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OWC Data Doubler forsakes MacBooks optical drive for a 2.5" HDD or SSD
Jun 25, 2010
Apple products have always been some of the least customizable in the entire computer market. Some say it is a bad thing, others argue that whatever you buy from Apple is a complete package and doesn’t need customization. Anyway, OWC Data Doubler is a thing that could only work for MacBook and MacBook Pro. OWC Data Doubler is basically an aluminum bracket that goes where optical drive in Apple notebooks is. You do loose your SuperDrive but instead you can plug in any 2.5-inch 9.5mm tall SATA HDD or indeed SSD. Storage drive, of course, is not included into the OWC Data Doubler packadge. It costs $79.99 and they say you can do the installation all by yourself.
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SAPPHIRE HD 5670 ULTIMATE - the fastest passively cooled video card in the world
Jun 24, 2010
Passively cooled video cards have always been somewhere on the limit between usable and unusable. Their all-time distinctive feature was 64bit bus width and therefore low price. Until recent times they also only had DDR2 video memory at best. But things have changed. First, there appeared some DDR3 DirectX 11 models. Then SAPPHIRE HD 5550 came along with its 128bit bus and still no fan. Now though meet the new SAPPHIRE HD 5670 ULTIMATE.
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Nokia tablet with ARM and MeeGo tandem might appear in Q4
Jun 22, 2010
Nokia is one of the few manufacturers that I think could play strong in tablet market. So after all the others have actually started working on their’s applying different operating systems and hardware solutions, Nokia, as we have it, is also building an ARM-based tablet with architecture-certified MeeGo in mind. They already have a hundred or so of working prototypes built by Foxconn for testing purposes and, if everything works out well, Nokia tablet starts shipping in Q4. There is a rumor also that the tablet might run Windows 7 as Booklet 3G does, but I don’t think it is a real possibility.
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Toshiba A100 smartbook runs Android 2.1, comes out this summer
Jun 21, 2010
Toshiba is entering netbook market this August with its new AC100 smartbook. You can think of it as a netbook sans desktop operating system but with a mobile one instead. It all seems very promising to me, especially after I looked at A100’s specifications. It is designed round NVIDIA Tegra 250 SoC, manages with just 512MB RAM but works on an SSD. It is a well known fact that no other feature gives out as much performance as an SSD. At this point I wonder if smartbooks like Toshiba A100 will be more capable than yet to see Chrome OS machines and have better user experience than netbooks with desktop operating systems. Check out Toshiba A100’s specs after the jump.
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Acer Aspire One AO721, AO521, AO533 and AOD260 get official
Jun 18, 2010
Acer has finally released Aspire One netbook lineup updates we have been looking forward to. The first notable feature they have applied to all machines is latest AMD and Intel processors with DDR3 system memory support and, of course, respective memory modules are installed in all of the latest AO netbooks. Too bad they haven’t added DirectX 11 capability to at least some of the models, but nonetheless all of them make a great value for money. Take a look at their specifications after the jump.
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Samsung 512GB toggle-mode DDR SSD is faster, smarter
Jun 17, 2010
Samsung has prepared all new 512 gigabyte SSD based on toggle-mode DDR NAND memory. What does it mean? Well, for end-user it means 250 MBps and 220 MBps sequential read and write speeds respectively and lower energy consumption than industry’s standard. The interesting bit in the new Samsung toggle-mode SSD is 30 nanometer-class 32 gigabit chip. Lower figure nanometer-class for memory is much like lower figure fabrication process for microprocessors as I see it. Anyway, humbler energy appetite is sure a good thing if you buy a notebook with a toggle-mode SSD and, what’s more, it sports automatic power management so you get even more battery life if you use it less than you get with other SSDs. Toggle-mode SSDs from Samsung will be available for devices and retail trade in July, 2010.
