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One of the best cameras in the world

Aug 23, 2006
There are two types of cameras now days. One is for the professionals and the cameras for them cost very much money. However, there is a type of digital cameras that are cheaper and they are really enough for the people who just like taking pictures and want them look good.

An ordinary man does not really see the difference in the quality of the picture however there is a big difference between the professional and not professional cameras. Now let's talk about the usual digital cameras. One of the newest digital cameras from Canon is the 400 D model which is a really good looking model. It is a full frame 35 mm camera that takes very good shots.

This gadget has amazing 10.1 mega pixel CMOS which is very high quality for camera. I have had a 5 mega pixel camera before and when you look at a small picture made by two different cameras they look the same. You are able to see the difference when you make a big poster out of you picture. The thing is that when the camera takes a picture it divides it into small squares that are called pixels. The more pixels there are the smaller they are.

So you will not see any squares on you post if you take a picture with a 10.1 mega pixel camera. On the other hand if you make the picture with a 2 mega pixel camera the quality of the poster will be much lower. So having a 10.1 mega pixel camera is a real advantage. To see the picture you have take there is a 2.5 inch LCD display. This is not the only advantage of this gadget. It has a new nine point focus system which a very advanced system. It adjusts the focus using nine points on the picture. It is difficult to explain but this is a very good feature for a camera like this. The DIGIC II processor that this gadget has is one of the best ones in the world. Besides, the creators used some new lenses too. It has the Canon EF lens (and two new ones: the EF 50 mm f/1.2 l USM and EF 70 – 200 mm f/4 L USM) I am not sure what all this means but it is new high quality technology.

One of the coolest features this wonderful high – tech device has is that it has an ultrasonic dust removal. When I bought this camera I felt myself like a professional photographer. The pictures it makes are really high quality. Even the pictures of moving objects turn out very good. The thing I like about this camera is that it does not need any special care or anything and it makes very good pictures. Having a camera like this you will be able to make your memories even better. I would advise everybody to get a camera like this.

Sigma Zoom lens

Recently I needed to make some shots of mountains in Colorado. In order not to get up there in the mountains I bought a good zooming lens that helped me make the pictures. This lens was the Norma – Telephoto 50 – 500 mm f/4.0 – 6.3 EX APO RF HSM Auto focus Lens for Nikon AF – D. Sounds big, huh? Well this is the full name of it; it is somewhat complicated to explain what all those letters and numbers mean. Sigma lenses are very high quality lenses that are used all over the world. Sigma can make lenses from 8 mm to 800 mm and almost any sizes in-between those two. Besides, Sigma lenses fit most of the good cameras.

For example it can fit the cameras like Canon, Minolta, Pentax, Sigma (of course) and Nikon. The 50 – 500 mm lens is a high quality lens that is not as good as the Nikon 500 mm prime lens but it is much cheaper. You will not see much difference between them but you pay so much les for the Sigma lens. However, in order to make good pictures with help of this lens you need to be a skilled photographer. If you hands shake the picture will be soft and fuzzy. To let you know, if you get a bad fuzzy picture it is all you fault because this gadget is one of the best in the world. A 20 dollar tripod will not help make a good picture. This lens requires a good and steady hand to make good pictures. My friend makes pictures of wild life and he is please with this lens because it is somewhat cheap and makes good quality pictures. He says that this lens has a good, sure and fast focus which is one of the main characteristics of a lens.

The lens is really powerful because it gives you a 10 X zoom and the picture quality remains the same. It is a very good price to quality ratio. This camera would be also useful for the paparazzi people who take pictures to sell to magazines. The piquant pictures of celebrities cost very much. The magazines pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for a picture of a celebrity. And they pay even more for the newly born children of the celebrities. Having this lens you do not even need binocular to watch someone in the other house on the other side of the street.

This gadget is a very handy tool for those who earn their living making pictures. A word of advice, never use a tripod when you use this lens or the lens mount will break. Take pictures holding the camera in your hands. If you want a good lens to shoot wildlife or some celebrity this is about as good as they get. You do not need that expensive Nikon lens in order to make a good picture. Use the Sigma Zoom lens and you will get.

