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First exclusive mouse created specially for World of Warcraft gamers

Jan 23, 2009
Are you experienced Warcraft gamer? Do you need a weapon that destroys Orcs and other enemies? World leader of gaming gadgets, SteelSeries presented new World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse. SteelSeries mouse is the most incredible like-tank mouse I have ever seen.

This gadget was designed by Blizzard is specially made for World of Warcraft players, offering them striking advantage. This gadget with 15 programmable buttons can be modified according to a customer's individual requirements. Yes, you did not misunderstood, three times the number of fingers we have on a hand. It allows by single click to make your Wow maneuvers.

The notches on the back of the mouse flush with fine colors. That original illumination features up to 16 million colors. Some people may consider it an outdated concept, though other people like it. Smooth cooperation of software with hardware will give the user an wonderful experience featuring exceptional action, comfort and controlling. This gadget will meet and surpass all expectation and requirements of even the most skilful Warcraft gamer.

Key features:
• Macros up to 160 characters
• 15 programmable buttons
• More then 130 preprogrammed commands for drag-and-drop own macro creation
• 16 millions colors for bottom illumination with 2 levels of intensity and pulsation
• 800-300 count per inch
• 3,6 mm lift distance
• First gaming mouse created specially for playing (MMORPG) - World of Warcraft (WoW)

This new War of Warcraft gadget was created to provide striking benefits to all gamers. MMO Gaming Mouse already available for about \$90.

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