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Sonar II Blu-Ray Laser for Rich Colours

Jan 01, 1970
Wicked Lasers company is well-known on the international market by its highly qualitative lasers that satisfy the needs of customers for many years. Some time ago it came with an exclusive product: Sonar Blu-ray Laser, the first of its kind on the market of lasers. Its exclusive feature is that it combines blu-ray possibilities in order to achieve better performance of the gadget.
The way of its creation is quite simple: Wicked Lasers company used blue laser diodes from the Blu-ray disc drives and created a new product, calling it Sonar. They took out of the Blu-ray disc players the laser diodes and threw away the rest. The Sonar II Blu-ray laser is made of aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum (it means that the laser is very lightweight, but durable at the same time), and possesses super-regulated beam stability. It is equipped with a 3V CR123A lithium battery as well, which means that it reasonably consumes power. The design of the laser is very stylish and cool: it is of gray colour, the grooves are very smooth. There is a purple sticker on the end of the aperture which serves to protect the laser from dust or other elements that can harm the lens. Due to the compactness (20mm x 123mm), the laser fits easily into the palm
The Sonar II Blu-Ray Laser, possessing a pulsed wave, provides rich colour while being directed to the wall. It gives an unthinkably bright, 405nm violet beam. Its other features are that it can make some objects fluoresce and it can be easily used as UV light.
The main disadvantage of the laser is its high price: approximately 2,000 \$, and it uses very expensive batteries as well, but the customers are sure, the gadget is worth of this price.

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