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Gateway NV59C-H34E and NV59C-H54E notebooks go on sale this Friday
Apr 21, 2010
Gateway will update its NV notebook series this Friday, April, 23. NV lineup will now have two more Intel Core i-powered machines, but both new models (NV59C-H34E and NV59C-H54E) also feature Intel integrated graphics. So to say the least, update has its aim at business public because sans graphics latest NV’s specs don’t say too much about economy. Follow the link for the rest of specifications.
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Dio-Lase uses laser to make soft tissue treatment less scary
Apr 16, 2010
A good friend of mine decided to enter stomatology faculty after graduating from school. She always had a heart of gold so naturally her decision has become a source of jokes how she will mercilessly pull ones decayed tooth. The thing is though that it takes seven years to get certificate of medical degree and she is no where near that point at the moment of writing. So I hope she’ll get to work with one of these new laser dental drilling machines when the time comes. Well since it has no drill, I’ll call it by its product name from now on. Designed by Germans, Dio-Lase requires no cable, comes with a small techy dock instead. Its function element is vibrationless and soundless 7W diode laser – the main reason why it should be less scary for patients of all ages. Dio-Lase has other smart features too like rotating head for better access to soft tissues that need treatment, etc. But still, not scaring kids to death is priceless.
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Moshi Moshi 01H + iPad. Can you hear me now?
Apr 15, 2010
You might have probably seen already one or two mock ups on how Apple has designed iPad by running over iPhone with an asphalt roller meaning that it’s just a giant iPhone so that you could have more apps. The only thing missing is that iPad doesn’t do calls. Apart from VoIP, of course. So, if you want you to make your iPad (or really any other gadget) look more authentic among its handset predecessors you can equip it with a fairly cheap Moshi Moshi 01H – a vintage-styled handset designed for wide variety of devices that has come out today with just $29.99 on the price tag. In stock, Moshi Moshi 01H is supplied with 3.5mm jack. USB and other types of adapters are sold separately. They say it has high quality speaker and microphone, modern, pleasant to use materials, but, well, it just looks good with an iPad. A black one though (also available) would be even better.
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Nintendo Wii 2 shows up in June on E3 2010
Apr 13, 2010
The upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010, or E3 2010 for short, planned for June 15 to 17 has just been made doubly more expected by Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo. In today’s interview he said some interesting things about Wii’s successor. This might not be Nintendo Wii 2 by the way. Mr. Miyamoto said he couldn’t give out that kind of information, but two other variants apart from Wii 2 are Wii HD or even a completely new console. What he did say though was that the emphasis in design are put on how original and distinctive the console will be compared to its rivals. That is because today everyone has the same technology at their disposal and Wii 2’s (Wii HD’s, etc.) future is down to unique gaming experience. We’ll see what’s what in June then.
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ASUS EeeBox PC EB1007 gets official, gets Intel Atom D410 and USB 3.0
Apr 12, 2010
At CeBIT 2010, at the beginning of March, we saw some interesting models flashing at ASUS booth. Many of them were shown as upcoming, so naturally, in a month we got some of those officially announced. ASUS has recently announced its EeeBox PC EB1007 nettop, but things have changed to good since CeBIT. I mean, of course, ASUS’ promise to equip as many products as they can with USB 3.0 ports. So they did it with EeeBox PC EB1007 as well. However, things are not so jolly well with EB1007 nettop.
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Panasonic's "professional" micro camera AF100
Apr 12, 2010
Panasonic's "professional" micro camera AF100 Panasonic has come up with an idea of a micro small professional camera. However, its Micro Four Thirds sensor can be useful shooting some budget video clip for home cinema. The video quality will be pretty decent for such a small camera thanks to its suite of 4/3 lenses, adapters and filters.
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ZF designs carbon fiber MacPherson strut for 2014
Apr 10, 2010
We are no strangers to auto industry here at this blog. How can we not if it is a constant source of innovation and cutting edge technologies? So we got one more concept from ZF guys. This auto supplier from Germany has shown an alternative way to construct a MacPherson strut which uses a significant amount of carbon fiber in its production. I can sense images of sports cars popping up in your mind. Well hold it. It’s for small city-cars and yes, it sounds like despite benefits of lower mass and higher strength carbon fiber will be too expensive to be used in small cars. ZF engineers say they have found their way round it.
