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eSlick - Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader rival, but cheaper

Dec 20, 2008
Foxit Software eSlickMore news in e-Reader industry has recently been caught in attention on the Web. The most popular e-Readers today are, of course, Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader. Both of electronic gadgets have different and already well known advantages and drawbacks, but now it is clear that pretty soon they will meet up with a new competitor they both wouldn't like to have. The competitor we are speaking about is eSlick from Foxit Software. We will talk about eSlick's strong and weak sides later, but now let's say that Foxit eSlick doesn't start shipping this December which means it doesn't steal any of Amazon Kindle's and Sony Reader's sales in the hot New Year period.

So, why are we so sure about Foxit Software's eSlick to threaten the other two big moguls? First of all it is its MSRP that matters. Mind you that Amazon Kindle costs about 360 USD and Sony Reader – full 400 USD. eSlick will cost you only about 260 USD, which will save you at least 100 USD if you was going to buy a e-Reader. eSlick has quite an average pack of features, though they claim to be enough. End user might only face a problem in case he needs to wirelessly download content, which is impossible to do with Foxit's gadget and Foxit doesn't provide its clients with any library (Amazon and Sony do). In rest, everything seems to be fine with eSlick. It has 800 x 600 Mpx display, 128 MB of internal memory. Memory is expandable, and in stock, eSlick comes with 2 GB SD card. Synchronization is done via USB 2.0 hub, so you can upload text, PDF and MP3 files on eSlick. It runs Linux operating system by the way and is able to convert more files to PDF format. eSlick is up to live 8000 pages until a full charge goes off and three colors are available: white, grey and black. Once again sales start in January '09 but pre-order is already available.
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» posted by: Kevin / Jan 06, 2010 03:39 AM
I think your pricing is a little dishonest when listing the sony ereader at $400. There are three sony readers and only the top end one retails at that. The 'touch' reader retails at $299 and the 'pocket' reader retails at $199.

In fact, when looking at reviews of the eslick, I wonder whether this machine can do anything that the $199 sony pocket reader can't do. I can't think of anything and were I in the market, I'd much rather pay less than the eslick to get a machine that can do everything the eslick can do.

» posted by: Vee / Mar 31, 2009 07:35 PM
I purchased an eSlick...I needed a case for it and Foxit does not have one. I ended up going to Staples and buying a Daytimer case. I velcroed the back of the ESlick and placed another strip in the Daytimer. The device is advertised as having approx 8000 page turns...this is false - I am averaging about 500 page. I don't use the MP3 player, as that would reduce the page turns. I also had the purchase something to protect the face, which I purchased at Amazon. All-in-all, I wished I had purchased the Kindle.
» posted by: nastypc / Dec 23, 2008 03:34 AM
To bad it is only available in the US.

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