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Chinese V-Sports console – gadget for motion-controlled gaming

Jan 25, 2009
About two years ago when I visited Hong Kong, at on mall I saw demo of exiting sport game. The most interesting fact is that Wii console was not known at that time. Nintendo Wii Sports is famous already for 2 years, but is wonder fact, that is still quite difficult to find.

Hong Kong Rumdes offering V-Sport console based on motion controller concept. I agree that new V-Sports console from Hong Kong is a good imitation of famous Wii concept. For gamers who just can not wait to experience motion-controlled gaming V-Sport console is good decision. As well it is considered to be a budget friendly due to low price (\$74).

This Chinese console comes with 11 sport games and 10 puzzle and arcade games. It will be pleasant and fun game even for beginners. In addition, gamer can choose console color from three available fashionable colors (white, blue or pink).

Main V-Sport console features:
• Hot interactive Sport Concept
• Interesting sport gaming
• Brand-new 2.4Gwireless handy bar
• Ergonomic design
• User friendly interface
• Multifunctional application and forward compatible with innovations

Handy bar features: extendable slot for cartridges, automatic safe mod switch after 10 time out, start and across key, “start, pause, continue” menu, integrated speaker, 3D-G sensor, A, В function keys, compatible with PAL&NTSEC television systems. Handy bar is powered by 2 AA batteries.

This gadget offers rather exiting gaming for any age, console low price make it acceptable for many people.

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