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Convert photos to DVD without computer at all

Apr 18, 2008
Nowadays personal computers can do almost everything, you can use them in all domains, from work to entertainment. However, more and more simple one-function gadgets appear, main adventage of which is that they are completely standalone and do not need computer to operate. While it may sound strange, in some situations they can be handier than big and almighty PC will be, especially when you use it for 1-2 main functions only. For example, if you like digital photography, and want to show your pieces of art to friends or family, you would probably prefer to watch them in a slideshow on a TV screen than on a tiny camera's display. Unfortunately, such task requires computer and some time to convert or select photos. This gadget will make this job a lot easier. In fact, it does not require computer at all!

Digital Photo to DVD Converter is created to simplify all photo transfers from memory card to DVD. It converts all photos to JPEG and videos to MPEG, than it burns it on a blank DVD disk and that's it - disk is ready to be watched on a DVD player or PC. It creates index files to make photo viewing even more comfortable. Built-in card reader for six types of memory cards supports all most popular formats that digital cameras use (Compact Flash, Smart Media, Memory Stick, Secure Digital, Multi-Media Card, Microdrive), and if plugged to a PC it can be used as a card reader too. When the DVD player is not around, this gadget can show photos all by itself with help of RCA and S-Video ports. The controls are very simple - plug-in your flash card, place a blank DVD inside, and after a single press of a button and couple of minutes the Photo-DVD will be ready to watch.

Of course, the simplification has its flaws. First, you cannot control how much photos you want to transfer - they all will be transferred to DVD. Second, it does only basic slideshows, while with help of PC you can create beautiful slideshows with music and visual effects. Third, some photos need correction before they can be shown; this gadget will not provide such functionality. If you need a quick and simple tool to convert all photos from your camera into a PhotoDVD, than you will probably be interested with such $199.95 priced device.
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» posted by: Gary Dominicus / Apr 27, 2008 03:43 PM
This is a must have gadget. No longer do you have to take your memory card to a picture processing place you don't even need a computer to see your pictures. Gary Dominicus

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