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A Portable Gaming Console for Kids

Jan 25, 2009
In reality children are those who are fond of games very much and many companies that produce gaming gadgets and accessories should take account of these little users. PDP VG Pocket Disney Classic Pals is an excellent console for minor children for it faces twelve fun filled multi-level games. The games are the following: Donald’s Gemboree Pluto’s Buried Bone Treasure, Pluto’s Sheep Dog Day, Donald’s Hectic Hay Bales, Donald’s Tugboat Adventures, Goofy’s Milk Mania, Mickey’s Apple Cart, Mickey’s Surf Adventures, Minnie’s Fruit Fiasco, Minnie’s Pearls, and some other games. All games feature kids’ favorite characters from Walt Disney’s cartoons about Mickey Mouse and his friends.

It is lightweight (approximately 200 grams) and small (7.1Hx7.3Wx1.8D). Due to these characteristics it is very comfortable and convenient for little kids. Games with delightful 16-bit graphics and bright and rich colors are displayed on a high resolution 2.5 LCD TFT screen. In the set there are included a headphone jack and a vido out jack in order to connect the console to a TV. The buttons usage is easy and very often just intuitive. Even two year old children find their way to the games’ rules. Sometimes their parents are interested in the games.

It is durable, but little children often drop it or may kick it, but the face plate can come off, but it can easily be put back in. The ideal age for children to use it is 3, 5 to 7 years. After becoming older children frequently require something more sophisticated. It is ideal for children who are fond of cartoons and games and is a great solution for parents, who are always busy. Moreover, it is very cheap and price is not the last factor that influences the choice.

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