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new Super Magnetic Thinking Putty

Dec 12, 2007
Remember playing with Silly Putty as a child? Now try adult-sized handfuls of Thinking Putty. Just like the putty of your youth. It bounces, tears, snaps, and stretches. I created Thinking Putty to survive long meetings, tedious desk work, and relieve stress during my stint working in corporate America.

I think I've upped the coolness level with my latest creation: Strange Attractor, the super-magnetic Thinking Putty toy.

It will envelop magnets like the Blob. It can be drawn into a tendril which a magnet will suspend in space. It can even rise up against gravity. Once you feel the putty pull powerfully towards a magnet, you'll be hooked by the spooky action at a distance.

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Topic: Toys

» posted by: Tom / Dec 15, 2007 01:35 PM
I have e-mailed you about this Toys . Would you please reply and send me some more information about this gadget?

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