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Samsung’s new Full HD webcam CMOS sensors appear in Q2
Apr 09, 2010
Samsung is seeking for some clear ground in notebook/netbook market and foresees growth in demand for high quality webcam-equipped devices. To satisfy potential customers, Samsung releases two new CMOS image sensors of smaller size and higher picture quality. Size, they say, is also very important as LCD displays are getting thinner and thinner, so potentially manufacturer may choose a smaller webcam sensor that is worse rather than bulkier one. Both of new Samsung CMOS sensors are almost ready for mass production and will appear on the shelves coupled with laptops and netbooks in Q2.
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Intel works on 48-core processors, shares first results
Apr 08, 2010
Futuristic 48-core design of Intel’s latest processor concept may sound like company got involved into an arms race with AMD, especially since Intel Xeon 7500 designed for servers has 8 cores versus Opteron 6100’s 12 cores from AMD. But as it appears, limited edition of 48-core processors has come into this world only as a guinea pig and will most likely be sacrificed in the name of results it will achieve in the hands of lucky researches when they get it in late Q2.
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World’s smallest Bluetooth chip goes into production, pushes boundaries of compatible devices
Apr 08, 2010
Murata, a Japanese electronics manufacturer you may remember for unicyclist robots, has recently announced that they have started production of a LBMA Series Bluetooth module that is at the moment the smallest in the world. Its dimensions are 3.5mm x 3.5mm x 1mm which makes it 30% smaller than the previous smallest chip. LBMA Series Bluetooth module v2.1 + EDR will be manufactured in quantity of .5mln and, thanks to tiny its tiny size, installed into a widest ever range of devices. Smartphones, PMPs, netbooks, etc. just to name a few. Well done, Murata!
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HTML5 goes mobile with LG Mini
Apr 08, 2010
LG launches its Mini (model number GD880) web orientated mobile phone this April in Europe followed by other regions of the world. LG states no price as it will vary according to every particular region. The most interesting thing yet about the GD880 Mini is its Phantom Browser with HTML5 support. Since web orientation is a key feature of LG Mini, they made it a full touchscreen with 3.2-inch display and no physical keyboard. As the official press release says, they tried to keep things as simple as possible, so they like to call it a mobile phone with smartphone-like features. Design is therefore also simple and is March’s iF product design award holder. The bottom line for LG Mini is: HTML5 web experience for all popular web services and web apps, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, A-GPS, fresh design plus 5 megapixel camera. Probably won’t cost too much.
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Onkyo MX1007A4 netbook has 14.4h battery life
Apr 07, 2010
What do you do if you are not among world’s major manufacturers but you have desire and ability to make something competitive on the market? Onkyo has picked up one of the all-time good solutions for its MX1007A4 netbook coming out in Japan next week - made one feature noticeable among all the others. This has 14.4 hours of battery life and no, it doesn’t weight a ton. In fact it’s barely over a kilo – 1.16kg (2.56lbs) to be precise. At this point I’m guessing that battery life this long is achieved not by a huge battery in first place, but by very economic power management. Which means the MX1007A4 does not have too many features to play with. I can’t blame Onkyo’s latest netbook for that. I think it makes perfect sense and featurelessness to it will make it cheap also. Mind you though that MX1007A4 has just enough of everything for everyday life. Check out specs we have scraped up together form Japanese press release.
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Home security issues - any security system is better than none
Apr 03, 2010
Over the years we’ve seen a lot of gadgets. Some of them we liked and some we didn’t. None the less, user aiding technology advice motto we have on our blog results in the fact that most of our posts are about gadgets that people actually buy. So we thought we should make a better job informing you on the ways to preserve what you have acquired through the years from being stolen and choosing home security monitoring service.
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ASUS rolls out DirectX 11 ready ENGTX480 and ENGTX470
Mar 28, 2010
Just after NVIDIA has officially announced its latest to date insight into DirectX 11 gaming experience, we got ourselves ASUS building a GPU around next gen CUDA architecture. Lineup consists of two options. First one is ENGTX480 based on GTX480 and, as we have it, has exactly the same specifications. So has with GTX470-based ENGTX470. Performance of both, or what is even more important its comparison with ATI Radeon HD 5970 is arguable. But this should not be the topic of this post. So far, check out ENGTX480 and ENGTX470 specifications after the jump.
