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Resistance and quality it is Vortex (8x42 Diamondback) Binoculars
Vortex Company, comparing with other famous producers as Carl Zeiss or Leica is not for so long on the market, but they are constantly making big steps forward. They started in 1980 with supplying amateurs of wildlife observing. Very soon they understood that sport optics is also in great demand, this way binoculars and other optics for sport became very important part of their business, and in middle of 90-s they start to develop their own brand. From these times, their great creations appeared on the stage, models of different users and hobbies. Progressing and experience, accuracy and full control over all aspects allows them to develop their optics.
Vortex presents two binoculars groups – they are Stokes and Vortex. In Vortex 11 line all sizes (full, middle, compact) available.

Vortex 8x42 Diamondback Binoculars belongs to full size binoculars series.
This gadget offer wide field of views is very handy in any situation, with 8-x magnification. Every user can be sure that Diamondback binocular is a super resistant one, will be with you, will experience sands, rocks, roads, rains, fogs, across any location, and will continue to serve you with its best.
No dust or water can affect your Diamondback binocular, due to complete water resistance with o-ring tight sealing ring. Special texture ensures tight grip and very easy handling.
You can be sure that in the worst light conditions, at twilight you will be able to detect smallest details, watching wild life hidden in darkness or shade. With first ray of sun until deep twilight – always your Diamondback will be your best fellow.
Now lets see closer the optics specification:

►High quality phase prisms will deliver you contrasted, sharp image.
►BaK – 4 prisms will deliver edge-to-edge sharp image if viewed panorama.
►Multi-coated optics increasing light transmission and resulting high image quality in any light conditions.

Nature observators or any activity outdoor enthusiasts will take all comfort of it. Enjoy smooth focusing, retractable eyecups are built on frame, and specially designed to as much as possible fit your eye, everything for years of viewing is here.
Specification of device:
Weight: 25.2 oz.
Size: 5.9H x 5.6W full sized binoculars.
Eye Relief: 18 mm
Magnification: 8x
Objective Lens Diameter: 42 mm
Field of View: @ 1000 Yards
420 ft.
Angular Field of View: 8.0 Degrees
Focus type: Center
Close Focusing Distance: 4.5 ft.
Tripod adaptable.
Included to the Vortex Diamondback 8x42 Binocular items:
• Rain protector
• Objective lens covers
• Neck strap
• Deluxe carry case
• Vortex VIP Lifetime Warranty
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Easy to spy with new EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles V2
Discover another great gadget that can be cool Christmas present for your kids or nephews. These goggles are great present for active kids for their endless games on backyard, countryside, to protect country, hunt aliens or to do their favorite spy and military work. EyeClops Night Vision Infrared binoculars allow to watch in totally dark environment all the details clear, to make maneuvers and to see around to the distance up to 50 feet. Great modern toy for any kid.
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Simmons Corporation Master Series 8x42 binoculars
Simmons Outdoor Corporation is leading company as regards design, engineering, innovation and quality. Manufacturer of the most worlds sophisticated optical tools with impressive history and quality. Simmons providing world market with binoculars, riflescopes and sporting scopes. Already more than for 25 years Simmons supply sportsmen and hunters with reliable, serious, high quality Master Series ™ riflescopes. Recently Simmons proudly announced Mater Series Binoculars. Outstanding, innovative design piece of work, engineering of Meade Instruments, all together bringing an innovative and technological product. All In whole Master Series binoculars manufacturing were used the most modern and high quality materials, all the stages of production are watched and observed carefully, everything is done strictly according with highest existing standards. It is ensures, that each potential buyer will have best possible tool, which will be perfect in quality and with continuous service. Each binocular covered with special rugged coating, for better contact and resistance, premium class armor coating is the most appropriated and associated with image and outdoors sports conditions. As for optics used here – is the most advanced premium optical glass lenses for best defined images, color correction and contract. Prisms are famous BaK4, in order to deliver detailed images and extra view time in conditions of low light Simmons use multi-layer coatings. Rubber armor is perfectly protective material for long lasing life and appearance of product. It is waterproof product sealed against water and fog. Eye relief is 18 mm and short focus if 5 ft. Weight is 23.4 oz, dimensions of binoculars is 5 x 2 x 5.5 in.
Overall: Perfect product designed for active use in any condition, due to features quality of view and resistance are guaranteed.

