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ZOTAC announced overclocked GeForce GTX 570 AMP! Edition
Dec 22, 2010
ATI and their latest introductions into HD 6000 series have added some more spice into already throat-burning competition between two all-time graphic competitors. Naturally, NVIDIA had to say its word in answer to Radeon architecture refinements. And luckily ZOTAC came in handy. Today ZOTAC has announced their latest effort to date built round GTX 570 GPU. ZOTAC GeForce GTX 570 AMP! Edition overclocked graphics card for gaming is being shipped to retailers as soon as possible for a price that is yet to be disclosed. But for now we can all plow through the specs before you the gamers make your final decision what quality to price ratio you like better. By the way, whatever ZOTAC GeForce GTX 570 AMP! Edition costs, you also get a ZOTAC Boost Premium overclocking tool and a copy of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. Follow the jump for the specs.
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Digital Storm xm15 gaming laptop with Core i-power and NVIDIA Optimus
Dec 21, 2010
Digital Storm, along many others, has prepared something that they are good at so that you had less to worry about while in search for a new feature multimedia laptop. Digital Storm xm15 has now been out since yesterday for $999 or more depending on specifications. They have outlined four different equipment packages with respectively growing price tags, but any of those are customizable. All the specs can be found after the jump. Digital Storm advertises the xm15 series notebooks as gaming machines, but, take our word, with NVIDIA GeForce GT 425M onboard they’d rather be called multimedia laptops (you can have it with 15.6" Full HD display by the way). Of course, they provide splendid gaming experience, it wouldn’t be ultimate though. Specs follow.
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Notion Ink Eden UI for Adam tablet demo
Dec 19, 2010
Notion Ink has once again, there is no other word, shown off their Adam tablet. The custom Eden UI for Android they have developed for Adam that it is running in a video demo they have made is definitely a thing of beauty. This being a demo, there are still a lot of questions of how it will work in everyday life and I’m sure Eden will attract some and distract the others, but a user interface must not be a love it or hate it thing. Any UI can be judged by the potential it provides. At first glance Notion Ink has done alright.
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Palm Topaz tablet shows its peripherals
Dec 19, 2010
Just after Pre 2 was briefly spotted at an online auction we got some new leaks from Palm. This time it’s a picture of specification list for a wireless Bluetooth keyboard for Palm tablet code-named “Topaz” which does’t sound like much, but there is some more to it. The keyboard itself is minimalistic and pretty good-looking in black, has a notebook-like layout with no NUM pad. It has a Chiclet design so the keyboard is pretty slim but lacks key lightning.
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Palm Pre 2 makes its first unofficial appearence
Dec 17, 2010
Palm Pre release seems to be preceded with this same amount of mystery, rumor and speculations as the original Pre did. At those times Palm was fortunately resurrecting from a severe decline it suffered. And it has done well solely developing their OS and hardware. It really was a new wave and a new opponent for iPhone 3G at the time. The story might just repeat itself once more with the Pre 2.
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SLS AMG E-Cell – Mercedes electric car that brings sporty feel with it
Dec 16, 2010
SLS AMG E-Cell – Mercedes electric car We have heard of very many electric cars before, but some of them are not powerful enough, powerful ones don't give you any range or just prototypes that never make it to market. However, Mercedes is planning on making it a production car. Electric SLS AMG E-cell provides really good power, a decent range of 125 miles and really good looks of its fire breathing brother.
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Chrome OS-powered notebooks won’t arrive this year
Dec 16, 2010
It has been a long time. I personally was expecting Google to start the buzz around Chrome OS back in summer launch a pilot program as they do now, release an RC, etc. Anyway, the Chrome OS pilot program is now reality and everyone can join in. Some big names out there already have: Virgin America, American Airlines, US Department of Defence. We also expect notebooks running Chrome OS pretty soon.
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DARPA is developing a flying Humvee
Dec 15, 2010
DARPA is developing a flying Humvee Idea of flying cars is old and has been used in many sci-fi movies; however we haven’t seen a proper working one. DARPA think they can make this real by combining a Humvee and a helicopter to get a TX (that’s what they call it) - a flying vehicle.
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Personal protection and a witness in one device – Handheld Attack DVR
Dec 14, 2010
Handheld Attack DVR Living in big cities brings some danger for those who like or have to walk around town during the night. You have to pay attention to everything that is going on around you, and sometimes situations cannot be controlled by you. These days we all have something for our protection like pepper sprays, panic buttons and some have their own bodyguards. There is another gadget for personal protection and it could be an addition to your usual devices.
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Pogoplug Pro – share files from your hard drive via Internet without uploading anything
Dec 01, 2010
Pogoplug Pro – share files from your hard drive via Internet Today Internet has become a huge part of modern people. And one of the first things that its users would like is being able to access their files everywhere. However, you first need to upload them to a file server or mail server like gmail and then download them from wherever you are. Pogoplug is offering its customers a different way of doing this. You can access needed files from anywhere.
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Roads to charge electric cars on the move
Nov 25, 2010
Roads to charge electric cars on the move As you see on the picture the idea is to charge electrical cars while people drive them. This solution is aimed at solving the problem with electric cars range on one charge. These cars really need to be charge all the time. So Halo IPT (Inductive Power Transfer) is planning to equip the roads with these things.