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ASUS' new USB 3.0 chip brings SuperSpeed experience to existing and future motherboards
Mar 26, 2010
I’ve said it before. Major manufacturers should start implementing USB 3.0 technology into all shipping gadgets they can. That is the way for a new technology to become widely available in no time. And what technology. SuperSpeed USB, apart from multiplying transfer speeds by 10, allows to stream video of any quality and resolution, at which I look with healthy enthusiasm. DisplayLink is working on this. So, the technology itself, ASUS has recently announced that they will install their freshly designed USB 3.0 enabled PCIe x4 bridge chip into a (very) wide range of its motherboards. In fact, N Series laptops and latest Eee PC netbooks will now have USB 3.0 chips, as well as machines based on a good dozen other of ASUS motherboards. What’s more, you can buy above mentioned PCIe x4 bridge chip for earlier-released units.
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Asus Eee Top ET2010AGT - 20-inch touchscreen for $850
Mar 24, 2010
Earlier this month we have been looking at a new MSI Wind Top All-in-One lineup. A beautiful piece of engineering and design, but, let’s be honest, pricewise it pushes extremes of what even latest hardware can cost. This though, Asus Eee Top ET2010AGT, which seems to me like a very distant but still a rival for a Core i7 powered 24-inch MSI winds things down a bit. I urge you to leave alone prejudice about Atom processors that all Eee PCs tend to have. It’s AMD Athlon X2 1.6GHz for this one, coupled with ATI Mobility Radeon HD5470 with 512MB dedicated memory, 4GB RAM and 7200rpm 500GB HDD should do well for home entertaining. And you can play with that 20-inch 1400 x 900 multitouch display for equivalent of $850 or drop this feature and pay $800.
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Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus are now official
Mar 23, 2010
Good news for Palm’s WebOS fans as today Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus were announced to come out soon. Apart from the fact of the announcement, which would have inevitably happened sooner or later, we want to bring in some details on what makes the difference between Palm smartphone models, and those with Plus in the name. Firstly, AT&T and Verizon are now also in the business. So you can couple services they provide to that. Then there is Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g added to Pixi’s feature list. This, I think, fills the most obvious feature gap between Pixi and other smartphones including Pre as well by the way. What’s about Pre Plus, it now has double the memory (16GB), a bit longer battery life and video capture. Pre Plus and Pixi Plus are priced $149 on AT&T, $179 on Verizon and $49 on both carriers respectively. To get one of these when they come out soon you will have to agree on a two-year plan and mail-in rebate.
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Acer Ferrari One FO200-15 netbook gets updated
Mar 12, 2010
Just ahead of the first Formula 1 Grand Prix season 2010 Acer has updated its Ferrari One netbook. Perfect timing, perfect badge on the hood. Updates, however, are not what you'd call Ferrariish or even Acer Aspire Oneish. Recently we covered announcement of Aspire One AO 532-h and we liked it. Obviously, because of the sponsorship particularities, Ferrari netbooks must have an AMD processor, so upgrading to Intel Atom N450 is no the case. But all the rest could and should be revamped. I'm afraid latest FO200-15 has only had its HDD replaced with an 500GB unit and that's it. Available in a week in Japan for price equivalent to $800.
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Cooler Master Storm SF19 notebook cooling stand
Mar 11, 2010
My personal experience shows that using a notebook as a prime gaming machine violates popular misconception about gaming wherever you and your gaming laptop happen to be. This usually happens at home. Modern DirectX 11 ready notebook can perfectly keep you from the need of having a notebook itself and a gaming desktop at home. This, however, will mean you won’t swap graphics cards and memory modules with the same grace as with a desktop, but you will save some cash and spend it on something like this – Cooler Master Storm SF19.
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Sony presents BRAVIA 3D LCD TVs (w/video)
Mar 09, 2010
Today the day has started with a big announcement from Sony. At the event which took place in Japan they have unveiled 12 shiny new BRAVIA 3D HDTVs. 12 new models are divided into LX900, HX900, HX800, HX700 and NX800 line-ups letting you choose the amount of features you want to pay for. What we are interested in is the LX900 – top flight 3D HDTV range loaded with some never seen before features.
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