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Small & Smart Oregon Scientific Echo Pocket organizer

Nov 12, 2008
Is it possible to have maximum compact size organizer but with all the most important functions available? If we are talking about Oregon Scientific Echo – we surely may answer yes, it is possible and even existent! The smallest model you ever seen, and the size of that gadget impossible to break in near future. As it is visible from photo, Echo organizer whose size not over passing credit card size also posses all necessary and demanded qualities of functionality and memory capacity, like any usual sized organizer. Input of data using stylus is rather comfortable and just a matter of habit, which is coming we have to mention – very fast. Compact size, functional capabilities, and memory size – these are making that gadget different and unique.
Standard package of this gadget is – PC Docking station and Companion ling software soft ware for Microsoft outlook synchronization, (TM), Act(TM), Goldmine(TM), Lotus Organizer(TM), Schedule +(TM).
If you previously had some experience with Rex PDA, our Echo gadget is very alike Rex Product, but with below described differences:
1. Thanks to the fact that Echo has touch screen with stylus, which is making data, input and correcting on the gadget.
2. Has its own docking station and allows plugging with usual serial interface to the PC.

Oregon Scientific Echo gadget has only one small disadvantage – if being in low light condition it may influence your easy reading from the screen, caused by comparatively scanty contrast, but in normal light condition – it is not causing incontinency.
That small but smart gadget Oregon Scientific Echo is available, now about \$30

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