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Perfect optics and famous quality of Helios Japan binoculars
“Japan quality and modern technology” – these words for most of people is a half of product success. Nowadays, when old and just appeared companies trying all their best to win the market, due to reputation, performance, design, Japanese companies often is on first places.
Helios Ultimate HR High Resolution binoculars among innumerable quantity of gadgets made according with famous Japan quality traditions. Available models 8x42, 10x42, 7x50, 10,50. It is top quality binoculars with superior optical performance due to used BaK – 4 prism, lenses - each lens surface is multicoated for excellent light transmission, high contrast and perfect resolution, It will be an ideal choice for birdwatchers and astronomy, bringing them all pleasure of detailed, bright and sharp picture. Spectacle wearers will enjoy close-focus from 3.5 metres (8x42 model) and long-eye relief together with eyecups.
It is a very pleasant gadget to hold, due to structural features and soft luxury black leather. It is nitrogen filled and rubber-armoured gadget will work perfect in the most humid conditions.
Included items: storage case and neck strap, tripod.
Main technical data for these fine binoculars is:
Helios Ultimate - High Resolution
10x50 7x50 10x42 8x42
Magnification 10x 7x 10x 8x
Object Lens Diameter 50mm 50mm 42mm 42mm
Field of view 5.3° 6° 6.5° 6.5°
Length 158mm 158mm 125mm 125mm
Weight 790g 790g 630g 630g

Perfect optical performance and famous quality at average Price Range: £112.55 — £116.45 Positive feedbacks from all users guaranteed.
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Binoculars with digital camera built in
With the help of these binoculars, I have made many interest pictures myself. I have made a picture of an eagle flying, some mountain bird's nest, and a whole bunch of beautiful mountains, trees, forests etc.
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Zhumell Quality Binoculars for Nature Lovers and Spectators
Till nowadays Zhumell company continues to produce highly qualitative binoculars that satisfy the needs of different users with various interests and hobbies. Quality, stylish design, and the possibility of everyday usage make their products attractive for customers. Zhumell 10x25 FC Compact Binoculars are one of the company product series. They are designed for nature lovers, sports fans, and spectators. These binoculars are recognized as ideal for being used during concerts, sporting events, and for the observing of birds and animals.
The binoculars are very compact (4.2H x 4.5L x 1.7W Inches) and lightweight (only 230 grams). They have the width of just 2.5 inches, being folded in a full size. These characteristics make them to be used easier, and not to burden your hands. It is very important to have your hands free, if you are climbing a mountain or applausing at some exceptional events. The canvas case can be easily fastened to your belt, and the Velcro closure allows qiuck access to the binoculars when you need them most. Moreover, the binoculars can be used by glass wearers as well.
10x magnification allows closer viewing of distant objects even at the distance of 94 meters, but many customers complain because of the fact that close focusing distance is quite long (3, 65 meters). Despite this magnification, the objects are seen without distortions and image is bright and clear.
The stylish design of the binoculars is a great plus to their technical characteristics. However, some customers do not appreciate the color: in their opinion, it is very easily seen and the producers have to make less noticeable.
These binoculars are cheap and, taking into account all the advantages, they can satisfy even a very contentious buyer.
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Superb Trinovid 8x50 BN from Leica
Nearly 100 years ago, in 1925 Oskar Barnack created a 35 mm camera, which was something revolutionary for photography world. It was the first creation, but not the last; it was the first step and the year when Leica Company was born.
Before and now, Leica Camera AG is in front row with newest optical technologies, and is very proud by fact that they were the first who produced this device (range finder). This way began famous start of binocular series known as Binocle 6x18.
At present time they produce a wide range of different products, among them as well we should mention Leica premium quality binoculars. Leica never stop development and improvement of models, even today remaining the single company who offers to the buyer’s binoculars with selectable magnifications and integral range finder. Today on the marked are widely presented a variety of Leica binoculars as Duovid Binoculars, and Geovid Binoculars. Ultravid HD Range Binoculars, Ultravid Binoculars. Different objective lenses size available (from 20mm – 56mm), different magnification range (7X, 8X, 10X, or 12X), and even models with dual magnification (model Duovid with duet of 10X/15X, and 8X/12X), different field of view form 208 ft up to 420 ft, it is obvious fact that Leica has something for everyone who has desire to get a perfect Leica gadget. As for price of Leica binoculars is in the higher price range, due to optics quality, durability and superior features. Price ranges from \$499.00 - \$2,895.00.
One of the popular Leica models is Leica Trinovid 8x50 BN Black Binoculars. Having it in your store, you will experience of best viewing, incredible optics, and true internal focus. Shock absorbent armoring, rubber, all metal casing ensuring binoculars durability, nitrogen filled – they are excellent protection to ensure permanent clear view. Unique system of central adjusting allows easy focusing to be done. Eyepieces specially designed for fast adjusting, allowing keeping them in necessary position.
Roof prisms with high precision for light correction, hard and non-reflecting coating of lenses will provide with best you can expect from binoculars.
o Main Specification: Magnification 8x, front lens diameter 50mm, twilight factor 20, angle of view 6.6 deg, field of view 115m. Min focus distance – 3.6m, internal focusing, and roof prisms, waterproof. Dimensions 135 x 181 x 72 mm. Weight 1150 grams.
o The eyes of Leica user will be grateful for brilliant quality image, for perfect optics, for view with best result in low light conditions. It is really a universal professional gadget, compact and great.

