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The history of web-camera invention

Nov 17, 2008
Everything has started in one of the computer labs of Cambridge in the early 90s, when the global web has just started its victorious march on the planet. The group of scientists, approximately 15-20 persons, was working on the project in the area of network technologies. Working conditions were difficult - the entire team had only one coffee maker, which could not satisfy the entire team. The main work was done in a laboratory; the personnel lived in the same building, but in another part of it. In order to revive thought process with a fresh cup of coffee, participants of the research project were often forced to go to a corridor that was a floor above, where the coffee maker was. Such trips often suffered a disappointment, as some colleagues have already emptied the desired capacity. The situation demanded a non-standard solution and later it was found.
One of the computers in the lab had a video capturing device (frame grabber). They hooked to it the camera, which was sent to the site of observation. The same computer has played the role of web-server through specially written software. Those who wanted to know whether there is still coffee, were supposed to run on their desktop a client PO, connecting client software to the server. As a result on a small computer screen were shown black and white images that were updating three times a minute. A note about this interesting laboratory of Cambridge was published in Comm-Week magazine on 27th of January, 1992. It is not so much time since the first prototype of web-cameras appeared, but they have already become well-formed, a separate class of devices that make everyday life easier, more convenient and fun.

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Topic: Web Camera

» posted by: chasity / Oct 20, 2009 04:43 PM
wow this is cool...
» posted by: diana / Jul 25, 2009 01:25 AM
thanks for the scientists for inventing such a device which is very useful. good article to read. last but not least thanks to the coffee maker
» posted by: Tina N C / Nov 17, 2008 11:43 PM
Who might think that we should thank a coffe maker for inventing a web-camera. Thanks for this interesting article!

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