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Cargador De Celular to keep your gadgets charged on the go

Jul 25, 2009
Here is another imposing gimmick that harnesses power as you run. Dubbed the Cargador De Celular, this is an environmentally friendly concept device from industrial designer Lola Mensa. The whole concept should be attached to your running shoes so that you could generate renewable energy while running or jogging.

If you always on the run, you will appreciate how powerful your running might be. The power is generated due to the embedded nano-generator system which is designed to turn kinetic energy into ready to use power. Once the power is generated, it will be stored in on board batteries. Charging your gadgets in this way, you will be also able to reduce carbon emissions as you need not use any power points now.

In addition to that, whenever you need it you may easily detach the device right from the shoe to be able to charge your favorite gizmos whether it is your cell phone or a laptop. Just keep on running and use your power in an intelligent way. Running has never been so useful, you now may be able to stay fit while keeping your gadgets charged all the time.
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