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Zhumell Compact Binoculars for Nature Lovers
Zhumell binoculars have always been the best representatives of these gadgets. Being on the international market for many years, Zhumell company created its own style and developed its technology to improve the production of binoculars. Their high quality was observed by many users and customers.

Zhumell 10x42 Short Barrel Waterproof Binoculars are ideal for nature lovers, bird and butterfly watchers, and hunters. Customers mention that there are many advantages characteristic of these binoculars. The binoculars are compact and easily to be held in hands. They are of small size and light weight, the features that make them to be used easily by old people or children. These binoculars work greatly in different weather conditions, even at the temperature below -20 or during fogs due to the sealed, nitrogen-purged and nitrogen-filled chambers.

The 10x magnification of the binoculars allows close and detailed viewing of distant objects. Moreover, due to a comfortable rubber-coated focus knob, you can quickly and easily change the long focus into short and receive clear and bright views of objects as near as 2 meters thanks to the highly qualitative lenses. However, some customers mention that sometimes users can face with the problems, connected with focus adjustment, and it causes discommodities in usage. Another advantage is that the binoculars are supplemented with the twist-up eyecups to siut eyeglass wearers. The design is very stylish and elegant and due to the durable coverage the binoculars can withstand dropping or kicking down and frequent use does not diminish this characteristics.

