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Sony PlayStation attacks

Sep 03, 2008
The newest gadget invented by Sony Company will be fascinating for the gamers. It is represented as 3 keyboards PlayStation and includes Portable PlayStation console application. Sensor keys allow the user to interact with the downloaded information and make the video viewing more effective. These keys are located at the keyboard access to which we have by turning the surface of the gadget. The most precious thing in it is that Bluetooth is enabled here and the wireless PS3 keyboard gives the possibility of playing games online made especially as an alternative. Sony’s company not yet established the real price. However, the founders say about more interesting gadget that will appear soon and support the existing Skype version.
The represented PlayStation is supplied with a new LCD display that guarantees perfect perception of colors and includes anti-reflection technology. By the words of David Reeves, this will be “a viable communication device”. The price of the PlayStation will found itself on the mark of 170 USD

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Topic: Sony

» posted by: Steve / Sep 16, 2008 11:49 AM
Haha, I have no better idea of what this thing is after reading that article
» posted by: mag / Sep 09, 2008 03:41 PM
no idea what kind of english is written here and information is also given wrongly/ partial. author needs to look into how he writes his articles.

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