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Inspector Raman for scientific researches

Sep 15, 2008
The Inspector Raman – this name was given to an unusual thing developed by western scientists. Functionally it is spectrometer. Remarkable is that this gadget fits in hand and with its help you could easy make analysis of different liquids and solids, pastes and slurries. The technology of action of the gadget: it identifies substance only by single unique fingerprint. All recognitions it makes without opening either ampoules or bottle. Usual and habitual to us USB port and Bluetooth are included here for more convenient using. Set consists of Fujitu laptop and NuSpec software. A good spectral library is also a part of the gadget because of its ability of identification the substances and their compounds.
From the specifications of the technological device I could notice portability definitions: batteries which function through the 5 hours, remote trigger, 5 lbs weight allows the gadget to be easy. Laser built-in works on 120 mW 785 nm. From the possibilities which determine the gadget work it is possible to allocate botanical research, oil analysis, reaction monitoring and even material identification.
One year warranty says about good quality of this thing. I consider that this gadget approaches more for people which are occupied in the field of scientific researches and workings out but it hardly will interest the usual person.

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Topic: Sensors

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