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Small Tennis bat gadget for Wii from Shinobii Technologies
Oct 18, 2010
Small Tennis bat gadget for Wii from Shinobii Technologies Shinobii Technologies has come up with another sporty gadget for Wii. The small Tennis bat with the same size and weight as an ordinary bat.
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Nintendo 3DS is delayed till Feb. - Mar. 2011
Oct 01, 2010
Bad news – Nintendo has announced today that its earlier announced gaming handheld console 3DS will be hold up from sales until later next year. You might know that Nintendo 3DS was previously suspended from 2010’s holyday season sales in American while still appearing in the market of Japan. So now neither of these countries and not any other will see 3DS console on sale soon enough to start thinking of one. Nintendo plans to start shipment to Japan in late winter (February 26 is the date as the officials suggest) and the rest of the planet will have to wait till March. Pricing, so far, remains at around $300.
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LG Optimus 7 aka E900 shows itself again
Sep 28, 2010
LG Optimus 7 aka E900, a highly anticipated Windows Phone 7 handset, is due out in the mid October, but has already got its preview by our fellow Korean colleagues. In addition to what we already knew about the Optimus 7, their hands-on experience has added speech-to-text recognition. We hope that they were testing it in English, of course, or at least English will be supported by the Optimus 7 in English-speaking countries were it will come out. Another new feature is ability to shoot panoramic images by adding a couple of ordinary picture together, well, again, new to LG Optimus 7 of course. Follow the link for a splash of specs.
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HTC Shift runs Mac OS X 10.5.6, iPad doesn’t
Sep 26, 2010
Do you remember the HTC Shift? It has been with us since mid 2007, back in its days it was called names we barely ever come across today: an ultra mobile computer, a pocket PC and indeed a turning point in mobile device industry. Now though, rather unexpectedly, it has been given a new live. Well, it would have been given one if the hardware wasn’t so hopelessly outdated, but the news is that guys from xda developers have managed to get Mac OS X 10.5.6 up and running on HTC Shift. So can you with the help of their blog, an applicable OS build and an external hard drive or a flash. The thing that staggers me is how much technology of today is tighten up to money rather than progress. Anyway, question that is on minds of masses today is whether Apple themselves will ever ship their tablet running their desktop operating system or not. Given HTC Shift running Mac OS X I’d say they would if they will ever want to.
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White iPhone 4 on sale this weekend?
Sep 24, 2010
iPhone 4 continues its glorious parade around the world. Even today it became officially available in several more counties, Romania, Turkey, Israel, Malaysia are among them and China is getting iPhone 4 tomorrow. That, of course, pertains to devices finished in black. Happily enough we finally got some news about iPhone 4 White availability. Photo, cutaway of which you can see on the left, has been taken at Walmart and it clearly says that iPhone 4 in white with 16GB of memory onboard will carry a $197 price sticker and a 2-year data plan service agreement. If we are optimistic (and we are) white iPhone 4 might be put up for sale this weekend.
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HTC 7 Trophy aka Sparks leaks its specs
Sep 24, 2010
HTC 7 Trophy aka Sparks being initially a smartphone designed for European 3G network has been interesting for folks in the US only as a platform for the American analogue. Now when we have Trophy’s specifications leaked we can start thinking of how its analogue will kick off in the States. By looking at the specs, by the way, HTC 7 Trophy doesn’t look too much like a show-stopper. We will be honest about it: we are looking forward to have the Trophy around chiefly because of Windows Phone 7 onboard. But average smartphone-side specs can give the Trophy a very compatible price hence a decent bite of the market. Check out the specs after the jump.
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T-Mobile customers are now free to preorder a G2, everyone else waits till Oct. 6
Sep 24, 2010
Guys at T-Mobile didn’t lie about giving their customers an early preorder availability of the yet upcoming T-Mobile G2 smartphone. If you happen to be lucky then official G2 web site or any retail store will accept your preorder, but be ready for a $50 rebate and subtotal running up to $249.99. This will get you a T-Mobile G2 six days ahead of the smartphone’s official availability on October 6, so it will be in less then a week on September 30, next Thursday, or so is estimated delivery date of one of those who have already placed their preorder. Anyway, at Radio Shack you’ll find a G2 with a two-year plan for $150.
