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Flashlight from Titanium

Sep 03, 2008
No doubt that this gadget will attract more interest for those people who likes new appearing things. Its name is QIII. You may enjoy a quiet light through the 1.5 ours. QIII has titanium colored cover. ON/OFF switch is on the tail cap and flash has a very comfortable pocket clip that is on the side of the light. A reflector made of aluminum is also a part of the gadget. It is exiting that the light has white color that couldn’t make damage for the eyes. As the most modern gadgets Titanium QIII is waterproof and polycarbonate lens is a part of the gadget’s constructing technology. The battery which is uses is made of Lithium. To enlarge the light you have click on pic. It is alike with a usual lantern, but by the power of radiation it could be named the torch. Technical specifications are very high.

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