SeaLife DC 500

Do you like taking pictures under water? I like taking pictures of creatures under water and I have had a nice but not very high quality camera to do that. However, recently I have found the new SeaLife DC 500 that helps me make pictures under water. This new gadget has a new "Shark Mode" which helps you make sharper pictures of moving objects. Besides, it will make the pictures faster then a usual model. This way you will always get sharp images of moving objects. For example if a big fish passes by you will be able to take about ten pictures really quick and then choose one that you like the most. The "Shark Mode" is a very useful thing because all the fishes and the diver himself are in a constant move and having a good camera is one of the main features if you want to get a good result. Besides, making pictures under water is somewhat difficult and the camera helps you in other ways too. This gadget sets the automatic Sea exposure mode which will make the pictures more colorful and the pictures you take will be sharper. The light in the water is different then in the air so the camera adjusts the exposure and makes it shorter.
Besides all that, the camera has a really good quality pictures because of its 5 mega pixel CCD. It also works on the surface too. When you make shots on the land the camera readjusts the exposure back to normal and it is ready to take high quality pictures on land. It takes good sport pictures thanks to the "Shark Mode". This camera has auto focus to 6 cm ( 2.3 inches) The good thing about this device is that it has a total zoom of 12 X. Well 3 X optical zoom and 4 X digital zoom. In order to see the pictures it has a big 2 inch LCD display. The main feature of this camera is that it can shoot up to 60 meters below the water surface which is 200 feet. It has lithium rechargeable battery and it will last very long. Having a battery like this you can shoot for hours in a row. You can buy some more accessories to this gadget. You can buy special SeaLife flashes if you are going somewhere very deep or if you want to go into an underwater cave. Moreover, you can buy a Wide Angle Lens that will allow you to make panoramic pictures. Having all that this camera can still amaze you. Guess what? It shoots videos too, and they are with audio. That means that you can make underwater pictures, land pictures and video clips using only one device. I think that it is amazing that one small devise can do all that. After I bought this camera I started liking diving and shooting sea creatures. Now we go to Hawaii every summer to dive and to have fun.

Wi – Fi Wireless Hidden Camera

When I was going to the vacation this summer I was worrying about my house safety. My neighbors got robbed a few days before and I did not want to leave the house without any security systems in it. I have installed a new alarm system but that was not enough for me and I decided to do something special that would really help me feel safe for my house. After a long hours look on the internet I have found some cool gadget cameras that work unlike any other cameras I have seen before. Most of the cameras I have seen just record what they see onto a tape or a computer over and over again. These cameras can do the same thing but they can also send the information over the internet. How it works? The new smart cameras are just like the web cameras and they are hidden. The camera is hidden in a transmitting device that sends the information to you computer or your router. You can connect your camera to the computer using the Ethernet cable or you can do that using your own router because this gadget uses the Wi –Fi 802.11 b/g network and the speed of the data transmission is 54 Mbps. Besides, if you are away you can go on the internet and just see what happens in you house at the moment. You can connect up to four cameras at once and that way you will be able to see what is happening in four rooms. In order for it to work you need to set up a secure web address that you will not forget and then access it from any internet café. The picture quality is pretty high for such a small device and the resolution is 640 x 480 pixels. Besides, this camera can even work as a server and you can download files on a flash drive using it. This gadget has a second USB port and you can put a flash drive into it. Then after you have accessed your camera you can drag and drop any music or video clips. The other cool feature is that this camera can work as a simple web camera if you use Yahoo! Messenger or any other instant messenger. This way you can send a video clip when chatting with your friends. My friend has a small business and he is often away and cannot control his employees so I advised him to use this gadget. He installed three cameras in his office and he said that the result was great. Now he knows what everybody is doing at the moment. He has fired two of his employees because they where not doing the job that they were supposed to do. He thanked me for the advice. I really think that this camera will really help you feel safer for you houses and it will also help you to keep track of thing at work.

Digital photo frame

How often do you look through you digital pictures stored on your computer? When I take a whole bunch of pictures during a vacation I just download them all from my camera and my cell phone to my computer. We watch them rarely, only when some friends come around. It makes us forget about those really nice moments when we were having fun.

There is one photography accessory that will help you get rid of this problem. My friend has advised me to buy a digital picture frame but it was so inconvenient to use. You needed to connect it via a cable to download a picture to it. The photo frame that I have recently bought is totally different. It can store up to 100 images at once and it will keep them in its memory for years. This way you will never forget you vacation in Hawaii. Besides, you can easily erase the picture you do not like using a easy delete function that this photography accessory has. This gadget photo frame is different from others.

You can download pictures using the Bluetooth. I have Bluetooth on my computer; I bought it in order to be able to download music and pictures from my phone and to my cell phone. Using it I can download pictures to the frame from my computer and even from my cell phone. You can use any device that has the Bluetooth technology built in to download pictures to this wonderful photography accessory. This gadget frame is very smart as you download picture to it the picture is changed to fit the frame. The size of the picture is changed to feet the screen and it makes sure that the picture is in the right position. The special sensor makes sure that the picture is not turned up side down. There are some more good features about this frame. There is a slide show feature that can rotate the pictures every 5 seconds, or every 30 seconds, 1 minute, 15 minutes and one hour period. What if you are not at home every hour or what to do when you are asleep and do not to miss any picture?

Well, the answer is that you have to stop the slide show because it does not have any other slide show modes. I wish it had a slide show mode to show a different picture every day. The frame resolution is 320 x 240 pixels. It is a pretty good resolution for a photography accessory like this one however t is not that much though. The resolution might have been better. The Digital frame can be of several colors depends on which one you choose when you buy it. Still, having a frame like this is better then a usual frame that has only one picture all the time.