However, these binoculars are strongly recommended to hunters and nature lovers, and the price does not play athe last role in the choice, for the binoculars are quite cheap, considering the advantages, they possess.
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Bushnell Legend 10×42 Waterproof/Fogproof Roof Prism Binocular to witness the future differently
This stunning set of binoculars called Bushnell Legend roof prism binocular is just amazing. Now that it is released you may enjoy using this looker which appears to be 20 per cent lighter than previously made products due to a novel magnesium chassis. This light weight replica is now more slender while its looks are really fascinating.
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High quality Meade - 10 x 50 Multi-Use Binoculars
If you never heard before about Meade binoculars, truly saying it is strange, because Meade is a series of excellent line of binoculars. Lets step by step to discover what makes them to be so special. Under our attention today is gadget named Meade - 10 x 50 TravelView High-Quality Multi-Use Binoculars. In this series producer used well known Meade's design and modern technology, designed specially for travelers, who enjoy nature observation, birding, sport competitions of simply likes to explore surroundings. All TravelView gadgets armed with fully coated lenses – to provide the most clear and bright view, to make the gadget durable is used special resistant rubber coating, and another necessary and important features which is making Meade to be truly Meade. Meade - 10 x 50 TravelView is a wide angle binocular with porro prism, very user friendly, it easy to hold it due to lightweight, great eye relief, greatly designed eyecups specially to have best eye position.
Short specification:
Porro Prism, Magnification 10x, 50 mm objective size, eye relief 12.7mm, fully coated lens, center focus, rubber coated, Field Of View at 1000 Yards 367', Weight 30.0 oz.
Travelview binoculars comes with special case to provide your gadget with more security and neck strap and long term warranty from Meade's Binocular Limited.
Binoculars is a great asset for personal use, as well for anyone, for any age person, who likes to spend time beyond comfortable chair and TV. It is a great present to kid and to adult, universal weapon will bring lot of pleasant hours to you and your family.
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Nostalgic design with modern features - Nikon 7x15
Famous Nikon, celebrating 80 Anniversary decided to make a retro present for all Nikon tradition and quality amateurs. Here it is – a new look to first consumer binocular from Nikon Sports and Recreation Optics. It looks totally the same as 80 years ago, but new updates is turning it to be extraordinary product, due to multicoated, anti-reflecting lenses, BaK- 4 prism, exterior is silver or black finished surface, new materials and technology.
There is everything to provide with clear, bright, sharp viewing, with central focusing and 420-foot field of view, modern optical system is allowing to enjoy 9 degree view angle, all these, together in nostalgic retro body are real masterpiece of modern and old. It's small gadget, measuring only 1.9 by 4.5 inches, with weight less than 5 ounces. Small size and lightweight is making this gadget to be desired companion for detailed and sharp observation – both indoor and outdoor.
Put it in your pocket or pursue and forget about it, so light and small it is, and when is necessary – you are seriously armed for having great possibility to enjoy detailed picture of distant views.

■ Exact copy of famous Nikon's first binocular
■ Perfect multicoated lenses for best crisp, sharp and bright images
■ Convinient central focusing
■ Prism BaK 4б built in retro body
■Pocket size (4.25 x 1.9) and small weight (4.9 ounches)
■ 6.5 feet close focus
■ Eye Relief: 10.1mm
Summary: It is logical that this gadget will be very fashionable and popular, now when modern things and retro style are mixed into something new, also in combination with small size and stellar view quality and comfort, it will be desired gadget for wide auditory of travelers, nature amateurs and active people.
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Luxury birding standard with Swarovski, expensive but excellent
No limits for perfections - when we are speaking about Swarovski optics and products. In new models of binoculars is used fluoride containing HD lenses, for best possible resolution, color and contrast. New Swarovski EL Binoculars with smaller sixe and much lighter then existing similar models, (8.5x42 - 795g, the 10x42 is 800g). Small weighed but superb from in optical, field flattener lenses reduce distortion and increase sharpness of images. 1.5-meter close focusing now is possible using 2 turns of focussing wheel. While other manufacturers are stacked with design issue, Swarovski continuously worked about quality as well. This model do not has any solid central shaft, instead of it there is space. It makes them extremely comfortable in hold. Easily you can hold slender tubes with one hand while with another adjusting it, as you may desire. When just binoculars reaching your eyes in comfortable for your position, at once you forgetting about binoculars, having a feeling that in magic way you become close to the subjects you are viewing, that is a remarkable quality. Providing with exceptional brightness, contrast and sharpness even in twilight conditions. Having usually serious approach Austrian designers made this gadget also to be waterproof and nitrogen purged. One more pleasant detail is attached covers of objective lens; dioptre adjustment is locking to avoid their accidentally sliding out of place, in order to clean it just remove twistable eyecups.
External coating of lenses making cleaning of the objective and lenses very easy, this way increase optics life cycle. With Swarovski EL Binoculars you will be totally satisfied in all your demands concerns design, quality of viewing in any light conditions, color fidelity, extra wide viewing.
Swarovski EL binoculars is top quality product with respectively high price \$1639 and \$1699 accordingly. Each invested dollar legitimate your quality expectations. Easy to be pleased by this simply 100% excellent gadget.
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Ultima DX Series from Celestron simple and best
Ready for new amazing discoveries of the nature which you seeing each day, even having a usual walk in nearest park you will be amazed how many interesting things were passing by, insects, birds, animals, stars, clouds? If answer is positive – take your Ultima DX and from now everything will be in new light for you.

