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HP Pavilion Laptop with Blu Ray Drive - an Excellent Choice

Jan 01, 1970
Hewlett-Packard is one of the most well-known producers of electronic and technical gadgets in the world. It gained its notoriety due to its qualitative products, inventions, and creation of new gadgets that deserve consumers' respect and add to the good reputation of the company. Its new product, launched recently is Pavilion DV7-1020US 17" Laptop, which has many components that make it exclusive.

Nowadays the majority of customers prefers laptops to full-sized computers because the first ones are more comfortable in usage (even if they do not have all options of computers), more stylishly designed, and add glamour to their owners. The HP Pavilion Laptop continues the tradition of style and quality, looked for by users. It is quite compact (15.59 (W) x 11.22 (D) x 1.66 (H)), and many customers prefer it because it weighs less than 3,5 kg, so you may take it with you in a trip or business meeting, and it will not make you tired quickly.

The technical possibilities of the laptop are excellent and beyond expectation:
17.0 in Diagonal Display at 1440 x 900 Resolution
Blu Ray ROM, which allows to read the majority of known discs
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor with 3 MB L2 Cache
4096 MB DDR2 System Memory
And these are only some of the advantages, this laptop offers you. The built-in Webcam and Microphone are great pluses for people who use it for communication as well as for their work. Also you may enjoy the included into the system dual headphone jacks, a pair of stereo earbud headphones and an HP Mobile Remote Control. The addition of a number pad to the laptop is a great advantage for those who deals with numbers frequently.

The weak points are as well: it easily covers with dust and fingerprints remain on it (but there is included a device for dust cleaning), and the laptop has only three USB ports, while customers need more of them. Despite these shortcomings, the laptop is a great purchase for those, who needs an excellent working machine, being stylish at the same time.

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