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Philips Skype Web Cam Review

Nov 13, 2008
It is miraculous to be a witness of technology onrush in field of web cam quality development. To see how it turned from simple device which was demonstrating ordinary video to present day crystal quality of video and vivid pictures?
It is true to say that web cams are taking front places among present most important gadgets. Using of personal web cams is turning to be something totally usual for everybody due to appearance of programs which allow to broadcast and receive images accompanied with sound (Skype, messengers) and social sites as You Tube, My Space and other.
That is why web cam producers trying to be in stream with last technical achievements and demands. For example as Philips web cam with Skype, only for \$39.99, making possible to have video and audio conference simultaneously. Designed in sportive style, lines and colours. Having very small weight, with included headphones, easy use and clear instruction are only few of advantages. (Compatible with Windows). Company Philips makes web cameras which could be mounted on monitor, as well as standing alone device. Focus can be adjuster manually by simple turning of lens, which also could be moved up and down. One of the button (right) allows to snap a picture; right button is responsible for video recording. Additional soft ware allow user to capture, redact, prepare video clips and photos for further emailing, and all kind of usual operation with similar type of files. To start and to participate in conference using this gadget is very easy - for example in Skype. As for quality - is necessary to mention that Philips SPC1300NC/00 web camprovides average quality video and sound, which are satisfactory for modest user.
Summary: What is Good? Multimedia(Vlounge) software.
What is Bad? Unfortunately is not compatible with Apple pc, quality of video and picture is average (grainy). USB 1.1 needs to have removable stand.

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