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European scientists want to create a flexible OLED display

Jan 18, 2012
Development of flexible OLED displays began in the Holst Center (Netherlands) and IMEC (Belgium). European scientists and other participants of the project, such as Polymer Vision - a child-company of Taiwan-based Wistron, intend to create a flexible OLED panel using thin film transistors.

OLED screens are already used in mobile devices, and are valued for their bright colors and wide viewing angles. In addition, they are superior to LCD screens on the reaction time and energy consumption. An important advantage is a more simple design that allows, in particular, reducing the size of devices and assembly costs.

The project participants intend to supplement this list of advantages with another one - the mechanical flexibility. It is assumed that the new displays on flexible substrates will be rolled when unused, and can be rolled out to be flat when used. The is no information on size and resolution of these new screens yet. We only know that the prototype displays should be created this current year.

By the way Samsung plans to start mass production of flexible AMOLED displays this year.
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