Binoculars 's Ultima DX Series is one of the most famous and respected due to super optics, quality, usability and constructions features. Recently renewed design of Ultima DX Series with skillfully made porro prism is making it to be outstanding tool for outdoor explorer. No matter if you are just amatory or serious bird watcher for whom is necessary to have a tool which is not heavy but comfortable, easy in use and giving detailed view together with super quality of images each small thing look sharp, bright, and clear, due to BAK-4 prisms and super fully coated optics. All together with high resistance and quality of construction, waterproof, shock resistance, twistable eyecups makes Ultima DX a perfect choice for everybody who wants quality in everything. Ultima DX due to long eye relief you will enjoy superb long distance viewing whether it is wildlife, nature, sport events or astronomical hobby without constant refocusing and adjusting you will have all necessary overview.

Features of Ultima DX Series:
■ waterproof – bodies are filled with nitrogen and sealed for additional protection
■ covered with special shock resistant rubber grip
■ twistable rubber caps
■ fully multi coated optics
■ special knob for easy focusing
■ soft case for carrying
■ suitable tool for astronomical and land use
■ adjustment of diopter for sharp focus

Experience new in surrounding old.
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Excellent Long Distance Binoculars
Are you a hunter or simply nature-lover? You like to observe wild animals’ life and, of course, you cannot come closer to them. Then, the thing you need most is binoculars with high magnification. Canon 18x50 IS Image Stabilized Binoculars ALL WEATHER is the solution of your problem. It is quite expensive, but customers are sure, these binoculars (named by them great binoculars with clear optics and good low light performance) are worth their price. They are porro prismatic binoculars. It means that due to the specific prisms system these binoculars provide better light transmission and image clarity. Even with 18x magnification the resolution is very high and the image can be seen shake-free.

Additionally, binoculars are waterproof and stabilizer system works greatly. Stabilization is an excellent thing and together with the strong magnification helps to improve the image.

A very big advantage of the binoculars is that they may be used in moving objects as well as boat or car without damaging the image quality. This feature serves well for those who are disabled.

However, customers observed some disadvantages as well. The binoculars are quite heavy, but the suspenders save the situation. These binoculars are not equipped with lens caps for the objective and the top eye piece portion may easily separate from the main body, being used inaccurately.

