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Head-turning smartphone makes your life cool

Sep 15, 2008
T-mobile Dash phone is improbably remarkable. Some say that every person who was seen this gadget was shocked and tried every time to touch his case, to look at as on a miracle or play with it. It looks unusual as a matter of fact. First of all it has head-turning function. Secondly, it is small, smart and very stylish. If you could not believe it so there are some facts: 4.2 ounces weight and 4.4X2.5X0.5 inches measures.
Smartphone includes 4 general bands GSM/GPRS/EDGE. Bluetooth technology and Wi-Fi connectivity perfectly supplement its graceful design. Micro CD card can store 2 GB of the different favorite appendices like music, video, photo because it has such free memory space. T-Mobile functions with the help of the latest Windows operating system especially for mobile phones. So you have an opportunity to use easy accessible versions of Word, Media Player, Outlook or Internet and all is portable, that’s great. Your any wishes and needs that are connected with e-mail transitions, phone contacts and other appointments will be resolved immediately by Windows PC server running on your portable phone. Easy, comfortable and perfect, isn’t it? You are wizard having this gadget because USB cable quickly connects with your computer and writes down or reads out the information at your desire. Great realization is input here – battery long-life. Annoying blinkings will not bother you during the most improper moment.

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