, you have someone to share it with. I hope you do and if so, you will be thinking of some kind of present, something bigger then flowers and congratulation cards. So, our job here was to compile a list of what gadget world has to offer on the occasion of Saint Valentine's Day. Most of it is completely unisex and will suit a pretty large range of ages and interests.
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Chrome OS netbook by Acer in dates and figures
Jan 26, 2010
Acer's plans for 2010 are no longer a secret. Apart from notebooks and the rest of the stuff we got used to see from Acer, they are working on an e-book reader, a tablet computer, an app store and Chrome OS ready netbooks. We can't wait for all of this lot. Now though we can tie our impatience with some new facts extracted from Jim Wong's recent interview. Most of Acer goodies, as it turns out, will be available in the second half of 2010. More specifically, Chrome OS netbooks will start shipping in early Q3 waiting for the operating system to come out. Acer plans to sell one million of netbooks by the end of the year. This number is calculated from average expected sales percentage form the total amount of Acer computers sales, so it should be pretty close. One million sounds realistic to me as long as they keep prices below Windows 7 Starter enabled netbooks. And this is very probable though we can't say for sure because hardware in use is unknown.
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IBM and Fujifilm have developed a 35TB magnetic tape
Jan 24, 2010
History of modern automobile industry teaches us that at some point there was a three-way crossroad objectifying three possible ways of further evolution. Back then it was uncertain what propelling power will by employed: petrol, steam or electricity. What's more, all three concepts were already up and running in different regions. The reason why I bring this up is what IBM and Fujifilm have recently unveiled. That is the next iteration of their linear magnetic tape storage device development that has been going strong since year 2006 when IBM and Fujifilm presented an 8TB magnetic tape cartridge. This time though it has 35TB of storage capacity.
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T-Mobile myTouch 3G will get 3.5mm jack and Android 2.1 as standard
Jan 20, 2010
This is not every day when we see a hardware update for a mobile phone. Firmware? - surely, why not. There are plenty of recent examples such as Android 2.1 for devices as old as T-Mobile G1, Windows Mobile 7 with compatibility with the current version. But hardware... It may sound strange, but it's T-Mobile again that has designed and will start selling a new issue of myTouch 3G smartphones with a little bit of extra hardware onboard - a 3.5mm headphone jack.
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Acer Aspire One AO 532-h coming out soon in Japan
Jan 20, 2010
Acer has announced a new Aspire One today. Japan, as always, gets its hands on it first. That will be on January 29th. Most of specs are already known apart from MSRP. So, skipping over that, straight to hardware which I think should make a good value money on whatever market Acer will eventually place the AO 532-h. Its specs are listed after the jump.
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NVIDIA ION 2 is coming soon in ASUS and Zotac computers
Jan 19, 2010
NVIDIA ION 2 platform is making its way to the market in recently announced ASUS and Zotac computers. Companies will adopt different GPUs but most likely same Intel Atom D510 dual-core processor. The concepts are also going to be different. ASUS puts NVIDIA ION 2 into an all-in-one known as Eee Top ET2010PNT, while Zotac engineers, as we have it, call their creation MAG HD-ND01 and it's a PC, but probably something more nettop-like.
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Panasonic VIERA G2 and S2 1080p plasma panels go on sale in February
Jan 18, 2010
Panasonic has let everybody interested know specifications of the VIERA G2 and S2 1080p plasma HDTVs coming out into mass availability on Feb. 5th. Both, G2 and S2 series, represent steady improvement over current plasma technology sold under G1 series. Panasonic has equipped G2 and S2 with different sorts of panels so they have a bit different image quality and therefore price tags. the smallest and less techy 42" S2 will be available for 2,100 dollars while the biggest and the best 50" G2 will set you 3,530 dollars back.
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ASUS' DR-570 e-book reader comes in '10 with OLED display
Jan 18, 2010
A lot of activity around e-book readers at CES keeps going on after the end of the show. Announced readers, most of those at least, are coming out this winter. The new Amazon Kindle DX will be released tomorrow and Spring Design’s Alex no sooner then February. In the meantime ASUS has spiced the dish a bit with an info leak about a mysterious DR-570. Well, maybe not so mysterious - it is also an e-book reader but unlike all the others we have, RD-570 has an OLED screen which is a thing you'd want in a reader, gives an unparalleled contrast ratio and improves hugely on battery life.
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More news on Apple tablet
Jan 14, 2010
More and more news pop up as we approach to January 27th - the day of big Apple event that will bring in the world some official information on Apple tablet, widely known as iSlate, announcement of iPhone 4G and iPhone OS 4.0, plus new Mac OS X version. That said, we will now try to bind in some of the freshest leaks on basically all four products.
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iPhone 4G is rumored to be released in May, announced this January
Jan 13, 2010
The year last year, or more specifically the second half of the 2009, was gratefully decorated with major smartphone announcements. Just to name a few let's bring up in mind iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre coming one after another and followed by the mobile hero of the year - the HTC Hero. Then the long awaited Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 and Motorola Droid made their appearance. By now we have Nexus One added to that lot. iPhone 3GS, despite being a revamped one and a half year old second-gen iPhone is holding very strong to its positions and better still beats the newcomers by an immense rate when it comes to loading a web page, as our colleagues were lucky to discover. If take a look in the future however we might see there an eye-pleasing glow of iPhone 4G coming out in May, 2010. At least this is what rumor mill has erected.
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ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 series comes out soon
Jan 09, 2010
Another day of CES 2010 and another groundbreaking announcement. This time AMD has turned all the heads to its lot with the latest ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 series graphic cards range manufactured using 40nm fabrication process. This is the second generation of AMD's GPUs that have full support for Microsoft DirectX 11 technology and the very first one designed for notebooks. Which, of course, will require Windows 7 installed. The lineup offers a surprisingly wide choice of different variations such as VRAM varying from 256MB to 1GB and compute power with just over 1GFLOPs at the starting point and over 1TFLOPs at the peak.
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