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Marvell Armada 628 triple core mobile processor seems to be the future
Sep 23, 2010
Nevermind what we looking forward to earlier considering mobile processors, we couldn’t predict this – Marvell has already prepared for production its Armada 628 mobile processor featuring three cores. Core management is where new Marvell SoC stands out from the crowd. They all share 1MB of L2 cache but two out of three cores run at 1.5GHz each and handle, so to say, resource hungry tasks such as gaming, video decoding, etc. while the third core runs at just 624MHz and does only routine tasks in the background. So compared to any dual core mobile processor Armada 628 uses less energy which is never a bad feature. Speaking of which, Marvell Armada 628 can playback Full HD 1080p video for 10 hours, playback Hi-Fi audio for 140 hours (these hugely depend on battery, of course), render 3D graphics, process digital images plus so much more. Armada 628 also supports DDR3 memory and USB 3.0 connectivity and I repeat: OEMs can lay their hands on it right now.
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Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1.5TB - smaller USB 3.0 external HDD altrernative
Sep 21, 2010
Here we go again, last week we reviewed LaCie 2big USB 3.0 external hard drive. A 2 or 4 terabyte monster nearly fits to excess space what your desk has of it and even comes with fans. And it still can perfectly be fine for many, many of you. But now Seagate has released something that I think overall is better. 1.5 terabyte FreeAgent GoFlex has 2.5-inch form-factor, comes in stylish glossy black that corresponds to its portable nature. Of course, it also has USB 3.0 interface and is Mac and PC friendly. 2.5-inch body design sure is where FreeAgent GoFlex takes on its yet few bigger rivals, but, as it appears, it also is cheaper in total and (just a little bit) cheaper per terabyte. 2TB FreeAgent GoFlex costs $249.99 and is already available on the Internet and at reseller points.
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Dell Inspiron updated and ranked by VISION Technology
Sep 19, 2010
Dell has prepared an Inspiron notebook lineup update for this week. As you probably know, Dell is sticking with AMD lately, so both new Inspiron M5030 and Inspiron M501R in all of their available variations feature AMD processors and graphics cards. But not only that, Dell has also got into ranking their laptops as provided by VISION Technology which labels capabilities of any given computer considering all the factors so that you could judge it solely by VISION Technology sticker without going into its specifications. With this in mind, out of four stars Inspiron M5030 scores one and Inspiron M501R scores three. The reasons why M501R jumps up two steps past M5030 are down to Phenom processor and Mobility Radeon HD 5500 graphics adapter while M5030 has an Athlon II and Mobility Radeon HD 4250. I really don’t mind Athlon II but HD 4000 series is far too dated already. Take it away and you end up with I think more honest Inspiron M101z also getting one out four VISION rating.
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Drop shaped Edison2 car wins Progressive Automotive X Prize with $10 million found
Sep 18, 2010
Edison2 car wins Progressive Automotive X Prize The judges in Detroit decided on the names of the winners of the prestigious competition Automotive X Prize with a prize fund of $ 10 million. The purpose of the contest is to identify promising projects, stimulating developers to create energy-efficient and practical concepts cars.
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LaCie 2big USB 3.0 external HDD for pro's and geeks
Sep 15, 2010
Today I want to thank LaCie for making another step towards SuperSpeed technology. Both peripherals and desktops or notebooks coming out with USB 3.0 so far are from big brands in the industry. So, LaCie, already having a range of USB 3.0 external HDDs, is expanding it today with a biggest storage-wise solution. The new 2big USB 3.0 really is one or two to your choice 2TB 7200rpm RAID hard drive with SuperSpeed interface. 2big has three RAID modes: fast, safe and JBOD which is best for scheduled separate back-ups. Fast back-ups, at up to 205MBps. Prices start at $349.99 for 2TB model and 4TB model will cost you $579.99.
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Google & T-Mobile announce G2
Sep 09, 2010
When Nexus One was dropped from supply support by Google earlier this year there was a certain sense that its successor will not take long to come. And it hasn’t. T-Mobile together with Google, of course, have announced today G2 smartphone for forth-coming preorder availability. An obvious rival to Galaxy S and Droid families which is not an apparent thing if you look at the T-Mobile G2’s specifications. It doesn’t even have a 1GHz processor to show off. And this in the times when we are in expectations for so much more. I am not trying to downgrade G2 ahead of its launch, I am getting to the point that all successful smartphones have an X-factor regardless of specs and this is where I expect T-Mobile G2 to shine. But I still encourage you to get acquainted with the G2 specifications what there is of them anyway.