The exotic thing about this one is that it can show different picture every hour. Looking at the pictures of your vacation or of some funny moment can make your mood better and you will feel better all day long. I am happy with this photo frame and I do not want to change it except if there is a bigger one. This gadget frame costs £160 and you can buy it in the UK and US. It is so easy to work with this frame that you are going to love it.

The most flexible tripod in the world

I am a photographer and I take pictures of the wildlife. Using a pretty powerful magnifying lens your hand has to be really hard and not shake. Waiting for something to happen is really hard sometimes. That is why I use a tripod in order not to hold the camera in my hands the whole time. Besides, the pictures are even clearer when you use the tripod.

The problem about the tripods is that they usually need a horizontal surface to install them. However if you are hiding from a leopard you do not want it to see you and it is sometimes hard to find a place where you can install the tripod. However, there is one photographic accessory gadget that will help you with that. The Gorillapod SLR is a tripod but it is different from any other tripod. Its legs are very flexible and it can be articulated anywhere you want. Its leg consists of socket and ball joints with help of which you can adjust the leg in any way you want.

Each joint can rotate 360 degrees and that means that you can even twist the tripod's leg. The main advantage about this tripod is that it has rubber feet and each joint has the rubber grip rings to help it hold on some difficult surfaces. The Gorillapod SLR can be installed virtually anywhere. I have never had problems installing this photography accessory when I needed to work out in the wild. I was able to put it on the rocks in the mountains, any surface on the ground, but the most amazing thing I was even able to install in on the tree. Thanks to its flexible legs this gadget can be installed on a branch.

You just need to wrap its legs around the branch and mount your camera on it. The other good thing about this gadget is that it has a quick release plate. With the help of it when you have mounted the camera on the tripod and in order to not unscrew it every time when you need to take the camera off you can just detach the plate. This way you do not have to hold the whole tripod to take a picture somewhere else. It helps when I need to turn around and take some pictures somewhere behind me. There are two types of Gorillapods: there is one that weighs 45 grams and the other one weighs 165 grams.

The compact one can hold 300 – 400 gram camera on it and the bigger one (the SLR version) can hold the 1.1 kilogram camera which is 2.3 pounds. Both of them are small enough to take them with you to a camping party or to a vacation. This gadget can be used by any photographer because it is very flexible and you can install it wherever you can. However, its disadvantage is that it cannot hold anything heavier then 2.3 pounds which is not that good. There are some cameras with powerful lenses and they are much heavier that this. The cost of it although lets you buy one because it does not cost that much. Just 38 pounds for a wonderful photographic accessory like this one is nothing.

The best camera phone

My birthday was a week ago and I had two gifts that I wanted to get. I wanted a very cool cell phone and I wanted a digital camera. We have one in our family but I wanted to get one of my own. I was very surprised when I saw what I have got from my parents. Guess what it was. They have decided to by me a gadget that would combine the two devices that I wanted. And they really made a good job choosing the best gadget ever.

I have got the Samsung B 600 camera phone. Its camera is the best camera in the world. It is a 10 M.P camera that makes a really high quality pictures. Most of usual digital cameras do not have such a resolution. The 10 M. P. ones cost very much money but the Samsung Company have combined a high quality camera with a really cool cell phone. I love this gadget, besides; I do not have to take two devices with me when I go to a trip.

This camera phone is not only a good as a camera it is also a good smart phone. Its display has a resolution of 240 x 320 which is pretty good for a display of this size. The display is a color 2.2 inches. TFT. Besides you can use this phone as a multimedia player. It has a MMC micto memory stick so you are able to download very many information into it. This gadget phone supports the MPEG 4 video so you can even watch movies. I usually download a movie if we go somewhere far away and watch it in the car. You can also use it in the trains when going somewhere far. Listening MP3's is very easy and it has a very good sound quality. This camera phone has two speakers and it has the stereo playback function. The feature that I like is that this phone has a document Viewer. That means that you can look though some documents using your phone. It is very convenient to use when you are going to some conference and you do not have a laptop. I do not go to any conferences yet so I do not use this feature much.

About the connection with the outside world: this phone can connect to very many devices that you have at home. It can connect to any device that has the Bluetooth built in. it also has a PictBridge and BT Printing that will help you to print that pictures that you made. One of the original things is that it has the TV – output that will allow you to look through pictures using you big screen TV.

There are also disadvantages that this phone has. Although its camera is 10 M. P. the quality of the pictures is not better then the picture quality of a digital camera. Its optical characteristics are not that good because they had to fit it into a small phone. However it is not a big deal because it is still small camera phone that is very comfortable to use.

The price however is big too: it cost us $ 320 but I think that high technology that you get buying this gadget is worth it.

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