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The gadget that will make you stop snoring

Jul 12, 2006
I hate people snoring because it is so loud and it will not let me sleep. I can hear my father's snore even when I am in a different room on the other floor because it is so loud.

Hitting him on the side does not even work anymore that is why I needed to find another way to make him stop snoring. After a long search, I have found a gadget that makes people stop snoring.

This device looks like a regular watch and has a microphone to listen whether the man is snoring or not. It works very simply: as soon as, for example, your father starts snoring it shocks him with a small electrical charge.

Its action is based on the Pavlov's theory (For those who do not know he would ring a bell whenever his dog would it. After that, whenever he would ring the bell the dog's stomach would start producing the stomach-juice).

It is based on the training of your body: when you do a bad thing, you get shocked and you don't you don't get shocked. The interest thing is that when you get shocked you stop snoring. However, the shock is so small that it doesn't wake the snorer. It is simple and it works! I think that it is one of the most useful gadgets because it actually lets me sleep well without and snoring.
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