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Acer Iconia – dual multitouch screen laptop comes with Core i5
Nov 24, 2010
Acer Iconia – dual multitouch screen laptop comes with Core i5 Acer has come up with the answer to Toshiba Libretto W105 which is a dual multitouch screen laptop/tablet and named it Iconia. You won’t find any physical keyboard on this device, there is a touch-screen in place of the old-fashion keyboard.
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DXG-A85V Pro Gear Camera hits the shelves
Nov 09, 2010
DXG-A85V Pro Gear Camera The bigger brother of A80V - A85V has arrived and is on sale already. Looks not like it’s big news or DXG is a great camera maker, however this series of cameras, I think, is great. The two cameras look alike and they are not much different from each other.
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The first Color E-Ink reader to have touchscreen from Hanvon
Nov 08, 2010
The first Color E-Ink reader E-readers have been around for a while now; however their main disadvantage was their black and white picture. Doesn’t sound like a problem however when they equip the device with 3G, Wi-Fi and what not you want it to show the real colors of the web pages when you surf the web. The other thing I would like to have from a device like this is a touch screen. The new e-reader from Hanvon combines both features and completes the symphony with a big 10 inch screen.
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Skype 5.0 Beta for Mac has arrived
Nov 05, 2010
Today a new version of Skype has appeared. This time it’s a 5.0 Beta version for Mac users. As the version number indicates, it’s the same set of features as 5.0 PC version contains, but with a few Mac-only customizations. Apart from the smaller ones like simplified search and optimized single-windowed user interface you can now integrate your Mac address book into Skype. 5.0 Beta supports offline message delivery as well by the way. But there is some more.

One of the biggest updates in Skype 5.0 Beta for Mac is group video calling. That said, however, all users have to run version 5.0 Mac or PC.

Skype 5.0 Beta for Mac is already available from official website, it’s a 19.1 MB download. Skype officials urge you to upgrade even though it’s a Beta and I’m sure there are some other reasons other that end-user experience. It’s all your choice anyway.
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8pen App for Android allows you to text really fast using only one finger
Nov 03, 2010
8pen App for Android allows you to text really fast using only one finger It has been a while since we heard from the alternative text input method - Swype. It is one of the fastest ways to type on your hand-held devices. It used an onscreen keyboard and you draw a line connecting the letters of the words. This new idea takes text input to a whole new level, to a whole new concept. 8pen is basically a sqare input area divided into 4 parts with a circle in the middle.
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Sharp IS01 Android 1.6 smartbook comes to US for $246
Oct 29, 2010
Sharp IS01 smartbook is available for sale in the US starting from today. Born in Japan, IS01 Android smartbook has been with us for half a year now, but unfortunately, like any other smartbook in the market, hasn’t gained much recognition. Well, mobile OS-powered clamshells are only building their own niche, so I’d say Sharp IS01 is doing well and its appearance in the US is good news. Unfortunately, it cannot receive 3G signal here because its antenna meets Japanese requirements and therefore will not work anywhere else. And there are other drawbacks as well. One of the major ones is that IS01 runs Android 1.6 which, as we know, is at least not the best version to date. At $246 its price lies somewhat between netbooks and smartphones, while its equipment is almost exactly as good as Android 1.6 device average: 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 5-inch 960 × 480 touch sensitive display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and to cameras: one at the front and one at the back.
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Special cell phone plan for kids from Kajeet
Oct 29, 2010
Special cell phone plan for kids from Kajeet Our kids are growing up too fast nowadays. They want to have everything and all as soon as possible. Today they go to nursery school and the next day they ask for a cell phone. Well they don’t need a cell phone when they are 2-3 but they will definitely demand one when they will go to primary school because everyone at school has one. However, there is a problem with controlling their calls and expenses. A company named Kajeet has a solution.
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PlayStation phone to be out in 2010
Oct 27, 2010
PlayStation phone to be out in 2010 The rumors about PlayStation Phone are becoming stronger, with the appearance of this picture. Sony Ericsson is coming up with a model that would something between the PSP GO and the Samsung Captivate. It seems like the dives is coming out soon, and personally I would be waiting for it very much.
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Dell XPS laptops are updated with Core i chips and JBL audio
Oct 21, 2010
Dell has given up AMD processors they based their latest Inspiron lineup on earlier this autumn, all in the name of the well-known XPS series. Yes, it has been a long time since Dell has upgraded XPSs, so this new release was taken seriously. Talking about processors, the new XPS notebooks are all Intel Core i-based and are equipped with Intel WiDi, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 400M series GPUs, JBL sound system and they are industry’s first to feature an HD webcam certified by Skype. There is a choice of three models with different screen sizes: 14-, 15.6- and 17-inches wide. Base models of Dell XPS 14, XPS 15, and XPS 17 laptops depending on screen size respectively are available under a thousand dollars, but you can order stronger pricier guts if you please. Likewise $899 XPS 14, $849 XPS 15 and $949 XPS 17 will deliver you 3D gaming fueled by an Intel Core i5, 1GB NVIDIA 420M, 4GB RAM and NVIDIA 3DTV Play software running from a 500GB HDD spinning at 7200rpm. Dell XPS laptops are already available today.
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