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An Engine Block Telling the Time

Nov 21, 2006

An Engine Block Telling the Time - Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti 370 Type

The present-day watch manufacturers come up with timepieces developed and designed in the way no one would imagine even in one's dreams. Being passionate about mechanical innovations and cutting-edge timekeeping technologies, Michel Parmigiani used a revolutionary watch-making concept to develop an absolutely unforeseen timepiece.

The idea of the Bugatti Type 370 was suggested by the automobile technology. Michel Parmigiani's imagination was caught by the idea to develop a kind of an engine block telling the time and be worn on the wrist. The timepiece, rightfully called an architectural masterpiece, amazes by the parts arranged the same way as a transversal engine. The unique character of every Parmigiani Fleurier timepiece, including the Bugatti Type 370, is provided by the fact that the brand develops, manufactures, decorates and assembles its creations absolutely independently in its workshops.

The Bugatti Type 370 case represented a real watchmaking challenge because of the particularly complex execution process. The overall watch's case design comprises eight parts - six welded parts and two attached. For the welding process it was necessary to mount and align all of the case parts on marble.
Having passed through tremendously complicated assembling stages, Bugatti Type 370 exhibits unbelievable mechanism beauty housed in an 18 carat white gold case. The watch's movement is visible through six sapphire crystals. The movement's bridges and constituent parts are set on a horizontal axis to give the watch's wearer an opportunity to rest one's eyes upon the wheelwork reminding a cross-section diagram. To offer due protection and shock absorption to the transversal movement, the Parmigiani Fleurier watchmakers improved a system to be compared to a car chassis. The movement performs 21,600 alternations per hour and offers 10-day power reserve. The watch is 30 meters water-resistant.

Parmigiani paid tribute to the cooperation between the Parmigiani Fleurier and Bugatti houses by featuring both logos on the dial of the Bugatti watch. The dial is not traditionally placed on the watch's top, but vertically on the front of the case. This way Michel Parmigiani wanted to make time-reading easy while driving. The silver-plated dial with 18carat gold surface features applique luminously finished rods. The hours and minutes hands of Delta type are provided with luminous finishing.

To wind the timepiece, its owner will have to make use of an instrument reminding a pen that is inserted into the case's bottom. The battery-powered "pen" winds two crowns beneath the case.

The exclusive Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti 370 Type is launched in limited edition of 50 pieces annually for each dial color. The timepiece is worth to be considered the most daring realization of a watchmaker's dream of creating something matchless and most sophisticated both technically and aesthetically.

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