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Apple is going to combine MacBook versions into one?

May 04, 2012

Ready for fresh rumors? Here is one for all the Mac-maniacs around the world. According to the analyst Ming-Chi Quo, the whole MacBook range could be replaced. No big changes, but instead of having 2 MacBooks on the market, Pro and Air, Apple will combine them into one masterpiece, as mobile and handy as the MacBook Air and as powerful as the MacBook Pro. Imagine that you won’t have to compromise and have either small and mobile laptop or a powerful but not that mobile one. I think that it will be a great decision for Apple.

“Apple’s Mac business in 2Q12 will be boosted by several factors. Three of which are: (1) Mountain Lion, which integrates iOS features with Mac OS, Apple TV’s interaction function, will be launched in June; (2) upgrading to Ivy Bridge; and (3) back-to-school demand. We forecast Apple will sell 5.32mn units of the Mac series (up 28.5% QoQ and 35.2% YoY) in 2Q12, making it the main growth driver.
We also predict Apple will roll out a fully new MacBook model in early 3Q12, boasting strong performance and easy carryability by combining the advantages of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro."

Oh, and the one last thing. Looks like Apple will stop making 17 inch laptops due to the failing sales. Anyway, if the rumor above is true, no one will need such a big MacBook as it will fail to satisfy the concept of Power plus Mobility.
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