But the customers agree that despite their expensiveness, they are worth of buying, for they are professional binoculars.
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Swarovski Elegance and High Technoloqy in One Binoculars
Swarovski design is well-known in all over the world and the combination of stylishness and technological achievements presents a great interest and does not leave indifferent anyone. New Swarovski 10x42 EL Binoculars continue this tradition of high quality and elegance. These binoculars are frequently called the "best of the best" and, indeed, there are many characteristics and advantages that support this denomination. Customers agree that this is true.
Compactness and light weight (780 grams) make the binoculars be easily handled and used by everyone. The coverage serves to facilitate the usage: non-slip rubber armouring, which means that the binoculars can be held in hands even n cold weather; rugged thanks to the aerospace material - magnesium alloy; it may be used in the dense fog due to the nitrogen filling. Moreover, the binoculars are airtight and waterproof.
10x magnification allows close and detailed viewing of objects at the distance of 100 meters and due to the comfortable focusing wheel you can quickly change the focus into short and permits seeing of bright and clear images of objects at 2,5 meters. High quality lenses serve to transmit the image without distortions due to the unique prism coating SWAROBRIGHT. Excellent features of the binoculars are the new light transmission optics which, even at twilight, allows the reproduction of natural and bright colours; and the roof prism-system with P-coating.
A very big advantage of the binoculars is the Swarovski SnapShot camera adapter, which allows you to shoot and take photos of distant objects. It is easily installed: you have to put off one of the eyecups, replace it by the adapter, and screw it to the binoculars, then you have to put the camera into the adapter and attach it tightly. As a result you can get wonderful pictures of the distant and close objects.
Despite these great advantages and stylish design, customers are blown away because of the price, but the binoculars are worth it.
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Start your adventure with Binoculars from Barska (8X32 WP Benchmark)
Established 14 years ago, Barska Optics produce a line of sport optics products using achievements of innovative technology.
Distributing in more then 40 countries became a real world wide supplier with respected reputation and name. Keeping expanding product range, having competitive price and great quality, Barska can provide with necessary good binoculars everybody who is outdoor enthusiast offering with over 80 models for different aids as hunting, long distance viewing, for marine use, astronomy amateurs and other.
Barska 8X32 WP Benchmark Binoculars – is very compact and light weighed with perfect optic and attractive modern design.
It is 100% waterproof model suitable for sea or land use. Ergonomic, special not-slip textured rubber will not allow you them slip out of your hands.
Multi coated optics give perfect light transmission results, increasing brightness and clarity, roof prisms, for crisp and clear images here is BAK-4 prisms, long eye relief with twist-up eyecups, fields of view 303 feet at 1,000 yards, close focus of 9.8 feet, center focusing knob is very convenient for precise focusing, filled with nitrogen and sealed for best water resistance. Limited Lifetime Warranty is also one of very pleasant factors we have to consider when buying binoculars, Barska is one the companies who has it.
Now is very easy to find necessary binoculars choosing from many models and manufacturers, it can be any, it can be Barska.
Barska 8X32 WP Benchmark Binoculars comes with carrying case and neck strap. Pick up it, and you can start your sharp-eyed adventure.

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Bushnell 7-15x25 compact, strong and not expensive
More then 50 years Bushnell company is one of the leaders in manufacturing of high performance sports optics and another accessories for successful outdoor. Bushnell is one of the companies who are always on the top as concerning new technology, new design, new materials and research activities. Attentive and serious approach to all stages, to all details, brought to Bushnell recognition and reputation in whole world. Due to it, Bushnell products always take a big share in the marker of sport optics, as well as awards and different prestigious marks.
Bushnell’s motto – is to bring maximum joy while people experiencing outdoor activities as nature studying, to sport spectators, hunters, fishermen, for birding and stargazers. Bushnell gadget will bring you closer to events and objects; you will feel very involved in action whenever you are, during sport events or being at rock star performance or opera concert.
Bushnell Outdoor Products as well acts as parent company for numerous brands as for example Blackwater Gear, Tasco, Browning Sports Optics, Uncle Mike’s etc.
Bushnell 7-15x25 Powerview Compact Zoom Binoculars is one of the gadgets, which always will be in demand. Due to acceptable price (\$66.95) compact size and lightweight (11 oz), it is very popular among different users.
Main features and pros:
 12 mm Eye Relief, zoom lenses, variable magnification from 7x and 15x, fully coated optics provides with super light transmission and bright viewing, modern style, 25 mm objective lens diameter, strong construction, close focus, porro prisms.
Small but strong and powerful, convenient and great recreational tool at budget price.

