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Crayola is coming with more than just Crayons

Aug 31, 2007

From producing crayons and different school supplies like glue and Activity poser kits are now going to make some Hi-Tech gadgets for the kids. As the kids electronic market is rising Crayola decided not to miss their chance and created some totally cool gadgets for kids. Here are some of them.

The "Total Tools" line that they have created for this starting school year feature some really useful thing like: a staple free stapler, which can punch up to 5 pages with a small cut tab into the page and then it can be folded into the slot; a replacement for scissors with a protected blade that will allow children to cut a wide variety curves and angles; erasable highlighters; and the star of the line, talking ruler.

The ruler allows children to measure lines and distances in 1/4" increments. It has a special disappearing ink that will draw a line of what has been measured to ensure that child is measuring what he/she wanted. After it has done the measurements it will tell you the distance measured.

Here come electronic gadgets for children. Crayola wants to take a piece of the electronics pie with its 1.3 MP Digital Camera for kids. The camera also comes with a "Color Genie Photo Editing Software", a photo frame making workshop. It has also the ability to make your own Puppets. Let your kids have fun with pictures too.

There is also a Media/MP3 player with 256 MB of built in memory and also an SD/MMC memory expansion slot. It has a Dual Stereo Headphones Jacks, blue backlit display, equalizer presets and a virtual hard drive.

AM/FM Clock Radio is another gadget to help your kid wake up to not miss the Bus. It has station presets, it can wake him/her up with alarm sound or the radio, and you can also choose from alarm buzzer or a prerecorded message. There is also an option that will trigger the alarm later on weekends. The Radio's LCD display can be used as a night light and has a dimmer control to let your kid have a nice sleep.

All this line would be incredibly fun to use for your kids and hey, it does not cost that much. The prices range is from .99 for the audible ruler to about for the player.

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