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Biomedical SoCs are on their way
Jun 15, 2010
Implementing digital approach onto human body structure faces a number of challenges. One of them is energy resources. It is a well known fact that low-voltage electricity flows round our bodies but it is kept under transistor threshold voltage (Vt) by the laws of nature which we cannot change. However, IMEC researchers are now struggling to push transistor threshold voltage from industry’s best 0.5V down to ∼0.2V so that potentially it could operate inside human’s body without additional energy source. Biomedicine doesn’t steer the project alone. Low Vt SoCs use significantly less energy. But there are problems as well. The biggest one is that low Vt transistors have to be built on 180nm fabrication process and that is far too much compared with today’s 32nm spoiling all the energy benefits. Once lower fabrication process is successfully applied we are in for some serious changes in technology and medicine, my friends!
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CyberPower new Xtreme 3D 3000 gaming desktop w/NVIDIA 3D Vision
Jun 04, 2010
CyberPower has updated its gaming desktop lineup with new NVIDIA 3D Vision machines. I have played with their customizer to find how much can a CyberPower Xtreme 3D 3000 with all the crucial gaming stuff cost you. This is what it turned out like (picture on the left): Intel Core i7-930 2.8GHz, single NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 1.5GB, 3GB triple channel DDR3 @1333MHz and 500GB SATA II 7200rpm HDD rig runs slightly over $2000. This includes Samsung 22-inch 3D monitor and stereoscopic glasses bundle. If you start adding tasty stuff like SSDs and USB 3.0 cards, liquid cooling, etc. you can still fit in $3000. But if pushing things to the max is on your mind CyberPower will install 3-way CrossFire Radeon HD 5970 and a GTX 480 solely for PhysX plus overclocked Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition 3.3GHz and 12GB DDR3 @1866MHz It is possible to keep all of that under $10,000, but why bother?
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Nokia expands C series with dual SIM mobile phones
Jun 03, 2010
It will not be a surprise to anyone if I say that our blog does very few covers of, so to say, talk phones. They are not very interesting to speak about as well as to read about, so we often go for something more vibrant and gripping. But I do want to speak about the ones Nokia has announced today in Nairobi, Kenya the four new C series devices. Nokia’s budget mobile phones are one of the only in the market that I think are any good. That’s because they do really stick with them as this is how Nokia has become what it is today. The last time I checked their website they had no less than ten cheap to buy, easy to use upcoming mobile phones.
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Intel Computex keynote roundup
Jun 01, 2010
Computex 2010 computer technologies exhibition has started today in Taipei and will be going on for the whole week until Saturday, the 5th of June. No doubt a lot will be showcased in this period, but in the meanwhile Intel’s keynote takes our attention with its three major announcements: Sandy Bridge processor architecture, Oak Trail netbook / tablet platform and Canoe Lake demo.
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ASUS Eee Pad & Eee Tablet get announced ahead of COMPUTEX 2010
May 31, 2010
Just ahead of COMPUTEX 2010 starting tomorrow, June 1st, we have some straight-forward iPad competitors appearance to discuss. These are ASUS Eee Pad and ASUS Eee Tablet. The Eee Pad model number EP121 is a 12-inch full-on Windows 7 Home Premium touch sensitive device with Intel Core 2 Duo CULV doing all the processing. It also has a webcam, a couple of connectivity ports I suppose and a dockable physical keyboard. Battery on this one will be going on for 10 hours. 10-inch Eee Pad EP101TC on the other hand runs Windows Embedded Compact 7 so it can very well have less processing power and longer battery life. Anyway, prices on both fit in $399 - &36;499 range.
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Acer Aspire One AO533 leaks with latest Intel Atoms and Bluetooth 3.0 under the hood
May 28, 2010
Looks like Intel Atom N455 and N475 processors quietly make their way to OEMs. Just like we said, June is the month when updated Pine Trail lineup becomes available. I’m sure there will be a lot more Intel Atom N455 and N475 machines at the time, mind you we are looking forward to them because they are DDR3 compatible, but for now we only have a new Acer Aspire One 533 with the choice of both of these processors. Naturally, AO533 features DDR3 system memory and thanks to its lower power consumption, battery life is prolonged to 10 hours compared to AO522 which looks much of a donor for AO533. No goodies such as USB 3.0 or DirectX 11 support therefore. However, you can have it with Bluetooth 3.0.
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Happy iPad international availability day!
