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Nyko Wand Gaming Set for Consoles

Jan 25, 2009
Nyko comes to the international market with consoles and gaming accessories, renowned by their high quality and durability. The last characteristic is highly appreciated by gamers, who need gadgets that withstand great pressure during game playing. Nyko products correspond to these requirements and therefore gamers all over the world choose them constantly.

Recently Nyko presented a new gaming set for consoles: Nyko Wand. It is quite similar to the Wiimote, but there are many differences as well. The main distinction lays in a new Trans-Port Technology that enables replacing of main buttons through specially created accessories and attachments for more comfortable control. The pistol grip is one of the possible uses of Trans-Port technology. It is connected to the Wand and electrically reduplicates principal action buttons, allowing thus control that is not possible with attachments for the Wii Remote. The usage of Trans-Port technology allows utilizing compatible devices for functionality not always possible with existing Wii remote accessories.

Some other amazing features of the Nyko Wand are the following:
- Bluetooth technology. It permits wireless game playing up to 20 feet away from the console
- Comfortable horizontal play due to the newly designed buttons: some of them were enlarged
- Immediate sound feedback with powerful speaker
- Accelerometer for full motion control playing
- Rubberized battery cover of the controller provides highly comfortable grip

Nyko Wand is not a completely new product, but its innovative features merit attention. There are already many potential buyers who will be glad to purchase it. This set makes gaming experience more realistic and enjoyable.

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