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Android Styled USB Charger

Apr 23, 2012

A nice addition to your Android phone has arrived at ThinkGeek’s. If you are a fan of Google’s OS this thing will surely help you to express yourself, and also it will charge your phone. “The Andru the Android Robot USB device charger” is not only a charger, but also is a stylish accessory. Imagine your Android phone being charged by the Andru himself. Your phone couldn’t be happier.

The charger is intended to charge only Android phones but, if it is a regular USB charger, I don’t see any restrictions to use it on an iPhone for example. But I am sure that iPhone users won’t be so cruel to violate their phones with something Android-related (I know I wouldn’t). Andru’s eyes will glow with blue and white depending on the charge status (blue means that the device is still charging and white means that it’s charged).

Anyway, this accessory is worth checking out. You can find one of these at ThinkGeek's web site.
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