May 28, 2010
Yes, Apple iPad does so much noise these days that we have to write about it several times in a row. This time it’s because today it has gone on sale in countries of Europe and Asia. Not in all of them though non U. S. iPad availability pertains to United Kingdom, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Japan and Australia. In early July Apple plans to add Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg to the list.
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Apple exaggerates iPad demand, underrates its customers
May 27, 2010
AdMob one of the largest mobile Internet advertising companies has compiled a report on ad requests by iPhone OS and Android as of April, 2010. All in all it is very interesting to see how these two mobile giants stack up as well as to forecast dynamics considering recently announced Android 2.2. You can find the report on AdMob official web site to see all the data for yourself. Some simple calculations helped me to work out that more than 25% of April’s iPad ad requests have been done from outside the U. S. And that is when we are only one day away from iPad international launch.
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ASRock Vision 3D HTPC will be out in July
May 26, 2010
ASRock Vision 3D HTPC ASRock has come up with a 3D video playback kit, which looks pretty solid. It is based on Intel Core mobile processor and graphics powered by NVIDIA GPU for 3D Vision graphics support.
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Seagate Momentus XT hybrid drive - best from both worlds
May 25, 2010
Today Seagate unveiled what I think will change hard drive market in the nearest future. Momentus XT hybrid drive is what we are talking about here. Momentus XT shipping now to OEMs is a combination of a small form factor HDD coupled with a small SSD module. All together they allow users to have large capacities with much faster performance, comparable with standalone SSDs even, for the quarter of the price as Seagate presenter says in official comparison video. HDD and SSD interoperability is managed by Adaptive Memory technology. It monitors OS’, programs’ and user’s file calls and moves frequently used ones to a built-in SSD. Momentus XT is shipped as an upgrade option for ASUS gaming notebooks with various hard drive capacities but all of them have the same 4GB solid state supplement. Follow the link for Seagate Momentus XT specifications.
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Sony Internet TV is now official
May 21, 2010
Sony Internet TV has become official today. Google TV platform based on in-house Android operating system is largely the technical part of the entertainment solution coupled with Sony industry experience. All together under Sony Internet TV name these two efforts will become available for U. S. citizens in Autumn, 2010. At the moment it is pretty hard to sum up what Sony Internet TV devices will cost, but at least two of them were also announced today. Very few facts are known though: one piece will be a standard TV model and the other will feature an in-built Blu-ray Disc drive.
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Android 2.2 quadruples Flash performance
May 19, 2010
Google I/O 2010 event takes its place today in San Francisco and one of the headlines of the agenda, almost certainly, is going to be presentation of their smartphone operating system Android version 2.2 aka Froyo. The big thing about Android 2.2 is native Flash support. Compared with previous versions it runs Flash 10.1 plug-in four and a half times faster hence smoother. Now this, of course, comes into collision with Apple’s way of delivering web experience.
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DDR3 ready Intel Atom N455, N475 and dual-core N500 processors are round the corner
Apr 27, 2010
Back in November 2009 we previewed Intel Cedarview still to come notebook / netbook platform. The first thing we liked over upcoming at that time Pineview chipset and Pine Trail Atom processors was DDR3 support. Waiting a for more than year to get hold of one looked like too long. And it still is. So now there is a rumor saying Intel will add Atom-based N455, N475 and dual-core N500 processors with DDR3 support to its current lineup. This reportedly will happen in early June and already ASUS is preparing a netbook sporting dual-core Intel Atom N500 for under $600.
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Sharp has two new AQUOS Blu-Ray players for May
Apr 22, 2010
Sharp will ship two new AQUOS Blu-Ray players starting from May, 24. With recording uncompressed Full HD video stream for some very long hours in mind they have fitted BD-HDS55 with 500GB hard drive and BD-HDS53 with smaller 320GB HDD. Sounds to me like that’s a lot of recording. Anyway, apart from decoding H.264/AVC/MPEG-4 new Sharp AQUOS BD-HDS55 and BD-HDS53 players don’t have too many features to talk about, hence both are priced under a thousand dollars, so you could call them entry level models.
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