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Waterproof Binoculars for Better Viewing
We do not think of binoculars as objects of our everyday life, as an urgent necessity. Seeing intended objects closer is a normal wish, when you are at theatre or nature. I am sure, many of us were in situations, when we wanted to see some things closer, but we did not have the possibility to do it, or our binoculars did not have enough magnification force. Minox BD 10-15x40 BR Vario Binoculars is the solution. Waterproof binoculars with a compacted aluminium body and tough rubber armoring to protect them from dropping or knocking offer a highly-qualified 10x magnification. However, this is not the only magnifying possibility of the binoculars. It is enough to twist the wheel below the right eyepiece and the magnification of the Minox BD 10-15x40 BR Vario Binoculars increases right up to 15x.

Minox Binoculars are one of the best in this family. Minox optical systems received further development in the BD 10-15x40mm BR Vario Waterproof Binoculars and due to them and 15x magnification all the details, a high level contrast and bright and rich color are rendered extremely naturally.

The phase-corrected prisms used in the binoculars, offer highly qualitative light-transmission and intensify the contrast and richness of the image, especially in low light conditions. Additionally, it is quite small and comfortable for holding in hands.
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See everything with Olympus Tracker Zoom Binoculars
Binoculars are one of these things, which we do not know how much we need them, until we have it. When you will feel stylish Olympus gadget in your hands, it will be nearly impossible to stop viewing. Olympus Tracker Zoom PC I 10-30x25 is a modern model of binoculars with perfect specification and features. Is not only looking great and stylish, it is also as well are versatile reliable gadget. Powerful and very handy, friendly to user will provide you with great positive viewing experience.
Porro prisms (high index BaK 4) provide with maximum transmission of light and edge to edge vivid images, for sharp, detailed view here is used multi coated lens technology for best contrast and brightness. To allow you refocusing when it is necessary here is a special center knob, eye cups are very comfortable due to twistable properties giving big comfort while using binoculars, dioptric correction will accommodate your eye sight in a better way. Powerful lenses (10-30x magnification) will reduce glare and will protect from UV harmful rays, will bring you full pleasure of viewing perfect, clear, crisp images in any used settings. Zoom lever is very convenient and will allow to bring everything to a hand distance. Enjoy field of view from 33m to 56m at 1,000' having your Olympus whenever you are in the park, forest, travel, sea, barbecue, no matter where you will have this pleasure of seeing everything, due to the fact that compact size (48mmH x 111mmL x 114mmW) and light weigh (315 grams) allowing it easily. Enjoy long eye relief (15mm) for viewing with comfort, even if you wearing glasses. Objective lens diameter is 25 mm, field of View @ 1000 Yards 56 m, close focusing at 5 m,.
Add more spice and dimensions to all your outdoors, now is not problem of being far, now everything is very close, sharp, bright and crisp with Olympus Tracker Zoom PC I 10-30x25 Binoculars. Do not miss a single detail only with \$99.99 if you will have luck to find them on sale. (Usual price \$195)
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Stylish Nikon 8x40 Action Ultra-Wide-View Binoculars
Nikon is on the international market more than 90 years and comes with highly qualitative optic instruments and gadgets. It has great success in digital imaging, precision optics, and photo technology development. 8x40 Action Ultra-Wide-View Binoculars represents one of the best representatives of Nikon binoculars and continues this tradition of high quality and precision of image.
Customers have different views on this product. The majority agree that it has highly qualitative lenses. They are aspherical and exclude distortion and other disadvantages of images, being seen from far away. Customers also mention the strong construction of the binoculars, which is a plus as well, for it presupposes, that binoculars can withstand to being dropped or kicked down. However, the binoculars are quite bulky, despite their compactness and light weight (26. 3 oz.). Close central focusing is a great advantage of the binoculars. However, sometimes there appear double images and it takes little time to put the focus right. The porroprismatic construction adds to the image clarity and brightness; 8x magnification makes the objects stand closer, preserving at the same time the quality of image. The field of view is 130 meters, the fact, which is an advantage for the binoculars. The binoculars are sold in set with objective lens covers, eye piece covers, and a neck strap.
Customers agree that Nikon 8x40 Action Ultra-Wide-View Binoculars are great for bird watching, yachting, security, astronomy, and sports.
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