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Nuu Mini Key iPhone 4 case w/ physical keyboard is cooking
Sep 06, 2010
I will be honest with you – I am a fan of smartphone physical docking keyboards. Smartphones are used a lot by people sitting in their offices all day long and a physical QWERTY really works for those of them who only have an onscreen keyboard. Usually, however it is a matter of if you got used to soft keys before a clamshall purchase. Anyway, Nuu will release a new one for iPhone 4 by winter holidays. They call it a Mini Key, it connects to the iPhone 4 via Bluetooth and will cost you $69. Oh yeah, Nuu still plays that old antenna gate tune but I don’t think Mini Key owner will use it as a case all the time.
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Samsung’s new RF, QX and NF notebook line-ups
Sep 03, 2010
Samsung has started the day with their new notebook family announcement. To give it a short review I’d say five out of six new Samsung notebooks are perfectly faceted for studying needs which means they are not too big, not small, not too posh and not too humble. The sixth one however is a netbook and doesn’t share key features its bigger brothers have: Intel Core i-series processors and NVIDIA Optimus graphics technology. Samsung has done a great job keeping most of that goodness under a thousand dollars and only top models are barely exceeding this level. Continued with exact MSRPs and full specs.
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ARM Cortex-A9 - a 28nm, 2GHz beast
Sep 02, 2010
Have you ever wondered whether desktop and notebooks processors or smartphone processor are more high-tech? Sure, first two have a lot more computing power, but ARM Cortex microprocessor family – being a well known mobile SoC platform – is waiting for an important Cortex-A9 update later this year. ARM together with GLOBALFOUNDRIES have found a way to optimize High-K Metal Gate technology for Cortex-A9 chip. High-K Metal Gate, or HKMG for short, is industry first 28nm fabrication process technology and I doubt there is a need go to though all small fabrication process advantages here (high-end desktop solutions are only 32nm feature-sized). ARM Cortex-A9 reportedly goes into mass production in late 2010 clocked at around 2GHz. Still, ARM is not out of ideas so far. Even now they are already planning on a 20nm SoC in two year time. Fabrication process is indeed the new clock speed.
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Motorola Milestone 2 arrived and is better than Droid 2
Sep 01, 2010
Motorola Milestone 2 arrived and is better than Droid 2 Motorola Milestone 2 will be released in Europe as we all could see from the promotional video. This unit is a GSM-version of the smartphone Droid 2, intended for the U.S. market. At this point exactly, Motorola Milestone 2 will be available only in Germany. The date of its appearance on store shelves is not specified so far.
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Samsung Fascinate is due out next week
Aug 31, 2010
We are happy to report that rumors around Samsung Fascinate smartphone were correct and it really is due out in the middle of the next week. Fascinate from the Samsung’s Galaxy S line-up is getting ready for Internet launch on Wednesday, September 8 and will appear on shelves in a store near you right on the next day. I have to confess that I get confused with Galaxy S’ models feature-spread from time to time. So if you are with me on this check out Samsung Facinate’s specs after the jump.
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Mozilla Fennec 2.0 Alpha 1 brings HTML5 and more
Aug 29, 2010
Good news everyone! Mozilla has pushed their upcoming mobile browser aka Fennec into Alpha faze and lets everyone try it out before Mozilla developers come up with a more stable and capable release. And that is good for a number of reasons. First of all Fennec 2.0 Alpha 1 is compatible with Android version 2.0 and higher and MeeGo platforms which means that apart from most Android devices you can also install it on Nokia N900. Please note that the latest Alpha release of the Fennec is optimized for Nexus One and will behave differently while running on other devices.
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Asus NX90Jq multimedia notebook with Bang & Olufsen treatment is out
Aug 28, 2010
ASUSTeK Computer has finally released their long awaited, since mid winter in fact, NX90Jq multimedia notebook. Back then it was marvelous even just to look at. Bang & Olufsen design coupled with latest computing hardware at the moment of announcement (one of the first notebooks to feature Intel’s Turbo Boost) made everyone sure that the price will be high, but NX90Jq will be worth it. Now, eight months later, NX90Jq has lost none of its original appeal considering B&O sound system, aluminum chassis, Full HD display and USB 3.0 support. However, since then Intel has released a six-core Core i7 processor over quad-core that is in NX90Jq. But the thing I can’t skip over is lack of DirectX 11 compatible graphics card. At price higher than $2K wherever you look for it Asus really had to consider at least a graphics update for the launch.
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