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Quick Cam Fusion ??“ new gadget from Logitech

Nov 18, 2008
New Logitech gadget - Quick Cam Fusion got a new smooth lined design accompanied with strong software making it to be the best among webcams. Though it will not work instead of your digital or video camera, this gadget is giving you advantage also to make clear pictures and video as well as working smoothly and clearly with different IM software (MSN and Yahoo messenger, AOL, Skype).
Installation is very easy as for experienced and for novice user. Included installation CD has drivers and very useful software (Logitech Video Effects, QuickCapture, and Drivers & Utilities). For example, Logitech is QuickCapture enabling to make still photos and video recording and further to send them by e-mail. Desktop manager keeping you always informed about the latest available software updates, you can choice which of them you want to install. Both these features are easy understandable and it coming with setup guide. QuickCam software is giving you possibility to adjust your gadget accordingly with your preferences and taste as concerns saturation, brightness, sharpness, balance, gamma, lighting parameters. As well as avatar feature allowing when you dispose some free time to make funny cartoon characters of yourself.
Very special shape of Logitech Quick Cam Fusion - allowing adjusting it atop at your LCD, laptop or CRT display. This Fusion gadget can be bended back at 90 degrees, but not forward and from side to side. When webcam is on, just pushing the button located at top enables user to make a snapshot of up to 4 megapixels. This gadget can record a video (640x480 resolutions, and max of 30 fps).
Small but enough sensitive microphone built in to frontal part of gadget is able to make conversation records from six feet distance. Tests also proved that voice messaging bringing very satisfactory results, headsets which coming together with webcam provide with high quality calls. As a result with this gadget coming we have - sensitive microphone, funny avatar, up to 4 megapixels photos, additional software set, good quality while sending and receiving video.

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