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The new generation NO - Burn stove

Sep 10, 2006
Electrical stoves, propane stoves and any other stoves that have been invented before can burn your hand or whatever you touch it with. The main principle of working is to heat the stove and the heat will transfer to the pot. This technology has got old now so there are some safer stoves created.

The new gadget stove that has been created by Electrolux Company is totally different from any other stove that has been created before. This new stove uses the new technology that is called the Induction. We all have heard this term in out physics class but never actually saw it working for us. Well, the moment have come with the new Infinite Cooking System from Electrolux.

It heats the pots using the induction and does not heat the stove itself so you can put you hand on the stove and nothing will happen to you. Induction ensures that only the pot will be heated and not the stove. The other good thing about this gadget is that it adjusts to the size of the pot it heats. You can put the small pot on a big spot and it will automatically adjust the heating zone to the pot size.

It also has the "Power Boost" technology which allows you to save a lot of time heating something up. This technology heats really fast and uses not very much energy, much less energy then a usual electrical stove would use. So it kills two birds with one shot. It heats up faster and it helps you to keep you electricity bill as low as it can.

It is also a very smart gadget and all the controls are digital so you do not have to worry about your stove. It even has the auto – shut off function in case if you forget about it. And you can choose from 15 heat settings which will make it easier for you to cook.

The gadget stove has 5 heating circles: two large ones, one medium one, and two smaller ones. You will find a place for any pot that you need. Besides, as I said even if you put a small pot on the big heating circle it will adjust the heating surface automatically.
This gadget looks good too so it will fit your kitchen and will make it look more high-tech. Besides, it is safer that any other stove.
Talking about safety is one of the main goals that this company had in their mind. It is very safe for your kids because all of them want to try what the stove does and when they touch it they burn themselves. Not with this stove though, this stove does not heat itself it heats only the pot. Besides, sometime I was burning my fingers with a usual electrical stove when I wanted to see if it is on or of. You cannot tell if it is hot because it made of glass so I wasn't able to tell whether it is hot or not. When I bought the gadget Infinite Cooking System from Electrolux it really made my life easier and my electricity bills smaller.
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» posted by: rigelt / Sep 25, 2006 08:45 AM
Induction in the kitchen? Here in Switzerland's kitchens this method is known for more than 10yrs already... Besides this technology is also known to create extreme (!) electrosmog if you don't position the pot exactly into the marked area! regards, Tom.

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