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The Golden Ticket inside the millionth iMac sold

May 04, 2012

After Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs has passed away some of the moments of Apple’s history are starting to come up. The latest one tells that Jobs wanted to package 1 millionth iMac with a golden ticket like Willy Wonka.

The ticket would allow one lucky customer and his or her family to visit Apple HQ in Cupertino and probably see Steve Jobs in Willy Wonka suit (who knows what kind of ideas he had back then). The source states that this plan was already in motion and Apple’s creative team was already working on the golden ticket design.

Unfortunately, Jobs’ plans were ruined by the Californian law which states that all sweepstake contests must allow anyone to take part without requiring the purchase of a product. That’s a pity, but who knows what else will they come up with.
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» posted by: pw / May 25, 2012 10:43 AM
sweepstakes? Sounds like a give away to me . There is nothing to enter.

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